Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Direct and/or affirmative

Apparently the only European politician who gives a shit about Europe and the lives of Europeans: "Hungary's Orbรกn "Answers" Biden Troop Hosting Request: Flies To Moscow For Marathon Meeting With Putin" (Durden).

"Ukrainian Anti-Russian Engagement Deepens Economic Crisis" (Leiroz). "Ukraine’s Exaggerated Threat of Russian Invasion Hits Its Economy as Western Diplomats Leave" (Antonopoulos).  Time is on Putin's side.  It won't be too long before European economies start to collapse under energy prices, and Ukraine will soon be completely bankrupt, not even able to pay its Nazis.

JYT: 'Why aren't the Ukrainians committing Suicide For The Jews?':  "As the West warns of a Russian attack, Ukraine sends a different message" (Schwirtz).

"Ukraine Drone Strike Kills Separatist Fighter At Donbas Front Line: Russian Media" (Durden).

"Perilous Gulf Widens Between Russia & US at the UN" (Lauria).

"Erdogan Fires Turkey's Statistics Chief After Inflation Hits 36%" (Durden). 

"New Gates Foundation trustee led plot to overthrow Zimbabwean leader alongside US gov’t" (Rubinstein).

As we seen with the clumsy and politically inept reaction of Blackface Trudeau, the pandemic is also a religion (we have many false gods):  "NATO as Religion" (de Zayas).

"US to send destroyer, fighter jets to UAE amid Houthi attacks".  More targets for the Houthis!

"Denmark Lifts All Covid Controls" (Sailer):

"The idea is that if some new variant evolves, then the government can reimpose restrictions, but that it makes little sense right now to continue in crisis mode when the enemy has retreated. It makes the authorities seem kind of nuts.

But a lot of people in this country seem like covid hobbyists who would miss covid if, God forbid, the damn thing were to fade away."

They are not so much nuts as slavish followers of their sole religion, which consists of pushing people around while riding on their high horse.

"The Philosophy of “Venceremos!”: Case in Point, Canadian Freedom Caravan" (Koenig).  We are eventually going to need crimes against humanity trials for all the politicians and senior bureaucrats involved in this treasonous pandemic activity.  Until then, direct action is a joyous thing to see.  

"The Only Way to Understand the Ukrainian Crisis Is by Placing Jewish Supremacist Power at the Front and Center of the Discussion" (Jung Freud).  About 50 times too long, but not wrong.

 The end of affirmative action will be the next overarching cultural/political crisis in America over the next 5-10 years:  "Will the Supreme Court Extend the O’Connor Deadline?" (Hood).  It will make the mass political violence crises over the Dems losing the next two election cycles look like a walk in the park.  The country may not survive it intact.  Comment by anonymous[393]:

"Re US Chief Justice John Roberts ‘saving’ Obamacare –

Maybe Roberts was thinking of how Federal Judge John Roll was shot dead in public in Arizona in 2011 shortly after ruling against Obama

And maybe later Roberts got a ‘reminder’, when his Supreme Court colleague Justice Scalia, also shortly after a ruling against Obama, was found dead with a pillow over his face in 2016 … ‘no autopsy’ they quickly decided

US Chief Justice John Roberts, is long understood to be double-blackmailed:

– First for his 1990s ‘international child trafficking’, getting an Irish mother to illegally take her kids to South America so Roberts could adopt (buy?) them, and

– Secondly with Roberts’ name prominently on the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs, presumably videos to match now also in the Deep State ‘Chief Justice Roberts control file’

Also:  "No, the Revolution Isn’t Over" (Lyons).

"America’s Putin Psychosis" (Ritter).

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