Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Patriotic education

"NATO vs Russia: What Happens Next" (Escobar).

"A new war is being prepared for after the defeat in the face of Russia" (Meyssan).
"Russia to Reach Record Trade Surplus – The West’s Financial War Has Failed" (Araujo).  "Russian oil shipments hit record high".  "Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Latest Statements on Relations With the West" (South Front).

"Andrei Martyanov: Austin about VSU, some facts from the front, larger geopolitical issues. ISR, targeting.".

"Military Crisis Donbass, Ukraine Admits Heavy Losses, Arguments about Resuming Peace Talks in DC" and "UK Media Says Russia 'Close to Major Victory' in Donbass, Western Unity Crumbles in Davos" (Mercouris).

"Battle for Liman and Liberation of Svetlodarsk. Situation in Morning of May 24 (Video, Photos)" (South Front).

"Sitrep Operation Z: Yes, it is ‘The Grind’" (Saker Staff).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Slow and Steady, Russia Continues to Move Forward" and "Ukrainian Servicemen Refuse to Fight and Leave Their Positions Left and Right (Videos)" (South Front).

"Only the Most Extremist Foreign Fighters Now Entering Ukraine to Fight Russians" (Antonopoulos).

"Leaked Videos Reveal Patriotic Education of Children by Azov Nazis in Ukraine (Videos 18+)" (South Front).

"Debating Scott Ritter" and "The Truth About the $40 Billion Ostensibly Being Spent to Arm Ukraine" (Johnson).

I'm wondering how the Empire is going to spin the $40 billion when it becomes impossible to maintain the illusion that Ukraine has a chance to win.  It is real money, going into real pockets, but obviously, from a political point of view, completely wasted, and wasted just at the turn to the obvious inevitability of Russia's winning.  You can see why Congress was in such a hurry to pass it..

"What's The Deal With The US Four-Star Generals?" and "A Profound LOL..." (Martyanov).

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