Saturday, May 14, 2022

We make things worse

"Sitrep Operation Z: Two very bad days for the Ukraine & The Big Refuse" (Saker Staff).

"2022.05.14 Why Did Lloyd Austin Call Sergei Shoigu?" (Lira). My guess is he wants a favor from Putin in getting the NATO advisors and generals out of Azovstal.  He didn't get it as he no longer has anything to trade.  It is the same reason why Macron keeps talking Putin's ear off.  These NATO thugs would be a big PR win, not in Europe or the US, but everywhere else, and it is not a good look to prepare your proxy war using NATO advisers in a non-NATO state.  It is an act of war, justifying the attack, against Russia.

"If Ukraine Is Winning Why Is The U.S. Requesting A Ceasefire?" (Moon of Alabama).

"Russia River Crossing Setback, Advances Elsewhere, EU Drop Oil Sanctions, Erdogan Opposes NATO Bid" (Mercouris).  Back to the pontoon bridge incident.  Again, the Ukes are playing it up, but it is not a big thing in the total scheme of things.  Some think most of the damaged vehicles are Ukrainian.  There is reason to believe that Russian trucks made it across the river.  So it may not be at all what the Uke PR says it is.  I don't know how many times we've been told that a Ukrainian disaster or atrocity is actually a Russian one.

Always the main factor to consider in analyzing the war and its consequences:  "The US wants to keep its status as a superpower at any cost" (Awan).

"G7 warns Russia-Ukraine war stoking global food crisis".  The trampolinist is warning the world of the consequences of her stupidity and psychopathy.

Life in Russia:  "Letters from Moscow: Education, Health Care, Unions, and Political Parties Across the Class Divide" (HCE).

This is nuts:  "Ukraine 'could win war by end of year', as Putin warns Finland that joining Nato is a 'mistake'".

Maybe they are trying to achieve regime change by giving Putin so many fires to put out he will die of overwork:

The old colony becomes the colonizer:  "US Air Force’s British Expansion" (Kennard). 

They might as well start holding the American Congress in Ukraine.

This will never happen as long as the Empire is strong enough to block it:  "We don’t write the rules anymore, and when we try, we make things worse" (Adams).

Some in Europe have their heads screwed on straight:  "In Photos: In Moldova, a March for Victory… a March for Peace!" (Redmayne-Titley).

Margaret Thatcher called those with insufficient enthusiasm for the party line 'wets', and it is starting to get wet, or at least damp, in parts of Europe: "Why Ukraine war has no winners"  (Bhadrakumar).  It would be the ultimate irony if Nord Stream 2 were to open as a result of the war.  Who knows, after the war is over the Germans may come to their senses and decide to keep it open.  You might choose to see the anticipated spectacular Russian wheat harvest as some kind of sign from God.

Americans are already anticipating that supplied weapons are going to end up on the black market, so they have lowered the danger of having to face their own weapons by degrading them:  "Trust Issues: Us Removed Digital Fire Control Systems From M777 Howitzers Supplied to Kiev Forces" South Front).  Of course, another reason may be that they don't want the weapons to be too effective, just effective enough to bog the Russians down.

Racism is the driver of colonialism: "For those outside Europe’s ‘universe of obligation’" (Naber).

She's trying to get a statue of herself in Tel Aviv through Yinon by sanctions waivers for colonizing development in northern Syria:   "Washington moves to annex north-east Syria by proxy" (beeley).

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