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It will be interesting in a few months or weeks (days?) when American PR lies about Russian failure, necessary to continue the charade of pouring weapons into Ukraine, and thus bogging down Russia in an occupation, simply will no longer hold up to any scrutiny: 

"Tigray’s health system ‘totally collapsed’, say health workers" (Harter). 

"Faith leaders join McCollum in calling for end to child incarceration" (Wright).  Brave woman.

"How the Billionaire Class is Buying Washington" (Viable Opposition).

"Africa and the Collective West after the Start of Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine" (Pavlov).

"Michael Hudson, Katie Halper and Aaron Maté".  Note how easily Japan is being led to the slaughter!  Foolish 'leaders' are the spirit of the age!  "Japan takes more aggressive stance towards Russia, China" (McGrath).  

Sort of strange

A thread: 

The cancellers are still at work at Twitter:

"The Sweet Sound of Censorship: The Biden Administration Seeks the Perfect Pitch for Disinformation Governance" (Turley).  She's like a right-wing parody of a liberal totalitarian.

"Why has Turkey Closed its Skies for Russian Aircraft Bound for Syria?" (Kulikov).  Erdoğan continues his diplomatic high-wire act.

"While fueling Ukraine proxy war, NATO and EU are militarizing the Balkans" (Kallio).  Partly punishment for Serbia failing to follow the European party line of hating Russia, but mostly because the Empire and NATO want another Balkan war.

"Germany Considers Supplying Ukraine With Panzerhaubitze 2000 Heavy Howitzers (Video)" (South Front).

"Towards the Abyss" (Ishchenko)  Extremely detailed discussion of recent Ukrainian politics, which goes off the rails at the end when you realize this is an American-created conflict, and the discussion hardly touches America.  Indeed, Ishchenko seems to go purposefully obtuse when he discusses the failure of Americans to attempt diplomacy, calling it "sort of strange".

There another protest by deplorables in Ottawa this weekend, and the city has again lost its mind, but slight mockery is still allowed:  "Trudeau’s Storm Troopers" (Viva CLIPS!).


"Russian operation in Ukraine contributes to freeing world from Western oppression - Lavrov".  This is how most of the world sees it.

"Personal Notes of Commander of Ukrainian Azov Regiment (Photos)" (South Front).

"Chechen Soldier in Mariupol Recalls Moment Where He Saw Azov Battalion’s True Face".

"Media Are Now Whitewashing Nazis They Had Previously Condemned" (Moon of Alabama).

"Russian TV Is Talking Very Frankly About Nuclear War (While America Stands with Ukranus)" (Anglin).  I like 'Ukranus'.

Thus increasing the cost of food to Dutch consumers (if food is delivered at all):

"German parliament threatens Russia with war" (Schwarz).  Europe really needs to be picked up, slammed against the wall, and slapped around a bit.  Perhaps Russia could send an unarmed hypersonic missile into the middle of a sports stadium in a big European capital - a day without a game, and hopefully no casualties, but with a warning that the next one will be nuclear armed.  The completely irresponsible European 'leadership' has to stop.  This is exactly the same kind of 'leadership' that led directly to WWI.  Europeans say 'we won't make that mistake again!', and here we are.

"Poland Pushing the World toward World War III" (Armstrong).

"Canada dispatches heavy weaponry to Ukraine, while accusing Moscow of “genocide"" (Richter, Jordan).  The real leader of Canada is an actual Nazi.

"Ukraine and the Doomsday Machine – Larry Wilkerson and Paul Jay".  Both speakers have the standard Imperial comic book view that Putin is a madman, but the rest of it is fine.

Slow and uneven

Ha!:  "Russia-Ukraine war: US slams Putin’s ‘depravity’".  In the real world, the Russian operation has been so far about a billion times less depraved than any random Pentagon attack.  Also!:  "White House Says It Would "Strongly Support" Finland & Sweden NATO Membership".

"Preparation of Military Operation by NATO Countries and Ukraine Against Transnistria" (South Front).

An Empire is coming to an end:

The (((media))) is prepping the American public for some very bad news:  "Russia making ‘slow and uneven’ progress as military tries to fix problems that plagued early invasion, US officials say" (Cohen/Liebermann/Sciutto/Lillis).

"Ukraine war fails to nudge neutral Switzerland closer to NATO" (Falk).  A sane neutrality that has left you as one of the most desirable places to live in the world is not to be thrown away for a Pentagon/CIA stunt war to buy yachts for MIC executives while buying a few more years for an evil and decrepit Empire, all ostensibly to protect the sacred borders of Ukraine.

"Iran & China Declare Deepened Military Cooperation To Confront 'US Unilateralism'" (Durden).

"China's Colour Revolution Warning to the United States" (Viable Opposition).

