Saturday, April 09, 2022

Hunger, banditry and chaos

"War in Ukraine Day 44: Overview of Military Developments on Donbass Front Lines (18+)" and "The Battle for Mariupol Is Heating Up" and "First Footage From Seaport of Mariupol: Russian Forces Gained Strategic Position, Secure Evacuation of International Crews" and "In Video: Civilians From Mariupol Urge to Judge Azov Militants (Video)" (South Front). 

"The Total War to Cancel Russia" (Escobar): a quote from Oleg Makarenko:

"“Europe has chosen its fate. And chose fate for Russia. What you are seeing now is the death of Europe. Even if it does not come to nuclear strikes on industrial centers, Europe is doomed. In a situation where European industry is left without cheap Russian energy sources and raw materials – and China will begin to receive these same energy carriers and raw materials at a discount, there can be no talk of any real competition with China from Europe. As a result, literally everything will collapse there – after industry, agriculture will collapse, welfare and social security will collapse, hunger, banditry and chaos will begin.”"

In other words, Europe's immediate and short term problems are Heaven compared to the Hell unleashed by its 'leaders' in the long-term.  It looks like we'll have to wait for the "hunger, banditry and chaos" before Europeans wake up enough to take out the Euro-trash, by which time it will be far too late to save Europeans from a century of misery and death, a fate that was a completely voluntary and unnecessary choice by its 'leaders'.  On the bright side, this will solve the 'immigration problem', as nobody will be able to live in Europe, and certainly nobody would want to move there.

"Big Prize, To Keep Your Eyes On." (Martyanov). 

"US lawmakers welcomed notorious Georgian warlord now boasting of war crimes in Ukraine" (Rubinstein).

A thread by Serge on the Ukrainian attack on civilians in Kramatorsk.

Some re-typed NATO propaganda:  "Survivors Describe the Russian Atrocities in Bucha" (Esch/Schröder).

"Phone Call Records Appear to Cast Doubt on Ukrainian Claims of Russian Atrocities".

"More Evidence That Ukraine Fired The Missile Which Killed Dozens In Kramatorsk" (Moon of Alabama).

"McMaken: The "Rules-Based International Order" Is Dead... Washington Killed It". 

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