Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Terrorism tourism

"Zionist Power Over Washington" (Giraldi).

Note the tweet at the top of this Aangirfan posting. "The Strange Story of Daniel Lewin, the First Victim of the 9/11 Attacks".  Given his (((background))), the most bizarre thing is that more wasn't made of this guy.  I know they tried to play up the heroism, but where's the American postage stamp?  Why isn't he on the currency?  He's the single most brave person in American history, and a fighter of 'terrorism'.  This almost sounds like terrorism tourism, where a rich guy uses his connections to be in on taking down a terrorist attack, for the thrill, and so he could be seen as a hero, but somehow the 'terrorists' got the jump on him and whoever else on the flight was supposed to be stopping them.

"Dialogue of the Deaf in Geneva" (Crooke):

". . . western politics today are no more about considered strategy: It is pretty evident that the U.S. team arrived at Geneva strategy-less. It is also about the more recent trend for the U.S. to lose strategically (even militarily), in order to win politically – which is to say about a supposed, largely symbolic, ‘win’ prompting a favourable, albeit short-term, unconscious emotional reaction – amongst American voters, even at the expense America’s longer-term strategic decline.

This shift to seeing foreign states in this emotional-propagandist mode has forced those targeted states to respond. Russia, China, Iran are but now but cultural ‘images’ of demonised ‘authoritarianism’ that are prized mainly for their potential to be loaded with a ‘nudge’ emotional-charge, in a western cultural war for domestic political advantage – in which these states have no part."

"Facebook blocks page of Russian diplomats taking part in security talks". 

"Can Humanity Survive Washington’s Delusional Belief in Its Omnipotence?" (Roberts):

"Russia explained that the situation is so threatening that it is unacceptable. During the long Cold War the two powers tried to reduce tensions by stabilizing the relationship, but in the 21st century Washington has disavowed all the arms control agreements that were accomplished in the 20th century, and has behaved aggressively toward Russia.

Russia explained that she will no longer tolerate the implied threat of US/NATO bases on her borders and most certainly will not permit Ukraine and Georgia to be members of NATO. Any move by the West in this direction will result in “dire consequences.”

As an old cold warrior as a member of the anti-Soviet Committee on the Present Danger and as a member of a secret presidential committee that helped Reagan end the Cold War, I can tell you that I am astonished that Washington has not heard what the Russians have, in all frankness, told them.

If the Committee on the President Danger had heard the Russians say this in the 1980s, we would have told President Reagan to acknowledge their concern and reduce the tension.

Today the situation is so different that to an experienced cold warrior such as myself it is extremely scary. But the idiots in Washington, who face a far more powerful Russia armed with weapons that Washington can only dream about, have no fear. Washington, the collection of the most stupid and arrogant people in the world, is exposing human life to untold risk on the sole basis of Washington’s belief in its own omnipotence.

Washington is so lacking in omnipotence that its belief in it is a sign of insanity.

According to Russian news reports, Russia is moving four entire armies from the far east to the Western fount. These four armies, even without those already present in western Russia, are sufficient to instantly destroy any force NATO and the US can muster and overrun all of Europe in a few days.

Moreover, Russia can likely mobilize 10 million troops quickly, and China, whose president has stated publicly that China has more than a treaty agreement with Russia, can mobilize 50 million soldiers. NATO, for all the bluster of its idiot Secretary General, has zero prospect of withstanding Russia in non-nuclear war.

This means, and the Kremlin knows this, that to save face Washington would have to go nuclear. This would mean the total destruction of the US and Europe. They would cease to exist.

For Russia with its extensive anti-missile defenses and nuclear bunkers for 40-50% of targeted populations, the war would be disastrous, but Russia would survive.

Russia does not want such a war. Russia doesn’t want to destroy anyone, not even Ukraine. Russia has asked for a security guarantee. That is all.

If we experience Armageddon, it will be only because Washington refused a security guarantee to Russia."

"Joe Biden: Strike Three!" (Snider).  Three simple problems, made impossible.

Dinh breaks with Unz over COVID.

The alleged gun attack sounds very fake:  "Aafia Siddiqui, Political Prisoner" (Ford).

A bit late?:  "Plans for Kazakhstan 'regime' change announced".  Ablyazov looks like his face has been put through the photoshop treatment that was popular in the memes a few years ago:  "Woll Smoth".

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