Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Some things never change

A Fauci ego thread:

A thread:

"The Last Days of the Covidian Cult" (Hopkins).  The dangers we face when the power-mad suddenly lose the reason for having power.  What will they do to prevent the "narrow window of opportunity" from closing?  Despite the fact that nothing has officially changed, while creating simply bizarre artifacts like an almost rabid insistence on the necessity of forced vaccines they admit don't really do very much, while simultaneously both abandoning and doubling down on testing, I'm feeling a clear shift in the general public attitude.

"Israeli forces demolish Palestinian home in Sheikh Jarrah" (Al Tahhan).  Brave Palestinian resistance needed to be squished like a bug.

Maple trash:

Remind me again how the lovable Jews keep finding themselves in trouble?:

Brilliant German scientists have discovered new sides of the mouth to speak out of:  "Germany Threatens To Halt Nord Stream 2 If Russia Attacks Ukraine" (Durden).  "Germany Shows Lack of Resolve Against Russian Threats" (Gardey).  It is obvious that the Germans face a huge decision, to break with the rapidly dying Empire and join the future (Russia-China), but just can't bring themselves to give up the security of being a militarily occupied country which never has to make such huge decisions.  It seems the Germans believe they can finesse this - without breaking with the Empire, keep Nord Stream and Russian gas, keep Russia in SWIFT, calm down the Ukrainians, and get something out of the rabid 'American' Khazar attack dogs that will keep the Russians from seriously increasing European insecurity, leading to WWIII.  I hope they have an ace up their sleeves, as I am not seeing reason for optimism.

"Russian 'False Flag' In Ukraine Story Emerged After CIA Director Secretly Visited Kiev" (Durden).  It is nice to see the origins of such a dangerous story so conclusively and completely nailed down.
The basic reason for NATO expansion:

"An Anatomy of America’s Global Hegemony: What Led to Its Incredible Success and What Will Cause Its Unavoidable Decline" (Gallo): 

"One of the most surprising thesis in the book is that Washington is more interested in destroying the euro’s Europe than China. From the NATO war on Yugoslavia in the aftermath of the birth of the European currency in 1991 to today’s confrontation with Moscow in Ukraine, Washington is simultaneously pursuing the goal of encircling Russia and damaging the EU with the help of the Europeans themselves. The prospect of an economic relationship between Russia and Europe, naturally favoured by geopolitics, is thus destroyed. Is this a conspiracy theory?

No, it is a theorem proven by the facts. In the wake of Trump’s tariffs offensive against Europe, some European analysts claimed that the Union was an Americans’ idea. Hence the U.S. cannot want its destruction. It is a historical falsehood and a clumsy attempt to reassure Europeans when doubts are growing about the loyalty of their bigger ally. The idea of supporting the formation of a kind of European Union came to the Americans when they decided to launch the Marshall Plan’s aid program after WWII. It was a purpose of convenience: they needed a united counterpart to manage the aid. Furthermore, the fear that the USSR would take control of Europe was the reason for the initial support for the European Union. Washington made sure to stop any European initiative that wasn’t to its benefit. The contrast remained all along with the Cold War but under the radar. It was clear when the NATO blockade transformed the possible Soviet threat of nuclear retaliation against the U.S. in a nuclear and conventional war in Europe. After the implosion of the USSR, the contrast increased when NATO assumed the double task of expanding to the East and preventing Europe from acquiring an autonomous defence capability. NATO’s ploy was the Partnership for Peace program (PFP), which offered non-NATO countries the possibility of military cooperation. For a few years, Russia, an observer inside NATO, followed the program with suspicion. Countries formerly part of the Warsaw Pact entered into the Alliance, while others were offered to be part of the EU as a first step towards admission. On the other side of the border, Moscow found new Europeans that opposed Russia and strictly followed the anti-Russian U.S. directives even to the detriment of the rest of the Union. For the last ten years, the U.S. has prevented any European autonomy. Above all, they averted the possibility that the euro could challenge the dollar. For this reason, America will not miss any opportunity to force Europe to cut both political and economic relations with Moscow and Beijing. Such manoeuvres are forcing Russia and China to increase their military power to shift the confrontation to the geopolitical and strategic level, where military deterrence may contain the economic threat."

Not what I would have expected to hear at this very moment (I wonder if this has to do with back-room pressures from the Americans to force the Poles to give free stuff to Khazars):

Russian missiles within the territory of the Monroe Doctrine is a dumb idea for many reasons, one of which is that having super-fast missiles means there is little advantage to  propinquity:  "The Russians are coming? What Moscow could do to make life difficult for the US in Latin America".  This would cause all kinds of problems, including an American attack, for the countries housing the missiles, but more importantly, allows the Americans to frame this issue as they want, one of American national interests, rather than what it is, a European security issue.  If the Europeans sanely speak with one voice, and politely tell the Americans to fuck off, everybody wins, including Americans, except, of course, for the (((people))) who are crazy.

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