Thursday, March 24, 2022

Raving lunatics

Harsh but fair: 

I'll bet he didn't expect this kind of reception!  I am a bit surprised that the Europeans were watching the truckers.

I just don't get these 'experts' who can't understand anything other than mass civilian slaughter, the one thing the Russians are trying not to do: "A platoon leader’s war – TTG".   So sue, wait five years, get an unenforceable judgment, all while freezing in the dark (or you could use bitcoin): This is a big assertion of solidarity:

"Clip Of Biden Boasting He Proposed NATO's 78-Day Airstrikes On Belgrade Goes Viral In China" (Durden). 

"Getting Away with Murder" (Giraldi).  Something can be a 'state secret' while not being a secret.  It is just another way to foster bad behavior.  "John Kiriakou: The US Plea Bargains for Its Crimes of Torture".  I think we all know that Americans are pretty much shit, but some are shittier than others.  The CIA are straight-up psychopaths.  Nuking Langley would be a blessing.

"So, what’s behind the US’ flip-flopping on the Iran nuclear deal?" (Ritter).  This is true.  Trump will rip  it up on Inauguration Day, for shekels.  I wonder how the negotiators plan on dealing with this.

"Quick update on the war in the Ukraine" (The Saker).

"Andrei Martyanov on “US Dollar and Kinzhal”".

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