Russia could, and should, fix this by giving Syria some S-400s:

"Is Twitter "Burning The Evidence" By Unshackling Conservative Accounts?" (Watson).  Twitter was much more crooked than anyone could imagine. 

As opposed to $33 billion to cause the problem:

"Retired Colonel Richard Black on the American role in Syria, Ukraine and the leadup to nuclear war" (Schiller Institute, i.e., LaRouchian).  Yet another senior American officer who knows what's what, in both Syria and Ukraine. Note the list of American atrocities in Syria.  Did the French sink the Moskva?

"The Alternative to The “Authoritarian New Normal”: Localization and Local Futures" (Todhunter).  Schwab, the political class, and their bosses, the billionaires, will still have an important role in this - as fertilizer.

New norms

Lira thread on Europe's grim, self-created future:

"Russia: Major Fire Erupts At Sakhalinskaya GRES-2 Thermal Power Plant In Sakhalin" (Ranjan).  Saboteurs running amok in Russia.

Spain has reached Polish IQ levels (to Algerian arch enemy, and awful shit country, Morocco, really?):  "Algeria Threatens to Cut Off Gas Exports to Spain Amid Rising Geopolitical Tensions" (Corbishley).

"Volodymyr Zelensky refused to be evacuated from Kyiv as Russian hitmen parachuted into capital":

"According to an account of the crisis given by presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych to TIME . . . "

Of course, he's been hiding in Poland for the last two months, with a few stunt visits to Kiev to meet Western 'leaders', and a lot of green screens. Polish cocaine must be really good.

"An Intellectual No-Fly Zone: Online Censorship of Ukraine Dissent Is Becoming the New Norm" (MacLeod).

A thread:

The money is to enrich the MIC; the rhetoric is out of impotence on the field of battle, as an Empire can't be seen as incapable of action. 

It's a miracle!  Not all Germans want to die a horrible death!:

"Open letter calls for a halt to German arms deliveries to Ukraine — RT DE". I found this letter a little tricky to find, no doubt due to search engine suppression.  Reddit refers to it, but censors the actual letter!  Here's a sane German open letter from 2014.  It is a darn shame that Germany is now led by blackmailed pervs.  Maybe the survivors of these letter writers can form the basis for a new German government and civilization amongst the smoldering ruins of Germany left by Scholz.

"Elon’s Latest Statements on His Master Plan" (Anglin).

What could possibly go wrong?

"US weapons supply to Ukraine prepped in January".  The Pentagon and the Democrats have an amazing crystal ball!

"Russians Steadily Advance in Donbass" (South Front).  With the Russians fairly tight lipped, and the Empire lying constantly to make the Ukrainian position look better than it is to keep the arms flowing to benefit the MIC, I suspect we will wake up one morning to find the Russians have instantly wiped out most of the Ukrainian Army.

The cannon fodder speak:  "In Video: Ukrainian Servicemen Who Survived in Izyum Area, Appealed to Their Commanders" (South Front).  It must be a living hell to be a Ukrainian soldier.  You can't leave, as some Nazi will shoot you.  If you stay, under constant Russian artillery fire, you just wait to die, unaware of when it will happen.  The only hope is to identify and kill all the Nazis, frag all the officers, and surrender.

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events on day 66". 

"Empire of Lies Eager to Receive Mr. Sarmat’s Business Card" (Escobar).  Various clarifying statements from Russian leaders.

"The Aggressors Accuse Russia of ‘Blackmail’ for Defending its Currency, Energy Wealth, and Even Its Existential Security" (Strategic Culture Foundation).

"Is It Really In Poland’s Best Interests To Reportedly Plot Western Ukraine’s Annexation?" (Korybko):

". . . the scenario of annexing Western Ukraine would actually result in the largest transfer of Polish wealth since the loss of the “Kresy” after World War II. Poland’s socio-economic stability will certainly suffer and perhaps be irreparably affected by such a radical redistribution of wealth to the millions of refugees within its territory and those folks living in Western Ukraine who’ll be the recipients of these astronomically large investments. That predictably being the case and considering everything else that was shared in this analysis, it’s contrary to Poland’s objective national interests to annex that chunk of Lenin’s unnatural mini-empire though it might still happen regardless."

Ukraine is such a seriously fucked up place that owning even a part of it is poison.  But the Poles are so consumed by hate, and, frankly, dumb, they will probably do it anyway.  A weakened Poland is a huge bonus.

"UKRAINE: The Realist Father of Poland’s Hawkish PM" (Krupka).  Modern science has identified a Pole with an IQ over 75, but he's dead.  I'm kidding about the Poles (sort of).

"Regarding Russia, Poland Needs To Grow Up" (Krupka).

