Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Classic headline! (found on revolver):  "Arkansans growing concerned over possibility of Russia invading Ukraine" (Counts).  

"Is Washington Under Alien Control?" (Giraldi).  Really, slug?  People are rightly furious at this return to the same nonsense which precedes all the Wars For The Jews.  Note the link to:  "New Yemen violence, Washington backtracking, betray depressing lack of progress" (Larison):

"Following the attacks in Abu Dhabi, the UAE has demanded that the Houthis be designated as terrorists once again by the United States. Unfortunately, the U.S. seems to be entertaining doing just that. In his press conference this week, President Biden said that the U.S. was considering the option of designating the Houthis. That would represent a complete reversal of one of the Biden administration’s first and most significant policy changes, and if it happened it would sentence hundreds of thousands and possibly millions to preventable deaths from famine and disease.

Biden’s remarks elicited immediate condemnations from human rights activists and aid groups, who stressed that a terrorist designation would have devastating effects on the civilian population that is already suffering. Afrah Nasser, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, said, “The designation would exacerbate the already unspeakable humanitarian suffering across the country.” Oxfam’s Scott Paul was equally critical: “This would have massive humanitarian consequences. The Biden admin[istration] lifted the designation last year—in spite of Houthi attacks—to spare Yemenis from even higher food, fuel, and healthcare prices. Also, it didn’t create any useful leverage. None of this has changed.”

Because the Houthis are the de facto government in the areas where the vast majority of Yemenis lives, a terrorism designation of the group would mean putting tens of millions of people under an even stricter siege than they have already experienced.

Biden’s State Department removed the designation on the Houthis last year in recognition that the sanctions that came with the designation would effectively cripple Yemen’s economy, cut off the population from humanitarian assistance that they need to survive, and exacerbate a humanitarian crisis that was already the world’s worst. Just as sanctions on the Taliban have worked to strangle Afghanistan’s economy in no time, a designation of the Houthis would have a similarly catastrophic effect in Yemen. Lifting the Houthi designation was one of the only things the Biden administration has done right in Yemen, and now there is a possibility that they will undo even that.

It seems incredible that the Biden administration would even contemplate putting the Houthis back on the list of terrorist organizations when they know what the consequences for the civilian population would be if they did. When the previous administration designated the group at the very end of Trump’s term, it was widely seen as a spiteful attempt to sabotage Biden’s policy out of the gate. It would be appalling for the Biden administration to reinstate such a vicious Trump-era decision at the request of one of the governments that bear the greatest responsibility for Yemen’s humanitarian disaster." 

"Goldman Sachs Warns Ukraine Conflict Risk Could Spark Doubling In EU NatGas Prices" (Durden).  Europeans are going to be paying for this nonsense for a long time, even if they manage to dodge WWIII.

Is this Putin sending a message to the American Head Office in Tel Aviv?:  "Russian, Syrian pilots conduct joint air patrol mission along Golan Heights".

Btw, do you think (((Blinky))) would have his current job were it not for his (((background)))?  He's clearly not operating at the same intellectual level as his Russian and Chinese counterparts.  Not even close.

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