Monday, January 31, 2022

Minor correction

"Tucker Carlson-fueled Republicans drop tough-on-Russia stance" (Swan/Solender).  "GOP faces divisions over siding with Ukraine against Russia" (Marcos). Carlson says something )))sane and obvious(((, and the (((media))) loses its mind.  The old Con Inc. guys still monger for war, bribed by the MIC/Jewish billionaires, and blackmailed by Maxwell.  There is a clear break with the new generation of Republican leaders.

"Who Are We Arming and Supporting in Ukraine?" (Day):

"And what in the name of God does a senior officer mean to imply by stitching the uniform patch of a Ukrainian Nazi brigade onto a United States Army uniform, as Colonel Brittany Stewart, military attachรฉ to the US Embassy in Kiev, did last fall?"

Trudeau has to pass on his orders from Schwab to the Canadian people:  "Trudeau will address Canadians as anti-vaccine mandate protest enters 3rd day in Ottawa" (Tunney).  The truckers don't seem to be in any hurry to leave.


Improved version:

"ABC/Ipsos Poll: 76 Percent of Americans Oppose Biden’s Pledge Only To Consider Black Women for Court Vacancy" (Turley).  Brandon fucked this up, and in the most racist way imaginable.  You don't lead by saying you are going to make an affirmative action hire.  Now, for her entire career, the new judge will have all her actions judged on her being the best black woman available, not the best judge available.  What he should have done is announce his best possible candidate, who just happens to be a black woman.  Of course, perhaps the Black Party of America, losing popularity with everybody, including black voters, needs to emphasize the racist nature of the appointment, and doesn't care about the reputation of that judge.

Added:  "U.S. Sends Military Advisors To Peace-Ravaged Country" (The Onion).  I don't think it is satire if it is actually happening.  CBC Pitchbot fell into the same problem, producing the craziest and most Evil possible idea for a CBC presenter to say, only to find she had already said it:

Added:  Yet another satirical tweet, taken as fact by Twitter responses: 

I'm afraid there is a whole generation of people suffering from serious brain damage.
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