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Fair world order

"Sitrep: Operation Z" (Nightvision).  "Day 35 of the Russian SMO in the Ukraine – a “naysayers special”!".

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events, day 36".

"Lavrov: Russia, China Moving Towards Multipolar 'Fair World Order'" (Durden).

"“Events like this happen once a century”: Sergey Glazyev on the breakdown of epochs and changing ways of life" (read the whole thing - it is all fun):

"Trump’s attempts to limit China’s development through trade war methods have failed. At the same time, they boomeranged on the United States itself. Then the Americans opened a biological war front, launching the coronavirus into China, hoping that the Chinese leadership would not cope with this epidemic and chaos would arise in China. However, the epidemic has shown poor health care effectiveness and has created chaos in the United States itself."

Glazyev is a big deal - he could even be a future President of Russia. 

Very sad

"Fighting in Mariupol on 31 March. Afu Helicopters Evacuating Azov Commanders Destroyed (Video 18+)" and "Exclusive: Russian Officer on Situation Near Energodar as It Is" (South Front).

"Asking Mariupol Residents About Russian Attacks On Civilian areas" (Lancaster).  These people aren't going to want to be Ukrainians again.

"Russia - Ukraine War: Soldiers Collect Civilians After Shelling Attack on Mariupol Frontline" and "Journalists Evacuate Elderly from Mariupol (VERY SAD)" (Lancaster).  These are civilians.  The Ukrainians and their Nazi pals are absolute monsters.  There is no possible debate about this.  A couple of those thermobaric weapons on the factory where Azov is holed up would be a blessing.

The Poles really want western Ukraine:  "Destination Ukraine (Part Two): Will Poland Go Rogue?" (Redmayne-Titley).

I'm pretty sure this is a lie:

It is odd that Ze didn't appear at the Jewish Film Awards, reduced by extremely low ratings to adding boxing to the program.

"Putin Signs Decree Ordering Gas Exports To Be Halted If Buyers Don't Pay In Rubles" (Durden). "Ukraine Updates and More Discussion of the Russia “Gas for Roubles” Countersanction" (Smith).

"Elon Musk Says He’s Considering Building His Own Free Speech Platform After Attacking Twitter" (Anglin).

"White House Cites Intel Claiming Putin Being "Misled" By His Own Generals On War's Progress" (Durden).  A classic of war-time PR.

"US escalates arms transfers to Ukraine" (Damon):
"Yet despite this massive budget proposal, there is every indication that defense spending for the new year will only grow as the budget proceeds through Congress.  
Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, the ranking member of the House Committee on Armed Services declared that there was “need for real growth in the defense budget and a sense of urgency and willingness to take risks both at the Pentagon and here in Congress.” 
Inhofe declared, “We just received the President’s FY23 budget, and it does not request the real growth we need. We’ll do our due diligence and our constitutional duty, as we did last year.” 
These themes were echoed in an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, which complained that “Defense spending will still be about 3.1% of the economy” under Biden’s budget.  
The Journal complained, “To this end, the 298-ship U.S. Navy would buy only nine ships next year while retiring 24. The fleet would shrink to 280 ships in 2027, even as the Navy says it needs a fleet of 500 to defeat China in a conflict. That trend won’t impress Xi Jinping as he eyes Taiwan.” 
Worse, the Journal wrote, “The Administration appears to have canceled a program to develop a nuclear sea-launched cruise missile, precisely the kind of weapon designed to deter Mr. Putin from using tactical nukes in Europe.” 
The journal declared, “Congress can do a lot to improve the Pentagon request, which should be a baseline. Republicans are suggesting the military budget needs to grow 5% in real terms. Congress should set a goal of returning the U.S. to its deterrent strength of the Cold War years, when defense spending was 5% or more of the economy.”
In other words, under conditions in which funding is on the verge of running out for basic measures to fight COVID-19, the sections of the US political establishment are demanding a 70 percent increase in military spending."
Ehrlich thread on American Switchblade drones supposedly being supplied to Ukraine.

"How UK Military and Spy Agencies Are Weaponising Social Justice" (India).

"Western lambasting of India’s Russia-Ukraine policy reignites discussions of neo-colonialism" (Antonopoulos).

"NATO’s War Against Irish Neutrality" (Hayes).

"Israel urged to join NATO as Turkey seeks 'golden prize' of EU membership" (Walters).  As much as Israel wants to be in NATO, I wonder if they really want to piss off Putin at this time.

"British Bullshit Corporation Whitewashes Ukrainian Nazis" (Cunningham).
"Russian newscaster calls for 'regime change' in U.S., reinstatement of 'partner' Trump" (Howell Jr).  Some Russian trolling.  See here for pre-Trump preparations!:  "Senate bill aims to prevent U.S from leaving NATO" (Rhee).

"Do Americans Really Want to Support the Neo-Nazi Filled Western Ukrainian Government?" (Potash).  "Partnering With Neo-Nazis in Ukraine: An Inconvenient History" (Snider).

"Psaki Reminds Reporters That Biden Doesn't Speak For The President Of The United States" (The Babylon Bee).  The Bee is eating The Onion's  lunch.