"Can NATO Re-Arm Ukraine?" (Tweedie).  The only beneficiary of this is the MIC, and European and American taxpayers will foot the bill.

"Neo-Nazis Fighting for Ukraine Are Real and Other Updates" (Johnson).

I like Massie.  He is like Rand Paul if Rand Paul wasn't completely full of shit. 

A thread:

Paul's job is to make it appear that the Empire isn't an intellectual monolith.  After he does his thing, he then dutifully votes for the stupid anyway. 

Ha!:  "Putin’s ‘middle finger’ to the UN sends clear message to the West".  And talk about luck, they managed to off a Radio Liberty staffer, surely a legitimate military target.

"Ukraine’s Zelenskyy invited to G20 summit to be attended by Putin".  Indonesia has done an excellent job with the diplomacy here.

Small-brained PMCs go with the flow:

In the Empire, fraternal solidarity is incomprehensible, but it is normal, sane practice in the Resistance: 

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Free gas

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events on day 65". 

The woman Brandon picked to be Big Brother is a special kind of monster:

"Here’s Everything the Media Won’t Tell You About Nina Jankowicz, Biden’s New Minister of Truth" (revolver). "Irregular migration"!

"Watch: Biden's New 'Disinfo' Queen Goes Full 'Libs Of TikTok'" (Durden).

A thread: 

"What Can Be better Than Stealing?" (Martyanov).

"Gas Flares: Europe Has a Hissy, Flails About as Russia Imposes Gas Payment Countersanctions and Economies Already Feel Blowback Bite" (Smith):

"If you take the war out of the picture, this matter would otherwise be a pretty routine commercial dispute: “You stiffed me on some (actually really big) payments. Rather than argue about that, I’m requiring a minor change in payment arrangements to prevent that from happening.”

But the screeching from Europe was astonishing. You’d think they believed they had the right to have Russia send them gas for free."

"Anatoliy Shariy – Embargo Failure" (The Saker).  It seems if you put a drop of oil from a non-Russian source in a tanker full of Russian oil, some European countries won't see the tanker as containing Russian oil.

You can whine all you want, but when you look at the end of the pipeline, and no gas is coming out, you can meet Russia's terms, or do without the gas.  There isn't another option. 

Sucking hard on the copium pipe:  "Russia’s gas blackmail: Putin is bringing a knife to a gun fight" (Hess). 

"A New Gold Standard? Kremlin Confirms Intention To Back Ruble With Gold And Commodities" (Manly):

"EAEU. SCO. BRICS. Three and a half billion people. And now a gold and commodity backed ruble. Something for the Western media to ponder."

"Svetlana Picta interviews Yriy Podolyaka about Transnistria Conflict" (The Saker).  Actually, the interview covers the whole war.

"Mercenaries in Ukraine thank Israeli government" (Winstanley).  I'm loving the JudeoNazi-Nazi fusion.

Outgunned and outnumbered

"Open thread for today and a few notes" (The Saker);

"From Russ-Warrior we have these surprising statistics:

  • So far the Russian Army has used for its special military operation in #Ukraine:
  • 12% of its soldiers (total includes trained draftees)
  • 10% of its fighter jets
  • 7% of its tanks
  • 5% of its missiles
  • 4% of its artillery
  • And keeps advancing on a daily basis."

"Putin warned he will be 'outgunned and outnumbered' by UK and NATO" (Bloom/Ford). It sure is different to watch the pathetic peanut gallery for this proxy war.

"Ukraine - Doubling Down" (Moon of Alabama). 

"Coach Red Shil" (Johnson).  Johnson is the American white nationalist who has broken with the alt right in supporting Ukraine, probably because Putin is such a dedicated multi-nationalist, i.e., not racist enough, and, of course, the Ukrainians are literally being led by actual Nazis.

Probably not the time to start a war with Russia, even if the neocons are pushing for it!:  "Moldova says no alternative to Russian gas".

"Trump Was Right: Putin's Gas Strategy Gives Germany Only Bad & Worse Choices" (Durden).  Scholz must be a terrible, terrible pervert, and the neocons have the tapes.  I'm sorry, there is no other possible explanation.  Nobody can be this stupid.  Every time I think about what he has done, I can't believe it.

"The Shelling of the Sokol Market in Donetsk" (Chambers).  It is a time when the Ukrainian army should be worried about basic self-preservation, but their blood lust to kill civilians keeps distracting them.

Above your pay grade

Excellent coverage of the issue:  ''Ukraine, Romania, Moldova ... vs. Transnistria: A WW III Scenario" (Redmayne-Titley). 

"Naryshkin: Russia Anticipates Poland Will Send Troops to W. Ukraine" (Hyphen Pajeet).

"Russia Unable to Fight Another War After Catastrophic Military Losses?" (Johnson).

