Saturday, May 14, 2022

Defense Politics Asia

Thanks to the comment of Dedwengles I watched this superb map analysis, by far the best analysis I've seen with the best considered map:  "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 79 (13/5) Summary - Resupply to Zolote endangered w fall of Oleksandropillya" from Defense Politics Asia.  In most map analysis the maps are almost illegible, and are based on unprocessed rumors.  This is the opposite of that, boiling down and weighing rumors and videos from both sides.

Here's his self-described 'rant' on that notorious pontoon bridge conflict:  "[ Luhansk Front ] Ukrainian Forces destroy pontoon bridge near Bilohorivka - explained."  Note the comment at the end that Russia is holding the lands it captures as it immediately supplies humanitarian aid in a systematic and well organized manner to the civilians in the captured areas, the exact opposite of typical American smash and run behavior in war.

Defense Politics Asia looks like to go to for map analysis.

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