Sanctions, RIP

Compendium of recent Western spin:  "Putin-Scholz Phone Call on “Gas for Roubles” Mechanism Conforms to Our Assessment; Disputes Over Russia Force Reduction Around Kiev; West Pressure on China, India Continues" (Smith).  Basically, nothing has changed, which has not stopped the (((media))) from concluding that Russian positions are collapsing, and Russian friends leaving.

"The Ruble Regains 100% Of Its Loss After Russia Invaded Ukraine, Why?" (Shedlock).  There seems to be quibbling going on over the mechanics of how Europe will pay for commodities, but the bottom line is you can't really sanction a massive essential commodities exporter, and all manner of weird and unwelcome side effects will manifest themsekes if you try.

"Conflict over Russian demand for payments in roubles" (Beams).

"US, Australia concerned at proposed sanction-skirting Russia-India banking scheme" (Tomazin).  I think it is funny that anti-Indian racism is growing as India refuses to bend the knee to the Empire.  A huge problem is that countries that refuse to stop looking out for their own citizens are now in stark contrast to places like Europe and other lackey countries, where the politicians consistently enact policies which will certainly immiserate their own citizens and billions of others.

"Russia Offering SWIFT Alternative to India for Ruble Payments" (DeCamp).

The US wants to secondarily sanction India, but doesn't dare while The Quad is on life support.

"Twitter deletes ‘pro-Moscow’ Indian accounts".  Twitter is just a tool of empire at this point.

"Sloppy sanctions will blunt themselves" (Galani).  A tiny bit of virtue signaling that won't amount to a hill of beans, literally.  People will starve. And riot. And leave for Europe, if Europe is still habitable after German 'leaders' are done with WEFing it.

"Russia-West: Is It Possible to Lift the Sanctions?" (Timofeev).

Sabotaging peace

"Why is Washington Hampering Russia’s Peace Initiative to Ukraine?" (Sadiq):

"In a bizarre turn of events Tuesday, Russian and Ukrainian delegations taking part in peace negotiations in Istanbul appeared to have reached a breakthrough. But following a tepid response by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, contemptuously dismissing Russian peace overtures as nothing more than “delaying tactics” meant to “deceive people and deflect attention,” head of the Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky walked back the earlier optimistic remarks, saying “a gradual military de-escalation does not necessarily mean an immediate ceasefire.”

Hours later on Tuesday evening, in what appeared to be either a coincidence or a sabotage attempt, an ammunition depot across the Ukraine border in Russia “mysteriously exploded,” sending thick plumes of smoke into air, visible in videos posted on social media, injuring four Russian soldiers, and effectively pouring cold water over the optimism generated by the likelihood of the success of the peace process between Ukraine and Russia.

A Ukrainian missile appeared to have hit a temporary Russian military encampment outside Belgorod, in Russia’s village of Krasny Oktyabr, about 40 miles from the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, said the Russian state-run news agency Tass. The strike would only be the second that struck a military target inside Russia and wounded soldiers. Last week, Tass reported two men were hurt when a shell from Ukraine exploded in the same area.

The generous Russian offer scaling back its blitz north of the capital and focusing instead on liberating Russian-majority Donbas region in east Ukraine, a task that has already been accomplished in large measure, isn’t the first time the Kremlin extended the hand of friendship to Kyiv. Last week, Russia made a similar peace gesture that wasn’t even dignified with a response by Western policymakers and went almost unheeded in the establishment-controlled media.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said the offer to scale back military operations was a confidence building step for the ongoing negotiations with Ukrainian officials in Istanbul. “In order to increase mutual trust and create the necessary conditions for further negotiations and achieving the ultimate goal of agreeing and signing an agreement, a decision was made to radically, by a large margin, reduce military activity in the Kyiv and Chernihiv directions,” Russian Deputy Defense Minister leading the Russian peace delegation told reporters.

Ukrainian negotiators said that under their proposals, Kyiv would agree not to join alliances or host bases of foreign troops, but would have security guarantees in terms similar to Article 5, the collective defense clause of the transatlantic NATO military alliance.

The proposals, which would require a referendum in Ukraine, mentioned a 15-year consultation period on the status of Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014. The fate of the southeastern Donbas region, which Russia demands Ukraine cede to separatists, would be discussed by the Ukrainian and Russian leaders.

Kyiv’s proposals also included one that Moscow would not oppose Ukraine joining the European Union, Russia’s lead negotiator Vladimir Medinsky said. Russia has previously opposed Ukrainian membership of the EU and especially of the NATO military alliance. Medinsky said Russia’s delegation would study and present the proposals to President Vladimir Putin.

Welcoming the Russian peace initiative, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Tuesday the signals from peace talks with Russia “could be called positive” but added that Ukraine would not slacken its defensive efforts until it noticed “concrete actions.”

It would be prudent, however, of the Ukrainian leader to get rid of the duplicitous NATO interlocutors and try reaching a political settlement to the conflict with Russia bilaterally if he wishes peace and stability to prevail in the embattled country, because opportunistic NATO leaders have their own axe to grind by taking advantage of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine.