"Letters From Moscow Across the Class Divide" (HCE).

"All Hail Gonzalo Lira! (And How They Are Lying To Us Relentlessly About Ukraine)" (Delingpole).

The Crackdown:

  1. "Good God, US Humanities "Product"." (Martyanov, with a particularly good Tucker Carlson rant);
  2. "Can the Ukraine Win the War Against Free Speech?" (Anglin);
  3. "PayPal Blocks Multiple Alternative Media Figures Critical Of US Empire Narratives" (Johnstone).

Watch the video (the context being that Ritter was 100% right, and Asshole Brandon 100% wrong, with absolutely massive negative consequences for the US):

A thread:   

A thread:

A thread:

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 Lira back on YouTube:  "EU ? Ruled by KLEPTOCRATS ! - Gonzalo Lira".

Beginning of the end

"Sitrep: Operation Z" (Nightvision):

"Now the most important thing to understand is that all of these escalations are happening for one reason only, and that is: Russia is completely annihilating the Ukrainian armed forces in the Donbass. It is going even more horrifically for the AFU than many imagined. Here are some new videos just from the past day or two alone showing not only possibly hundreds of losses in KIA but new mass surrenders as well:

Today’s mass surrender:

Huge losses (18+):

These are unsustainable losses – the AFU is getting crushed and obliterated and the long awaited heavier Russian offensive has not even started yet. It’s getting so bad that even the most infamous pro-western sources are becoming extremely worried . . . "

"Andrei Martyanov: They are terrified when seeing this banner" (Martyanov).

30% more

Poles are famously dumb: 

Thirty per cent is a small proce to pay to protect the sacred borders of Ukraine. Oh, wait!

I seek refuge with God from the accursed devil.

"German Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly To Send 'Heavy & Complex Weapons' To Ukraine" (Durden):

"In light of this, it's worth revisiting some of Scholz's own words from last week: "To avoid an escalation towards NATO is a top priority for me," and "That's why I don't focus on polls or let myself be irritated by shrill calls. The consequences of an error would be dramatic." Despite Germany's complete reversal, this is still truer than ever."

"Is President Biden OK?" (Durden). 

"Biden's Mammoth $33BN Ukraine Package Includes Help With Wartime Propaganda" (Durden).  Note the tweet at the end.

"The West Misled the Public on Russia’s War Strategy, and the Results Are Starting to show in Donbass" (The Silksworth Post):

"The events in Donbass appear to have caught prominent western military analysts by surprise, who were otherwise quick to affirm an inevitable Russian failure. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) a known pessimist, was forced to concede on April 27th that Russia was making a “sounder pattern of operational movement” in Donbass and was even forced to admit that Ukrainian defenses in the north of the region were disorganized. Although the ISW continues to maintain that a broader Russian encirclement of the Ukrainian army won’t happen, it is difficult to see how Ukraine is going to turn the tide on this situation even with western support because they simply do not have the geographic advantage. Russia is gaining in the region every single day.

This speaks volumes about Russia’s strategy. When Moscow announced that it was withdrawing from the North and focusing on Donbass, this was marketed as a retreat and a failure, but on closer inspection it appears that the assault on this region was carefully planned in a logical sequence of preparatory steps. There is growing evidence that Russia used the previous stages of the war to prepare strategic ground for this one. Some people might have questioned: Why did Moscow not just charge into Donbass straight away? And seemingly went for Kyiv? And that’s a good question, and the answer is because with the highest concentration of Ukrainian forces there, “their best trained troops” as frequently eluded to, Russia would not have had the battlefield advantages or positions to push them back which they do now.

Before Russia proceeded with its current offensive on Donbass, it first undertaken a process of “shaping the battlefield” which involved distracting Ukraine by invading the North of the country (even if there was a hope Kyiv could be quickly encircled). As these multiple axis’ were opened, Russia then proceeded to invade from Crimea and seize Kherson oblast (to prevent a pre-emptive Ukrainian attack on the peninsula) and advanced into Zaporizhzhia (setting up a Southern launchpad). Mariupol was then encircled and cut off. These multiple fronts being opened allowed Russia to then invade Kharkiv and Luhansk Oblasts, which they then developed into a Northern flank with the capture of Izyum.

It is worth noting that at no stage of doing this did Russia attempt to storm through the fortified Ukraine lines surrounding the area of Donestk, the area which was most combat ready and long term prepared for an attack. That area remains relatively unchanged throughout the war. Instead, the bigger picture has been to outflank them from their rear from both the North and South in the view to a strategic encirclement. It is plainly obvious that Russia sees this effort as the defining battle and moment of the war and of course, so does the west, but that’s not what they’ve told their public. They’ve mislead people that these preparatory stages were in fact little more than an aborted operation to quickly seize the entire country and have shifted the goalposts from the reality that Donbass was always one of the biggest prizes."

