Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Incendiaries, flechettes, drones

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 91". 

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 87-88 (21-22/5) Summary - Rumors: Polish troops? Ukr massing in the South?" and "[ BROKEN NEWS ] Hungary declares State of Emergency... for no reasons whatsoever" and "[ Bakhmut Front ] Russian forces captured Svitlodarsk, Myronivskyi and Vidrodzhennya" (note the Ukrainians tried to blow up their own dam, which would have caused mass casualties of their own people, all in a desperate attempt to stave off the Russians) (Defense Politics Asia).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 20.05.2022" and "Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 21.05.2022" and "Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 22.05.2022" and "Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 23.05.2022" and "Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 24.05.2022" {Military Analysis).

We can see over the last four or five days the Russians setting up for their current accelerated successes.

"Back To The Russia Ukraine War Frontline Villages (As Promised)" and "Ukraine Fires Incendiary(Phosphorus) shells On Civilian Homes says Residents" and "Frontline Battle Rages For Control Of Donbass In The Ukraine - Russia War(Special Report Under Fire)" (Lancaster).  The first is distributing food, the second contains testimony that Ukraine is using incendiaries on civilians, and the third is classic 'Panic' Lancaster, hiding from a Ukrainian drone, and ending with evidence that Ukraine is using flechettes (something the Lügenpresse is accusing Russia of).

More to come, as I dig out from under.

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