The Biden administration doesn’t seem particularly enamored of Russian peace proposal that could bring much-needed relief to the war-ravaged country because, as the seasoned American politician and peace activist Ron Paul aptly observed, Washington’s policy appeared to be “fighting Russia down to the last Ukrainian.”

While on a whirlwind Middle East trip in Morocco, Antony Blinken, the charismatic secretary of state idolized by diplomatic community for wavy salt-and-pepper hair and suave Parisian etiquette who has childishly refused to diplomatically engage with his counterpart Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov since the start of the conflict on February 24, derisively mocked the diplomatic breakthrough achieved in Istanbul as nothing more than “delaying tactics” meant to “deceive people and deflect attention.”"

As we've seen from the Hudson interview, the Empire can't afford to see this war come to a negotiated end.  The end of the war would literally be an existential crisis for America.  Not only would immense hegemonic power and wealth be lost, it is not clear that the US would be able to continue to finance itself without being able to leech off the rest of the world.

The third world war against Germany

"US Dollar Hegemony Ended Abruptly Last Wednesday" (Hudson interviewed by Flowers): 

"MF: You’ve been writing about this happening. You’ve written that the de-dollarization has been happening relatively quickly in recent years. So, are we now we’re now just seeing the end result of that? I mean, people said it could happen quickly. Is that exactly what we’re seeing right now? 

MH: Yes, and nobody expected that it would happen this quickly. Nobody expected that it would be the United States itself that ends de-dollarization. People thought that, well, most of the sales of my book describing this super imperialism were bought by the Defense Department and they looked at it as a how -to-do-it book. And I was brought down to the White House and the Defense Department to explain to them how imperialism works. 

I had expected that maybe China, Russia, and other countries would say, “We don’t want to give America free rides.” And yet it was the United States itself that broke all of this, by grabbing Russia’s reserves right after it grabbed Afghanistan’s and Venezuela’s reserves. 

Nothing like this has happened in modern history, even in the 19th century wars. In the Crimean War in the mid-19th century, Russia, England and Germany, everybody kept paying the debts to the countries they were fighting against because the idea is that debts were sacrosanct. And now, all of a sudden, not only are debts are not sacrosanct, but countries can just grab foreign savings. I guess the problem began after the Shah of Iran fell and the United States grabbed Iran’s money and refused to let it pay its bond holders and started the whole war against Iran for trying to take control of its own oil resources. So, all of a sudden, the United States grabbing this has ended what everybody thought was an immutable morality. 

MF: So that was in 1979 that the Shah fell in Iran and, and over the last number of decades, the United States has been increasingly using economic warfare against countries through what people call sanctions, but they’re actually, illegal unilateral coercive measures, has that been kind of driving and setting the stage for what is happening today? 

MH: Yes, the International Monetary Fund has operated, basically, as an arm of the Defense Department. It’s been bailing out dictatorships, bailing out Ukraine, lending money to countries whose client oligarchies America wants to support, and not lending any money to countries that America doesn’t want to support, like Venezuela. So, its job is basically to promote neoliberal policies, and to insist that other countries balance their payments by undergoing a class war against labor. 

The conditionality that the IMF insists upon for foreign borrowing is that countries devalue their currency and lower their wage rates and pass anti-labor legislation. Well, when you lower the currency’s exchange rate, what do you really lower? Food prices are set in dollars internationally, raw materials prices are, and prices for machinery and many goods. The only economic variable devalued is domestic labor (and domestic rents). The IMF has been using this kind of junk-economic free-trade policy as a means of keeping the wage rates in the Global South down. You could say it’s a financialization of an ultimately military conflict to promote neoliberal ideology. 

MF: And you mentioned the lowering wages and things like that. And this is actually done because it’s favorable to US investors and US business, right? I mean, the World Bank actually has an index, the cost of doing business index, that helps inform large corporations about laws that countries pass that make them more favorable to businesses to come in.

MH: It’s even worse than that. The central aim of the World Bank is to prevent other countries from growing their own food. That is the prime directive. It will only make loans for countries to earn foreign currency and it has insisted ever since about 1950 that countries that borrow from it must shift their agriculture to plantation export crops to grow tropical crops that cannot be grown in the United States for environmental and weather reasons. And the countries must not grow their own food and must not undertake Land Reform or small family-based farming. So, it insisted on foreign-owned agribusiness in large plantation agriculture. And what that means is that countries that have borrowed for agricultural loans have not been loans to produce their own food. It’s been to compete with each other producing tropical export crops while being increasingly dependent on the United States for their food supplies, and for their grain. And that’s part of the corner they painted them into that is going to be creating such a world famine this summer."


"MF: So, let’s get a little bit into where things are headed with this new situation, a rapidly changing situation. It may be hard to say what’s happening, but you talked about a food crisis this summer. Can you talk a little bit about more about that and does the conflict in Ukraine feed into that? 

MH: Well, as President Putin and Lavrov have said, the fighting in Ukraine isn’t really over Ukraine at all. It’s a fight over what shape the world will take and whether the world will be unipolar or, as it now appears, multipolar. The US, for the last year before it began to escalate attacks on the Russian-speaking Ukraine, was trying to block Europe from, and especially Germany, from buying Russia gas and oil. 