"The Tao of Vladimir Putin" (Macfarlane). 

"Nasrallah: the Liberation of Palestine is Imminent". 

"The OAS, or the ‘Ministry of Colonies’" (Pierre).

"On Ukraine, Turkey Walks Fine Line Between NATO, Russia" (Murrow).

"Turkey extradites Hamas members to Israel". This is a heavy duty decision, as Turkey cozying up to Israel is prevailing over the natural Muslim Brotherhood connections of Erdoğan's own party.

Break the back

Four billion here, four billion there, but that was just the appetizer: 

"Watch Live: President Biden Explains Why Ukraine Needs Another $33 Billion Of US Taxpayer Money" (Durden):

"We have one quick question - how many billions of dollars does it take to turn a 'proxy' war into a 'direct conflict'?

As Politico's Christopher Miller noted, this proposal "dwarfs the annual defense budgets of most nations."

Europe, the Americans are just laughing at you at this point, and why not?: "Biden to Visit Lockheed Martin Alabama Facility Producing Javelin Missiles" (DeCamp).

"Europe's Inner Demons" (Aurelien):

"In the absence of a perceived foreign enemy for the first time, Europe tried to make enemies out of ideas and abstractions. Nationalism was bad, extremism was bad, something called “autocracy” was bad, something called “populism” was bad, discrimination was bad. And so on. Like the medieval Papacy, Europe was largely obsessed with an internal ideological and normative struggle against its “inner demons," in Norman Cohn’s famous phrase, and its own heretics. (You could be burned at the stake, after all, for doubting the doctrine of the Real Presence: many were.) You can’t fight abstractions, now or then, only those who you say support them. Just as you couldn’t “fight communism” in the Cold War, but only imprison or kill those you identified as communists, so you can’t “fight discrimination"; you can only personally target individuals you disapprove of. So if the old fault lines of Europe, between the religious and the secular, tradition and modernism, democracy and elite rule, had become blurred almost to invisibility, new ones appeared; but less anchored to communities and territories, more abstract and ideological. In effect, Europe was fighting itself, as of course it had regularly done throughout history, when not confronted with a foreign enemy.

The situation resembled the build-up of pressure in a container. If we accept the interpretation of politics as dependent upon the interaction of forces, then it’s clear the build-up of centripetal pressure in Europe had already reached the point where it threatened to burst the European container. There was already a dormant civil war brewing between technocratic European elites with their bloodless, managerial supranationalist agenda, and the practical concerns of ordinary people and traditional communities. There have been comparable tensions before, and to some extent, the last time they appeared, they were bled off in the form of colonial wars. It’s not an accident that the decades of peace in Europe from 1870 to 1914 were also the decades of colonialism, nor that revolutions and civil wars broke out immediately after (even during) a Great War that settled nothing.

The French anthropologist René Girard developed a theory of “mimetic violence," in which internal tensions within a society will naturally escalate towards apocalyptic violence unless a mutually acceptable scapegoat can be found, whose killing will temporarily bring a de-escalation of mimetic competition. Interestingly, his final work was a book on Clausewitz, in which he argued that Clausewitz had, in the first chapter of On War foreseen the escalation of conflict into total apocalypse if it was allowed to get out of control. From the viewpoint of 2007, Girard argued that it was possible that this process was already under way, leading potentially to “an end to Europe, to the western world, and the world as a whole.” The tension between the attempt to create a bland, constricting, homogenous Europe where everyone is exactly alike, and the human desire of individuals to be different, has created the kind of unbearable tension that Girard was describing. We’ve seen what these internal tensions can lead to, most recently in the mutual hate-fest that is the management of the Covid crisis. For the moment, these tensions and the hate they engendered has been externalised against Russia and Russians. But that’s not going to last. Who’s next? What’s next?"

I dunno, I think the Euro-trash is just being bribed and blackmailed by the Empire. 

"Ukraine: How the US Empire Uses Propaganda to Turn People Into Monsters" (Shea).

"Russian rouble to be currency in occupied Ukraine: Administrator".

"Pepe Escobar and Danny Haiphong; Russia, China, and the Post-Dollar World" (Escobar is on for the first hour; the rest is mostly a Musk and Twitter discussion by Haiphong).

"The Guns of April" (WSWS Editorial Board):

"The pretense that the US and NATO are not at war with Russia has also “melted away.” Former US Army Europe Commander Ben Hodges stated on Sunday that the US aim in the conflict was “breaking the back” of Russia. 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responded, accusing the United States of pressuring the Ukrainian government to sabotage peace talks and of conducting a proxy war in Ukraine. He warned that there was a “serious, real” danger of nuclear war. Austin dismissed Lavrov’s warning as “dangerous and unhelpful.” 

