Saturday, May 21, 2022


No power here so I can't complete posting, but I'm posting on a phone and will try to fix it tomorrow morning, assuming internet wire isn't also down.

Every paragraph of this article, written by some of the world's finest 'journalists', is hilarious:  "Russia’s claim of Mariupol’s capture fuels concern for POWS" ( Becatoros/Stashevskyi/McQuillan).  Russia is going to rebuild Mariupol as a showcase city dedicated to the processing of the hydrocarbons under local waters.

"Russian Media Says Head Of Azov In Custody After 2,439 Total Fighters Surrender At Steel Plant" (Durden).

"Russia Says Luhansk Under Full Control Soon, US Considers Supplies of Anti-Ship Missiles to Ukraine" (Mercouris).

After the Russian victory, I wonder if there will be an attempt by the (((media))) to walk back some of the insane glorification of National Socialism.

"In the wake of Russian victory in Mariupol" (Bhadrakumar).  I think Putin now wants the entire south, across to Odessa, now that the liberation of the Dombas from the Nazis is guaranteed.  Odessa has an historical connection as a 'Russian' city, and is of course the place where the martyrs of Odessa were murdered.  In addition, constructing a land blockade to the sea is much more effective than a sea blockade, which may even attract NATO intervention, while land-locked Ukraine can be easily coerced into staying neutral and passive by threats to cut if off from the sea merely by enforcement of Russian customs regulations.  After the most important part of the Ukrainian army is wrecked in the east, it should be relatively easy to fully secure the south, on the existing front lines, just extended west to Transnistria.  The biggest problem from this war for Russia is ensuring compliance from Ukraine, a country which has proven itself unable to keep any agreement, and this land blockade would neatly solve the issue, while gaining some nice treasure for Russia to compensate it for having to fight the war.

"Operation Z – Dumb Bombs Go to School" (Smith).

Fixing the homelessness problem by giving the homeless a 'home' in jail (you'd think it would be cheaper just to give them real housing rather than pay the outrageous prices of corporate prison companies, but where's the fun, and profit, in that?):

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