There are three pillars of American foreign policy that base American power. The first pillar is the oil industry. That’s the most powerful industry next to banking in the United States. And United States throughout the 20th century, along with Britain and France, have controlled the world oil trade. 

That has benefited the United States in two ways. Number one, we are a major oil exporter because we have a big oil and gas industry. But, number two, our US companies control the foreign oil trade. So that if some country, say Chile or Venezuela, does something that the United States doesn’t like, like growing their own food or pursuing a socialist policy, the United States can simply cut off their oil and sanction them. Without oil, they don’t have energy to drive the cars or power their factories or drive their GDP. 

So, the American war in Ukraine is really a war against Germany. Russia is not the enemy. Germany and Europe are the enemy and the United States made it very clear. This is a war to lock in our allies so they cannot trade with Russia. They cannot buy Russian oil. They must be dependent on American oil for which they will have to pay three or four times as much. They will have to be dependent on American liquefied natural gas for fertilizer. If they don’t buy American gas for fertilizer, and we don’t let them buy from Russia, then they cannot put fertilizer on the land and the crop yield will fall by about 50% without fertilizer. 

So, the, the war in Ukraine was to make Russia look so bad by defending itself against the attacks by the Ukrainian right wing in the Russian-speaking areas that the US has said, look at how bad Russia is. You’ve got to forego buying oil and gas or grain or titanium or palladium or anything else from Russia. 

And so, the effect of this war has been to lock the NATO countries into dependency on the United States because the great fear of the United States in the last few years is that as America is de-industrializing, these countries are looking to the part of the world that’s growing, China, Central Asia, Russia, South Asia. And the United States feared losing control of its satellites mainly in NATO, but also in South America. So, it sanctioned and blocked their ability to buy non-US energy. They’re blocking their ability to buy non-US food, blocking their ability to invest in or use their surplus to get prosperous by investing in China, Russia, or Eurasia. 

So, this is basically a war of America to lock in its allies. Well, the result is that oil prices, now that you can’t get Russian oil, are going to go way, way up, and that is going to create a crisis for many of the Global South countries that are oil deficit countries. The fertilizer companies in Germany have already been closing down because they say, without Russian gas, we make our fertilizer out of gas, and if we can’t get Russian gas, we can’t produce the fertilizer that. So, world fertilizer prices are going way up. 

Russia is the largest grain exporter. And now that grain exports are being blocked by the sanctions, the question is, what are North Africa and the Near East going to do that have been depending very largely on Russian grain exports? Their food prices are going to go way up. 

You can imagine just from seeing what’s happening in the United States when gas prices go up here, food prices go up here, not only does it put a squeeze on individual family budgets, but throughout the world, it puts the squeeze on the balance of payments of other countries. And so, they’re desperate. How are they going to pay the higher prices unless they borrow even more money from US banks? And of course, that’s another arm of US policy. The US banks hope to make a killing in making loans at rising interest rates to third world countries. 

And of course, arms exports. NATO in the last few days has agreed to make American arms exports to increase their purchase of arms. So, the stock market has been soaring in the last few days. They say this, the world famine, the world crisis is a bonanza for Wall Street. The oil company stocks are going way up, the military, industrial stocks, Boeing Raytheon way up, the bank stocks. This is America’s great power grab, and it realizes, when it can create a crisis and tell the Global South or poor countries your money or your life. This is how most of the great property grabs and conquests have been made throughout history. 

MF: And just this week at the NATO meetings, President Biden basically said food prices are going to go up in the United States and Europe as a result of what’s happening. And that’s just the price we have to pay. 

This is to say to the rest of the world, you know, we’ve got you completely, I don’t know how to put it, what phrase to use, but you don’t have any choice, your money or your life. We’ve got you trapped. And he’s crowing over the fact that this resulting inflation is exactly what was intended by the war in Ukraine that has led to the isolation of Russia and other countries following a non-US policy.MH: Well, what he should have said, this is the price they have to pay us. That’s how the stock market took it. When he said this is the price we have to pay, this is the price consumers have to pay to the American oil companies, to the American Agricultural food distribution companies. It’s the price other countries have to pay to the United States."

Read the whole thing. 

The real target

"War in Ukraine Day 35: Getting Ready for the Russian Blow in Donbass" and "Ukraine Inflamed by Russian Concessions" and "In Video: Ukrainian President Adviser Praises ISIS. Kiev’s Warfare Explained (21+)" (South Front).

"How To Look Laughable. and "Upcoming Finalization."" (Martyanov). 

"Negotiations: a primer for Zone A residents" and "Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) – Day 33" (The Saker).

One way to block mass immigration from Africa to Europe would be to so deindustrialize Europe that nobody would want to live there.  That seems to be the Euro-trash plan.  I mean, there can't be any other rational explanation, can there?

A thread (Fleming dug up the archives on what Britain called Hitler, and swapped in Putin):

Part of a comment by Disclaimer to a Sailer post: 

"China’s current dependence on sea lanes is precisely why establishing a rock solid alliance with Russia is of such utmost long term importance to the Chinese leadership and why China has been rock solid in refusing to acquiesce to US demands that it distance itself from Russia. Forming a strategic partnership with Russia and establishing infrastructure to allow the transfer of energy and food/raw materials currently going to Western Europe and the rest of the world to instead supply China will allow China to thumb its nose at any American attempts to enforce a naval blockade. Good luck trying to “blockade” the 4100 mile long Russia-China border."