What nonsense! Washington assembles a war camp and states that it aims to “break the back” of Russia. When Russia responds that such language and goals raise the danger of nuclear war, Washington declares this to be … unhelpful. "

Fantasy, fabrication, fatuousness and fulmination

You'd think the priority of the Ukrainian Army might be to fight Russians, perhaps preparing for the coming Russian onslaught, rather than slaughter Ukrainian civilians,  but you would be wrong: 

"Oil Spikes After EU Says Russian Embargo 'Imminent' As Germany Drops Opposition" (Durden).

Remember how I said it would be a couple days before Scholz collapsed again?  I was horribly incorrect.  It was about 24 hours!  "Germany flips on sending arms to Ukraine, lawmakers overwhelmingly approve heavy weaponry shipment" (McFall).  Why don't the Germans just cut out the middle steps and agree to commit mass suicide right now?  It would be good for the environment.  You can leave the place to the tender mercies of the refugees.

Another solid American foreign policy expert who nobody listens to:  "Michael Brenner: American Dissent on Ukraine Is Dying in Darkness" (Sheer interview):
"And he is, Putin himself, an extraordinarily sophisticated thinker. But people don’t bother to read what he writes, or to listen to what he says.

I know, in fact, of no national leader that has laid out in the detail and the precision and the sophistication his view of the world, Russia’s place in it, the character of interstate relations, with the candor and acuity that he has. It’s not a question of whether you believe that that depiction he offers is entirely correct, or the conclusion that he draws from it, with regard to policy. But you are dealing with a person and a regime which in vital respects is the antithesis of the one that is caricatured and almost universally accepted, not only in the Biden administration but in the foreign policy community and the political class, and in general.

And that raises some really basic questions about us, rather than about Russia or about Putin. As you mentioned, the question was: what is it that we’re afraid of? Why do Americans feel so threatened, so anxious? I mean, by contrast in the Cold War—I mean, there was a powerful enemy, ideological, military in some sense, with all the qualifications and nuances [unclear]. But that was the reality then; that was a reality which was, one, the focal point for national leaders who were serious people, and responsible people. Second, that could be used to justify actions highly dubious, but at least could be used to justify, such as our interventions all around the so-called Third World, and even the great, tragic folly of Vietnam.

What is there today that really threatens us? At the horizon, of course, there is China, not Russia; although they now, thanks to our unwitting encouragement, have formed together a formidable bloc. But I mean, even the Chinese challenge is to our supremacy and our hegemony, not to the country directly [unclear]. So the second question is, what is so compelling about the maintenance and the defense of a conception of the United States of America’s providential birth admission in the world that compels us to view people like Putin as being diabolical, and as constituting as grave a threat to America as Stalin and Hitler, whose names constantly crop up, as well as ridiculous phrases like genocide and so on.

So I mean, once again, I think we have to look in the mirror and say, well, we’ve seen—[unclear] the source of our disquiet, and it’s within us; it’s not out there, and it is leading to gross distortions of the way in which we see, we depict and we interpret the world, all across the board. By which I mean geographically and in terms of sort of different arenas and dimensions of international relations. And of course, continuing along this course can only have one endpoint, and that’s disaster of some form or other."
What could possibly go wrong?:  "UK’s Liz Truss: NATO should protect Taiwan too" (Gallardo).

Schrödinger euros

"War in Ukraine Day 63: Wretched Pro-Kyiv Forces Launch Ballistic Missile Strikes on Cities in East and South of Ukraine" and "Military Situation on Donetsk Front on 28 April 2022 and Forecast of Conflict’s Development" and "Ukrainian Army Shelled Sokol Market in Kirovsky District of Donetsk, DPR (Photo, Video 18+)" (South Front). 

"The Schrödinger euros" (Vilches).

"Ukraine Says Russia Increasing Pace Of Attack In "Almost All Directions"" (Durden). 

"President Putin met with members of the Council of Lawmakers".  His speeches are always crisp, which is odd for somebody who is supposed to be on death's door according the American PR.

The War Party’s Dictates

It is funny how much honest reporting came out of eastern Ukraine before the lying (((media))) knew The Narrative, and then altered or ignored the original story to fit The Narrative:

Haass has laid down the law for the US, Ukraine and Europe:  "The War Party’s Dictates on the Ukraine War" (Enzweiler)

"Everything You Know About Ukraine Is WRONG" (Boy Boy).

"Russian media today, 28 April 2022" (Doctorow):

"In fulfillment of my mission to bring to Western readers news items of particular importance in Russian media about which they otherwise would likely be clueless, I direct attention to information released on the Interfax website and carried by and other major Russian news portals:   the head of Russian External Intelligence (SVR), Sergei Naryshkin, has spoken out about Poland’s plans to take control of part of the territory of Ukraine.

