Monday, January 17, 2022

Thieves and fraudsters

"Multiple Dead In UAE Tanker Explosion Attack Claimed By Yemen's Houthis" (Durden).  "Abu Dhabi explosion: Fuel truck blast kills three with Yemeni Houthis claiming attack" (Daragahi).

"Biden Urged to Fire Covid Response Chief Jeff Zients Over ‘Damning’ Failures" (Johnson).  His Early life wouldn't be relevant if not for the insane levels of group supremacist nepotism in building the Khabinet.  The only criteria used for hiring is whether you have an Early life.  

"Argentina's COVID Miracle" (Stiglitz).

"FBI Changes Tune On Synagogue Hostage Situation: ‘The Jewish Community Was Targeted’" (Saavedra).

This is funny. The FBI, no doubt attempting to calm worried people, noted that the hostage taker wasn't motivated by Jew hatred. He was simply kidnapping the only people of value in the whole country, the only people for which the US government would turn itself into knots and free a convicted felon. Of course, you simply cannot say that any such incident is motivated by anything other than Jew hatred (doing so might effect the ability of the Khazars as a collective to kill people and steal their land), and any indication that the real issue is the staggering amount of power Khazars either have, or are seen to have, in America, is completely forbidden.

Never miss an opportunity for indoctination/oppression:

And, of course:  "Michigan AG Dana Nessel Suggests “White Supremacy” to Blame for Texas Synagogue Islamist Attack" (Hoft). 

A minor detail means this isn't going to be the dominant story it would otherwise be:  "Anne Frank betrayal suspect identified after 77 years".

More of the same:  "‘I thought I was British’: how the Tories’ citizenship laws target Jews" (Skwawkbox).  So, the 'right of return' means any Jew has a second citizenship, meaning he or she can possibly be subject to losing British citizenship. If there is an issue here, surely it is the 'right of return', just another way to facilitate land theft, and completely outrageous on the face of it.

Part of a thread:

This plot shows how weak the American position really is - NATO is in no shape to fight a war, so the only option is to try some military options found in the crazed nationalists in various Russia-hating countries. This isn't a way to seriously fight a war, and betrays the fact that the Americans could care less about any European country.

The Americans didn't think Belarus was good enough PR:  "Ukraine changes its mind on culprit behind cyberattack".

Detailed analysis of the effect of sanctions on Iran, with the idea that the Iranians are going to need to see a very good nuclear deal as their inclination is no longer to look west for investment:  "Iran After Trump: Can Biden Revive the Nuclear Deal and Does Iran Even Want to? (Kahalzadeh).

"PayPal is sued for blocking accounts and keeping the funds" (Harper).  Looks like outright theft to me.

"Unredacted Antitrust Complaint Shows Google’s Ad Business Even Scummier than Many Imagined" (Smith).  This is closer to fraud.

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