China's Achilles heel is its dependence on constant ship deliveries of raw materials, particularly hydrocarbons, which the US could block.  That's why China will always be a rock-solid supporter of Russia. 

"Is a peace treaty to end the Russia-Ukraine war in sight?" (Doctorow)"

"If the Russians succeed in liberating the 50% of Donetsk oblast still held by Kiev, then they will be ready for a cease fire and for definitive peace talks.  By smashing the greatest concentration of Ukrainian forces they will achieve two of their original objectives with one stroke:  de-Nazification and demilitarization.   The question will remain whether Zelenski can sign a peace based on the new realities. It may be in his interest to go to Istanbul for talks with Putin and then to keep on flying to freedom.  His associates in Kiev will surely be ready to lynch him for a bad peace."

"Has Putin made Nato stronger?" (Luttwak).  Copium.  NATO has clearly been revealed to be a complete waste of money.  Worse than that, as it allows politicians to make decisions based on its mythological ability to protect Europe.  Sadly, the Euro-trash are completely distanced from reality, and NATO will be around as long as the European people remain too brain-dead to revolt.

"Putin Is a War Criminal – and So Was Madeleine Albright" (Cook).  Putin isn't a war criminal, as his invasion can be justified for a number of reasons, especially the R2P of ethnic Russians in Nazi Ukraine.  Albright, and the entire US government, are clearly the worst war criminals who have ever existed.

"Is Russia the REAL target of Western sanctions?" (Knightly).  Yes, the sanctions are a WEF/American imperial attack on the people of the world.  The Empire wants to keep its status, and the billionaires protected by Schwab want not to be drawn and quartered.  Both will eventually be disappointed, but due to the dreadful Euro-trash, not before they kill billions of people.

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Lira interview of Ritter

Lira interview of Ritter. As good as you would think it would be.

Colossal attack

 "Germany Is Getting A Distinct Feeling Of Deja Vu About Its Exploding Inflation" (Durden).  The Weimar Republic and its hyperinflation used to be a cautionary tale, but who can remember that far back anyway.  1923 was 99 years ago.

"Exclusive: Dpr Special Forces Soldier Reveals Situation in Mariupol as It Is" and "Dozens of Terrorists Left Syria’s Greater Idlib to Go Fight Russian Forces in Ukraine – Report" (South Front).  Thoughtful video.

"Sitrep: That ‘bumbling’ presidential aide Medinsky …."

"Russian SMO in the Ukraine – Day 34" (The Saker).

"No Breakthroughs From Talks, Limited Russian Pullback Near Kiev Amid "Colossal Attack" On Chernihiv" (Durden).

"Must listen conversation with Kharkov-based commentator, Gonzalo Lira: Ukraine, Russia, the Donbass"" (Bartlett interview of Lira).

The laws of war don’t apply

"Assault on Mariupol and Developments on Eastern Front Lines" and "In Video: More Crimes of Ukrainian Nazis in Mariupol Revealed" (South Front). 

"How did Biden Decide to Rob Europeans Blind?" (Platov).  "Sanctions Could Hurt the West’s Middle Class More So Than Russia, Warns German Economist" (Antonopoulos).

You had one job

"Germany Scrambles To Ration Gas After Refusing To Make Payments In Rubles" (Durden).

"Russia won’t demand immediate switch to ruble for gas payments: Kremlin".

I'm thinking of that meme 'you had one job'.  The one job of the German government was to prevent this kind of disaster from happening. Have the German people just decided to wait around to die, or will they do something to save themselves from these obviously corrupt and stupid 'leaders'? 

Anticipatory collective self defense

"Updated: Heavy Fighting Reported. Russian Troops Moving Out From Kiev, Chernihiv (Videos)" and "Ukrainian S-300 Systems Are Blown up by Russian Missiles Amid Diplomatic Obscurity" (South Front). 

"Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events, day 35".

"Russia Mythology Dominates the U.S. Media" (Johnson).

I'm just posting this to show how hopeless the American imperialists are, exactly what you would expect from an empire that is cratering so quickly:  "“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth ” – TTG".  I'm through wasting my time with Lang or his site.  There is too much competent analysis around to have to wade through this crap.  Read Ritter or Johnson or Martyanov, people who have a clue.

"The Most Simple and Laziest Form of Journalism? War Reporting, Actually" (Jay).  The current problem is not that the analysts and 'journalists' are clueless, it is that they, as loyal subjects to the Empire, fear that honesty would betray the imperial war effort.

"Russia, Ukraine & the Law of War: Crime of Aggression" (Ritter).

From the real world, rather than far up the ass of the Empire, a thread:

"Some Importnat Issues Not-Covered In Depth Otherwise." (Martyanov). 

Yinon for Ukraine:  "Having Failed to Divide Syria and Iraq, US Decides to Dismember Ukraine" (Odintsov).