According to SVR, Poland is coordinating this issue with the United States. The idea is to establish military and political control by Warsaw over the “its historic territories” which today fall within the boundaries of Ukraine. Poland would introduce its troops into the Western regions of the country under cover of a mission to “protect the territory from Russian aggression.”  Eventually this would be expected to lead to a partition of Ukraine. The Poles would install a friendly government in the territory they control, ousting the Ukrainian nationalists."

"US weapons, European supplicants block peace in Ukraine" (Maté interview of Sakwa).

Strange diplomacy

"Fierce Battles and Slow Progress on Front Lines in Ukraine" (South Front).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events on day 64". 

"West turned to 'terror' against Russia – Putin".  "Minister backs Ukraine carrying out Russia strikes with British weapons" (Elgot).  I suppose people would finally forget about Johnson's party problems if London was nuked.

"US Intel Helped Ukraine Shoot Down Russian Plane Carrying "Hundreds" Of Paratroopers" (Durden).

One of the necessary conditions of Russia's ability to act against Ukraine was having better nuclear delivery systems:  "Dicks Out for Harambe: Putin Warns ZOG of “Lightning Fast” Missile Strikes If They Invade the Ukraine" (Anglin).  I vehemently disagree with this, as NATO is just a paper tiger, and Russia is only deploying a small amount of its available forces:  "Russia does not have the ability to fight the entire NATO army."

Neocon 'analysis'/wishful thinking:, a thread:

A thread:

"Western media today, 28 April 2022" (Doctorow).  Again, Russia turning the tables on Europe, in a huge way, represents the basic incompetence of European officials. They appear to be completely blindsided by everything.

A thread: 

You'd think the Swiss would have one of their famous referendums if the country's 'leaders' lost their minds and decided to give up  its cherished and successful principle of  neutrality:  "Swiss OK agreement on classified information exchange with NATO".  Out of nowhere, Zurich is now a nuclear target.  Has this improved the lives of the Swiss?  And all for the crumbs off the NATO procurement table.

Brilliant Euro-trash 'leaders':  "Once bound by trade, China-EU honeymoon sours over Ukraine war" (Fulco).  The Euro-trash 'leaders' had one, and only one, possible choice, China-Russia, but they were too corrupt and stupid to make it.  "In confrontational message to Beijing, Liz Truss warns of economic retaliation if China fails to ‘play by rules’" (Woodcock).

"On the OSCE’s claims of Russian war crimes" (Bartlett).  The Russians are fighting an exemplary war in the way they are treating civilians; on the other hand the Nazis are nothing short of Pure Evil, and their main trick is committing terrible war crimes against Russia-friendly civilians and false-flagging Russia with them.  How much of their Pure Evil is due to them being street thug Nazis, and how much because they are the proxy army for the most Pure Evil country in the world?

"“Those Who Cannot Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It.”" (Johnson).  It is difficult not to  notice that a lot of the Russian self-confidence comes directly out of surviving the privations of WWII.  Of course, the Americans have engaged in simply massive stolen valor by taking credit for Russian acts.

"Larry Johnson Sent Me This Link." (Martyanov).

The Rubinstein thread on DSA warmongering has been updated through input to seem a little less damning.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

What’s left of international law

"What if Russia Wins Its War Against Ukraine" (Bandow).  There is absolutely no evidence that Russia had to 'regroup'.  Saying so just follows the Imperial line.  Kiev was attacked for strategic reasons that were a success.

World historical incompetence.  Even if they can be allowed to ruin Europe, as some kind of weird atonement for colonialism, they cannot be forgiven for dooming perhaps millions of human beings to starvation, all so they can feel good about their themselves (and avoid the release of the blackmail tapes): 

The DSA's socialist principled stance in favor of world nuclear annihilation, a thread: 

"Political West mulls reshaping UN and what’s left of international law" (Bosnic).

Horrible, horrible monster, beneath contempt:

This is great: 

Horrible dangers

"Jaishankar Calls Out Europe’s Selective Concern on Rules-Based Order" (Scofield).  Note the 1971 incident where Russia saved India's bacon from the Empire.  You don't forget things like that.

"So, The Punishment Starts In Earnest." (Martyanov),

"Putin warns the US to back off in Ukraine" (Bhadrakumar).

"Message to the Saker Community from Andrei".

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Kiev’s Actions Receiving Tough Responses From the Russian Army" (South Front).

"Multiple Attacks Reported in Moldova’s Breakaway Region of Transnistria" (DeCamp).

Much of the spirit of National Socialism moved to Israel after WWII, but a lot of it hung around in Europe, waiting to reawaken:  "Finland and Sweden prepare to join NATO" (Shilton).  I imagine the famous social welfare programs of Scandinavia will have to be pared back to buy F-35s, etc., from the Empire's MIC.

