Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Real losses

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 25.05.2022" (Military Summary).  Retreat and roads.

"[ Popasna Front ] Russian forces captured Bilohorivka & Nahirne; Bakhmut-Lysychansk route broken" (Defense Politics Asia).

Does the ease with which Russia is making these strategic moves represent a overall superiority in Russian strategists over the presumably NATO/US/UK planners calling the shots for Ukraine?  If so, NATO is in really big trouble (and Sweden and Finland, sticking their necks out for 'protection', look even dumber).

"Azov Criminals to Face Trial in Donetsk People’s Republic" (South Front).  I wonder if some of the Nazis will be executed.  This is better optics for Russia as well.  After all, it is the people of eastern Ukraine who have suffered at the hands of these monsters, so it is fitting that they mete out the justice.

"Russian Strikes Destroyed Motor Sich Plant in Ukraine (Video)" (South Front).  Now this is really hilarious.  The crooks in Kiev stole the plant from its Chinese owners:  "Ukrainian Court Seizes Aerospace Company Motor Sich From Chinese Investors".  Russia would never have bombed it if China still owned it.  Now, Ukraine has lost this very important national asset, based again in the ubiquitous Ukrainian corruption.

"Ukrainian Military Command Hide Real Losses – Ukrainian POW" (South Front).  I'm sure the average Ukrainian has no idea of how much lying Ze does every day.

"Polish Revanchism, Coincidence or Lie?" (South Front).  One big Nazi family.

"New Coalition of the Willing for Retreating Ukrainian Forces" (South Front).  It is quite brash to use the 'world food crisis' as another way to escalate NATO involvement in the war, creating clashes which could easily escalate into nuclear WWIII, when it was your own actions which created the world food crisis.

"Iran Deal Has Sunk As Biden Keeps IRGC On Terror List; Tehran "Evaded" Nuclear Inspectors For Years" (Durden).  A nice clear example of how the interests of all Americans are subjugated to the interests of a tiny group of crazies in Israel, and their (((supporters))) in the US.  Venezuela's bargaining position in getting the gold stolen from it by Britain has just improved a lot.

A way of determining whether you are reading a good satire site:  "Babylon Bee's List of Fulfilled Prophecies".  What happened to The Onion, anyway?

All the best features of AIDS and COVID in one Bill Gates production:  "Monkeypoxmania" (Hopkins).  

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