Carefully note Ze's wording here - he really has almost no support in Europe, but he is going after Orban for being honest about his support for Hungarians rather than the (((neocon))) imperial pipedreams!:

A thread on Metabiota.

"The New World Order that is being prepared under the pretext of war in Ukraine" (Meyssan). 

A thread (e-x-t-r-e-m-e miss for Bellingcat!):

"Regime change has been the US goal in Russia for years" (Ritter). 

A thread:

Collection of the tweets of victim statements:  "Kadyrov Goes to Mariupol to Oversee “Operation Satanic Faggot Extermination”" (Anglin).

"Mariupol City Center: Hell On Earth (Special Report)" (Lancaster).  One angry guy is fully aware that it is the Americans they should hate.

The theater and the maternity hospital.

"Europe's Plan To Boost LNG Imports From US, Elsewhere Faces Major Obstacles" (Durden). 

"U.S. liaising with Ukrainian forces in Poland, Pentagon says" (Stewart/Ali).

"YouTube deletes entire back catalog of Pulitzer-winning journalist Chris Hedges" (Rankovic).  "YouTube is deleting all 550 videos of Abby Martin’s Breaking The Set episodes — RT US".  Content annihilation seems to be YouTube's new obsession.

Twitter is just a series of opinion-shaping bots:

"Breaking: Saudi Arabia Halts Military Operations in Yemen" (South Front).  With the Saudis unable to defend their cities or oil, and the American unable and unwilling to help, did the Houthis just win?

"Canada to buy F-35 fighter jets".  Canada had decided the plane was such a steaming pile of shit that it couldn't buy them.  It is still a steaming pile of shit, but Blackface Trudeau and his WEF bro Singh are now running the dual dictatorship for the WEF and the Empire.

"Biden mired in credibility crisis on Ukraine amid attempt to seek defense spending boost" (Qi/Xuanzun).

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Big Arrow

"Ukrainian priest kidnapped by group of armed men – reports". 

A thread:

"Ukraine Sit-Rep - Part II Of Russia's Military Operation Unfolds" (Moon of Alabama).

"Sitrep: Operation Z" (Nightvision) (also):

"Firstly, this Pentagon reporter has stated that the Pentagon plans to buy hundreds of FEWER Javelin missiles this year than it did last year, DESPITE giving away thousands of them to Ukraine.

It is now clear that the Pentagon leadership has seen the utterly dismal performance of the Javelin and now wants to phase it out from U.S. forces. Remember, out of thousands of Javelins supplied, thousands of videos published by Ukraine, not a single successful usage of the system has ever been recorded. In fact the vast majority of successful Ukrainian defeats of Russian armor happens at the ends of legacy Soviet/Russian systems and mostly artillery. Russian forces continue to find Javelin units completely unused because Ukr troops have found them to be unwieldy and impractical in combat – too long to set up and use, too heavy to carry around, and not effective even when used. For urban combat where troops have to be as light, mobile, and agile as possible, the Javelin is absolutely worthless with its large CLU interface and overly-bulky design. The Pentagon has clearly seen the failure of the over-hyped system.

-In another sudden and unexpected report, the Pentagon now wants to scrap DOZENS of F-22’s.

They have suddenly decided they want to ‘divert funding’ to the next generation platform. There is clearly connection here to something the Pentagon has witnessed in Ukraine that has left it scrambling to rethink its approach to modern warfare. You see all proxy wars are laboratories for Great Powers to test and assess their equipment. The F-22 was the flagship of the U.S. airforce, the ONLY plane forbidden by Congress to sell to any ally even in ‘export version’. The F-35 was meant for the export market while F-22 was supposed to be solely the unique and unmatched great hope and pinnacle of American engineering that would lead to victories in future wars. But it seems now that the Pentagon has had a taste of what modern Russian air defenses / radars are capable in Ukraine and is no longer confident of the F-22’s chances. It has suddenly scrambled to desperately dump the F-22 and prepare for the “next generation” platform titled the ‘Next Generation Air Dominance’ project, which would consist of heavily utilizing integrated drone warfare and possible drone swarms controlled by the pilot. This appears to indicate the U.S. sees no other way to defeat Russian air defenses and airpower in general apart from massive over-utilization of integrated drone saturation – it can no longer count on F-22’s after seeing how Russia has completely nullified the Ukrainian air and anti-air capabilities, which by the way were orders of magnitude greater than the capabilities of the Serbians in the 90’s who humiliated the U.S. air force several times."

"Internet Provider For Ukraine's Military Hit In 'Most Severe' Cyberattack Since Invasion" (Durden). 

"Biden Reveals The US Is Training Ukrainian Troops In Poland" (DeCamp).

George Galloway is directing his readers to Telegram, as Twitter is shadowbanning him, or some such.

"National Mustard Museum Banishes Russian Mustards" (Sharp).

Fine Father of the Country

"Sitrep: Russia-Ukraine Negotiations – further details revealed":

"Russia’s top negotiator Vladimir Medinsky has disclosed the key points of Istanbul talks:

▪️Ukraine is ready to become a neutral state, unable to own nuclear weapons, with internationally guaranteed independence

▪️Guarantees will not be extended to Donbass region and Russia owned Crimean Peninsula – which would make Kiev formally abandon idea to annex them militarily

▪️Ukraine would be unable to have any military presence – including NATO and Russian forces

▪️Russia does not oppose Ukraine potentially joining the European Union

▪️Kiev is requesting for final treaty to be formalised by Russian and Ukrainian heads of states" 

This would do it, but I doubt Ze is sincere. 

"Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview with the Serbian media, Moscow, March 28, 2022".  Lavrov is always damned impressive in his grasp of his job.

"Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events, day 34".

Thug life:  "Kolomoyskyi, Fine Father of the Country" (Moglia).

"Chris Hedges, Victoria Nuland and the Khazars" (Dinh).

Ha!  Now we know why the Israelis were so keen to 'help'!:  "Israel, Ukraine, and Black Market Transplant Surgeons" (Kulikov):

"Recently, a video interview of a former SSU employee was posted to the Internet, saying that being in the war zone in Donbas he was attached to the special medical group in Kramatorsk called “First Aid Group.” Since 2014 the group was engaged in illegal removal of organs from injured Ukrainian troops in the vicinity of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. According to him, several foreign transplant surgeons worked with the group. Often soldiers whose organs were removed were pronounced missing in action and the corpses were buried in mass graves. Organs of civilians were removed as well. The whole process was controlled by SSU and several Ukrainian functionaries.

In early 2022 the Defense Minister of Germany Christine Lambrecht announced that Ukraine received a field hospital and a crematorium. Some media connected such a “gift” with a long well-oiled illegal business of selling organs of Ukrainian troops to the EU, the US, and Israel under the protection of SSU as indicated by many traits. The media has already reported that black marker transplant surgeons removed organs from still living people and then cremated the corpses. The victims are mostly injured Ukrainian troops who were delivered unconscious to the hospital from the frontlines. Captured militiamen and civilians were sold for organs, with women and children usually to be selected…

The announcement of allotment of a field hospital and a crematorium caused serious unrest in Ukrainian divisions at the demarcation line, with an increase of instances of desertion and suicides which the commanders are trying to cover up by all means. In Ukrainian troops’ opinion, this hospital can be used for removing organs and subsequent covering of these criminal activities using the crematorium.

Recently a German-language publication “Neues aus Russland”published a fascinating story about mobile crematoriums in Ukraine which help conceal the major selling of organs to the EU.

Given this context, it is notable that not only Germany but Israel too has lately expressed major interest in deploying its “field hospitals” in Ukraine where an increasing number of causalities as a result of Moscow’s denazification special operation has been observed. As reported by Israeli media on March 23 an Israeli “field hospital” was opened in Mostyska in the Lviv oblast. Israel further notes that the number of “field hospitals” can soon be increased…

As some experts point out, under the circumstances of the present Ukrainian conflict foreigners with minimum support are at risk, as diplomatic representatives do not always succeed in tracking them. It is easy to “lose” these people, many of whom are young students, guest workers, or even mercenaries, boasting of great health. These people especially are at risk of being potential victims of criminal groups involved in organ trade in Ukraine."

"Ukraine Claims ‘Dirty Bomb’ Ingredients Stolen From Chernobyl Lab" (McBreen).  The CIA/MI6 better hurry up if they want to get ahead of a peace agreement.

"We Are In So Much Trouble" (Snyder).

"Sanctioning Russia could topple the West" (Fazi):

"Two weeks ago, I suggested that, in the short term at least, the US will benefit from the conflict in Ukraine. In the long term, however, it is slowly becoming clear that US-led global Western order will suffer. The West’s imposition of sanctions — involving not only governments, but also private companies and even allegedly apolitical organisations such as central banks — has sent a clear message to the countries of the world: the West will stop at nothing to punish countries that step out of line. If this can happen to Russia, a major power, it can happen to anyone. “We will [never again] be under the slightest illusion that the West could be a reliable partner,” the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov has said. “We will do everything so as never, in any way, to be dependent on the West in those areas of our life which have a decisive significance for our people.”

Those words are bound to reverberate across the world, with dramatic implications for the West. As Wolfgang Münchau has warned: “For a central bank to freeze the accounts of another central bank is a really big deal… As a direct result of these decisions, we have turned the dollar and the euro, and everything that is denominated in those currencies, into de facto risky assets”. At the very least, it will inevitably push countries to diversify their reserves and increase their yuan holdings, in order to loosen the West’s grip on their economies and bolster their economic resilience and self-sufficiency. Even if it doesn’t push countries straight into Beijing’s arms, as is already happening with Russia, it will likely lead to the emergence of two increasingly insulated blocs: a US-dominated Western bloc and a China-dominated East-Eurasian one.

In this new pseudo-Cold War, “non-aligned” countries could find that they are in a better position to assert their sovereignty than they were under the American global empire. Forget “the collapse of the Russian economy” — this could be the result of the West’s new economic war."

"#GotGoldorRubles? Did Russia Just Break The Back Of The West?" (Luongo).  Russia has so much commodity money pouring in it can just replace the gold stolen by the Americans.

"Can Russia return to the world stage, as other aggressor nations?"  Why would it want to?  Russia has heaps of friends.  Its enemies aren't worth the trouble of dealing with.