"US ready to accept neutral Ukraine".  Blinken said this, which nobody believes, as Austin went too far in Kiev in saying the quiet part out loud.  There is no chance Ukraine will be allowed to negotiate anything.  The Empire turns on this war.

We know this to be true:  "Rand Paul claims Biden pushed Putin into invading Ukraine by supporting its bid to join NATO in tense hearing with Secretary of State Antony Blinken" (Crilly).

"The horrible dangers of pushing a US proxy war in Ukraine" (Lieven) (good analysis, ruined by the goofy statement in red, but Lieven definitely seems to have neocon tendencies; to be fair, maybe he is trying to 'fit in' with normal American warmongering):

"During his visit to Kiev this week, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated that the U.S. wants to see “Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine.” On the same day, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared on Russian television that by supplying Ukraine with heavy weaponry, NATO is now “in essence” involved in a proxy war with Russia.

Lavrov compared the situation in terms of nuclear danger to the Cuban missile crisis. We might do well to remember in this context how very close humanity came to nuclear annihilation in the fall of 1962. At one point, the fate of the world depended on the wisdom and caution of just one Soviet naval officer on board a nuclear attack submarine: Commander (later Admiral) Vassily Arkhipov (the character played by Liam Neeson in the film about the nuclear accident the previous year on the submarine K-19, of which Arkhipov had been the executive officer).

Two of Lloyd Austin’s remarks are especially worth examining in some detail. The first is that weakening Russia is necessary in order to prevent it repeating its invasion of Ukraine elsewhere. This statement is either meaningless, hypocritical, or both. There is no sign that Russia wants to or indeed could invade any other countries. As far as an attack on NATO is concerned, the miserable performance of the Russian military in Ukraine should have made absolutely clear that this is a fatuous chimera. If Russia cannot capture cities less than 20 miles from Russia’s own border, the idea of an attack on NATO is ludicrous.

As far as Georgia, Moldova and Belarus are concerned, it already holds the positions it needs in these countries. Russia’s military presence in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh is at the request of the Armenians themselves, and is indeed essential to protect them against Turkey and Azerbaijan. When it comes to combating Islamist extremism in Central Asia and elsewhere, Russia’s interests and those of the West are in fact aligned. 

Lloyd Austin also stated that U.S. officials believe that Ukraine can “win” the war with Russia given the right equipment and support from the West. The question is what “winning” means.  If it means preserving Ukrainian independence, freedom to join the European Union, and sovereignty over the great majority of Ukrainian territory, then this is a legitimate and necessary goal. Indeed, thanks to Ukrainian courage and Western weaponry, it has already to a great extent been achieved.

Moscow’s original goal of overthrowing the Ukrainian government and subjugating the whole of Ukraine failed utterly. Given the losses that the Russian military has suffered, it seems highly unlikely that Russia can capture any more large Ukrainian cities, let alone conquer the whole of Ukraine."

I feel that we are one big event - perhaps a big political assassination - from the dam breaking.

A level of brutish primitiveness that we can hardly imagine

"War in Ukraine Day 62: Armed Forces of Ukraine Suffer Losses. Russian Units Continue Their Offensive" (South Front).

"Ukrainian Attacks on Russian Territory Intensify" (South Front).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events on day 63".

"Germany to Supply Ukraine With Dozens of Radar-Guided Anti-aircraft Guns" (South Front).  "Politico: "Germany approves tank sales to Ukraine, bowing to pressure"" (Moon of Alabama).  It is nice to see Switzerland return to its successful neutrality, even if it is part of a political stunt with Germany.  The problem with Germany - and it may be a civilization-ending problem - is that each step just seems to serve as the new baseline for further neocon/Schwab demands, which Scholz can only withstand for a couple days before complete capitulation.  And so on.


"Four European Gas Buyers Fold To Russian Demands, Pay For Gas In Rubles" (Durden). 

"Russia Says It Destroyed "Large Batch" Of Western Weapons With Ship-Launched Missiles" (Durden). 

Liberal pets have no agency, and hence have no moral or legal responsibility for anything they do, no matter how horrible, and Azov is a liberal pet:

The shadowbanning and other trickery by the Twitter thugs was enormous:  "NY Post: Conservatives See Huge Spikes In Twitter Followers After Elon Musk Takeover" ('Hunter Wallace').  "Look Who Just Got Back Today – Them Wild-Eyed Boys Who’d Been Away" (Anglin).

"President Putin and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: Meeting".  The Kosovo precedent..

"Now, let us talk peace" (Corbyn).  Unless Ze is assassinated, there is zero chance of a negotiated peace.  Russia is just going to have to complete its plans, and leave.