Friday, May 20, 2022

The Flower

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 20.05.2022" (Military Analysis).  'The Flower'.  

Mariupol, done: "[ Mariupol ] Russia announce complete "liberation" of Mariupol; last group of 531 "evacuated"" (Defense Politics Asia).  I wouldn't be surprised if they keep finding grizzled Nazis in the catacombs for the next fifty years, like Japanese soldiers thinking WWII is still going on decades after it was over.

"[ Popasna Front ] Russian forces captured Vyskryva, Stryapivka and Lypove" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 85 (19/5) Summary - Ukrainian retreat route for Hirske and Zolote closing..." (Defense Politics Asia).

"Popasnaya New Stronghold for Russian Advance" (South Front).

"Russia Says Luhansk Under Full Control Soon, US Considers Supplies of Anti-Ship Missiles to Ukraine" (Mercouris).

"Battle For Ugledar: Russian Frontline Under Fire" (Lancaster).  A nice nature walk, with explosions.

"Russian Strikes Hit Kharkiv, Zhitomir and Odessa Regions in Ukraine (Video)" (South Front).

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