"An Update on the Evolution of Central Bank Digital Currencies - March 2022" (Viable Opposition). 


On whether Russia has done enough prep work to have a new government in place after it leaves:  "Problems With Russia’s Political Prepwork in the Russo-Ukrainian War" (Waller). This is pure speculation, as nobody yet knows what Russia intends to do, and who they have set up to take over what parts of the former nation of Ukraine.

"Mariupol Human shields (Special Report) Russia - Ukraine War" and "Artillery Strike Hits Center Donetsk. Russia - Ukraine War" (Lancaster, who is doing heroic work).  

Given the way the Nazis have grossly mistreated people in Mariupol, it seems unlikely that Russia will be able to leave without seizing that corridor across the south, plus Odessa.  It would almost be a crime against humanity to leave people in the control of these now even more vengeful Nazi monsters.

Added:  "How Mariupol will become a key hub of Eurasia integration" (Escobar).

This is good:  "4 provinces push ahead with plan to build small nuclear reactors to supply power".  I like Ontario's prudent current mix of energy sources, and they are planning to stop using natural gas, but it is going to take a while as it is the fuel used to cover periods of peak demand.  Big changes may have to wait for better energy storage technology.

"Press TV's Spotlight - Russia gas currency switch" (interview of Doctorow and Lazare on the ruble apocalypse).  'There will be no gas.'  I would really like to see a short cut-off to lead to the revolutions so Europeans can take out the Euro-trash/WEF-trash.  There is no excuse for this level of stupidity.  It is literally murderous.  Note Lazare on WWI!

"US Natural Gas Production and LNG Exports Amid Urgent Demand for LNG from Europe" (Richter):

"In terms of the US as a bigger supplier of LNG to Europe, well, at the moment, there is not a lot of excess capacity left in the US to export more LNG to anywhere. Major additional LNG shipments from the US to Europe would largely be a shift away from other customers. LNG export capacity continues to be ramped up in the US, and even though it’s already in progress, it still takes time. And ramping up export capacity further than is already being planned will take even more time."

"NATO-Russia Proxy War – Revealing Signs of a Fading America: Michael Hudson".  How do we get out of this without revolutions? Serious question.  There are no sane or competent leaders, and the stakes are high. They are literally endangering billions of people for Schwab and the billionaires.  This must stop, any way possible, and NOW!

"Russia Says Military Will Reduce Operations Around Kiev & Chernihiv After Positive Ceasefire Talks" (Durden).

"Time is ticking: Israel’s balancing act in Ukraine is likely to backfire" (Baroud).  I don't know, the Maxwell-style blackmail operations, plus the bribes, make for quite a bit of leeway with the Americans.  Maxwell still  fully controls the US:  "US Senators push bill opposing Palestinian mission in Jerusalem".

'Green' guns

"War in Ukraine Day 33: Warring Sides Slowly Advance on Front Lines While Kiev and Moscow to Renew Negotiations" and "In Video: Testimonies of Civilians in Mariupol" and "Restless Night in Ukraine: War Hotspots in Flames" and "Nazi Commanders Failed to Escape From Mariupol, as Russian, Dpr Advance Accelerated" (South Front).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Is Russia on the Ropes in Ukraine?" (Johnson).

"Nazi Ghost in the Center of Europe" (South Front).  Pretty good Russian propaganda, but the joke is on them, as they don't realize that according to Western 'leaders', the entire PMC, and all the Redditors and SJWs, Nazis are the greatest people who have ever lived, and a true inspiration to all.  It is so perfectly appropriate.

"Woman Found Tortured in School Basement "Military Base" in Mariupol" (Lancaster).

"The End Of "Azov"." (Martyanov).

The chutzpah of Rahm:  "Japan PM’s talk with US envoy in Hiroshima on Russian nuclear threat mocked for insulting A-bomb victims" (Changyue).

"Ukraine's Military Intelligence Chief Says "Total Guerrilla Warfare" Coming Next" (Anzalone).

"NY Times: "Frustrated" Putin Could Use Nukes in Ukraine" (Whitney).

"And What About Those Biolabs?" (Giraldi).

With a list of the lovely things the Empire was working on in Ukraine:  "The Destroyed Ukraine Bioagents: Dangerous or Benign?" (Kaye).

"Anti-Free Speech Germany Threatens Citizens With 3 YEARS In Prison For Using Letter ‘Z’".

"US doubts Ukraine poisoning claim – media". "Even US Denounces Bellingcat “Negotiation Poisoning” Claims as Conspiracy Theory Hoax" (Anglin).  "Ukraine - Smoke And Mirrors Around Poisonous Peace Talks" (Moon of Alabama).

"Total Collapse: India Says They’re Going to Get Rich Off Russian Sanctions While the West Starves" (Anglin).

"Ukraine and Middle Eastern Media: Western Masks are Off!" (Zinin).

"Europe Announces Russian Energy Dependence Until 2027 – Russia Says Rubles or Nothing" (Anglin).

"Pointing to Ukraine war, arms lobby pushes for 'sustainable' label".

A kind of music video on the liberation of  Mariupol:  "I Never Liked Tsoi Or Kino." (Martyanov).