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"Ukraine-Russia live news: Claims Moscow’s forces in Lysychansk" (Petrova). 

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 30.06.2022" (Military Summary).

A thread by Stalin (whose tweets won't embed).

Banned cooperation

"Russia Takes More of Lysychansk, Withdraws from Snake Island, China Rejects G7 Russian Oil Price Cap" (Mercouris). 

"Russia Wins in Lisichansk, Loses on Zmeiny" (South Front).

"Russia steals the thunder in ‘wheat war’" (Bhadrakumar):

"Realistically speaking, this problem with the supply of such a widely produced commodity as wheat will most likely be solved only if the US and EU allow Russia to share supplies in exchange for the removal of sanctions. The western sanctions have forced international companies to sever long-standing business ties and leave Russia, which caused supply disruptions. In one example, the EU last month banned cooperation with the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk, through which more than half of the exported grain from Russia is shipped. "

""Partnership in Blue Pacific" to Turn Pacific Islands into Anti-China War Zone" (The New Atlas).  This is entirely on the choice of Pacific Island countries between China and the US.

"SCOTT RITTER: Lithuania’s Brinkmanship".

War crimes

"With Chechen Special Forces Near Lisischansk In Newly Russian Controlled Territory" (Lancaster). 

"EU seeks a solution to Kaliningrad crisis it created" (The Duran).

"No, NATO Will Not Get Ready For War" (Moon of Alabama).

"Ukraine War: 120 Days" (Swiss Policy Research):

"In terms of war crimes, the current situation is in stark contrast to claims by Western media and Western governments, as most war crimes have been committed not by the Russian side, but by the Ukrainian side. This includes many major war crimes blamed on the Russian side, such as the infamous Bucha massacre, the Mariupol theater bombing, or the Kramatorsk railway station bombing. Other supposed Russian war crimes were simply made up by Ukrainian officials, such as allegations of systematic rape and mass looting. 

Yet other events were taken out of context, such as the alleged Russian bombing of Ukrainian schools and hospitals or shopping centers, which in almost all cases had been turned into Ukrainian military bases or ammunition depots. In other cases, civilian buildings supposedly destroyed by Russian missiles were in fact destroyed by Ukrainian air-defense missiles (e.g. in Kiev) or Ukrainian artillery missiles (e.g. in Borodyanka). 

In yet other cases, Ukrainian forces, poorly disguised as Russian forces, executed Ukrainian civilians that welcomed the false “Russian liberators”; Western media then presented the execution as a Russian war crime. In even other cases, the Ukrainian bombing of Donbas cities was presented as the Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities. 

In the case of Bucha, the bodies seen in the streets were victims of Ukrainian shelling of residential areas during the Russian occupation and retreat, and of subsequent Ukrainian executions of “collaborators” (hence the white armbands, a sign of friendly status during Russian occupation). The bodies were then presented as victims of a supposed “Russian massacre”. 

Ironically, the Ukrainian commander who oversaw the Bucha massacre previously was a Russian intelligence asset who had built up “neonazi groups” in Russia and Belarus. The international “marketing” of the Bucha massacre as a supposed Russian war crime may have been coordinated by British intelligence, similar to numerous chemical false-flag attacks in Syria. 

In the case of the Mariupol maternity clinic, Western media claimed it was a Russian airstrike, but they could not provide any evidence for this hypothesis, and witnesses at the clinic said there was no airstrike. Yet the incident remains unresolved, and both a Russian attack (possibly targeting a nearby Ukrainian base) or a Ukrainian operation remain possible. 

In the case of the recent Kremenchuk shopping center incident, the Ukrainian government claimed a Russian missile hit the shopping center with 1,000 people inside; in reality, the Russian missiles hit an adjacent military plant and the shopping center was either closed (non-operational) or almost empty. However, one of the Russian missiles did hit very close to the shopping center, which then caught fire and burnt down. 

Documented, confirmed or potential Russian war crimes currently consist mainly in the shooting and killing of civilians that approached Russian checkpoints or military columns, on foot or by car, although the context of these events is sometimes unclear (e.g. if there were any warning shots). There are also allegations of several other crimes against individual Russian soldiers that are currently difficult to verify independently. 

On the Ukrainian side, documented war crimes encompass mass torture and mass executions, both against prisoners of war and their own people (if deemed pro-Russian collaborators or sympathizers), including several cases of decapitation; the military use of civilian infrastructure (including schools) and “human shields”; and large-scale shelling of residential areas behind front lines, especially against the city of Donetsk (in one case even hitting a maternity clinic). 

Moreover, several Western journalists, whose death was blamed on the Russian side, were in fact killed by the Ukrainian side (in friendly fire incidents). 

False claims of major Russian war crimes (i.e. atrocity propaganda) have been used by Western governments to justify weapons supplies to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. The heavy use of such atrocity propaganda is not a new phenomenon, of course. Important recent examples include the US/NATO wars against Yugoslavia and against Syria.

The topic of war crimes will be covered in a separate, detailed event-by-event analysis."

Read the whole thing.  It is quite balanced. 

"As G7 Quietly Shelves Russian Oil Price Cap Idea, Biden Will Beg Mideast Allies To Pump More" (Durden).

"BRICS is turning into a collective “Non-West”" (Panina).

Just what the world needs, another US base:  "US To Establish Permanent Base in Poland as Part of Europe Military Expansion" (DeCamp).

A thread:

"The Platonic Essence of the Coalition of the Margins Circular Firing Squad" (Sailer).  The comments are already shaping up to be good. 

Soft neo-Ottomanism

"Biden Says Turkey Will Get New F-16 Jets, Claims "No Quid Pro Quo" With Erdogan" (Durden).  It is just a coincidence that these jets that were off the table are suddenly available!

"You’re Either with Us or You’re a "Systemic Challenge"" (Escobar).  A summary of recent nonsense from the G7 clowns. 

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.  As sensible as the Russian decision to stop bitch-slapping with Ze over Snake Island may, or may not, be, it is not going to go over well with the pro-Russians.  I can see the Russian generals thinking that it is not worth wasting Russian soldiers or equipment over this island when they can simply take it after Ukraine is finished, but it is a heavy PR victory for Ze in the meantime.

Goodwill gesture

"[ Kharkiv Front ] Russian forces captured Dementiivka; Fighting reported at Udy and Prudyanka" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 126 (29/6) Summary - Russian forces captured Stekolniy suburb of Lysychansk" (Defense Politics Asia). 

"Russia Withdraws From Snake Island As "GOODWILL GESTURE" - Inside Russia Report" (iEarlGrey).

"Russian Military Propaganda Lost Battle for Zmeiny Island" and "Breaking: Russian Landing Boat Blew up on Mine Near Mariupol" (South Front).  Ukrainian mines are still the issue with respect to grain shipments by water.

A list of Threadreader threads by Will Schryver.  I note you can sign up with Threadreader to save your favorite threadsters.

Don't trust anybody under 90

"Battle for Lisichansk: New Russian Gains, New War Crimes by Ukrainian Forces" and "Ukrainian Terrorists Detained in Kherson, While Region Prepares for Referendum" and "Syria Joins Russia in Recognizing Donetsk & Luhansk Republics" (South Front). 

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 127".  "Russia-Ukraine live news: Moscow announces Snake Island pullback" (Child/Marsi/Petrova).  Finally, Ze is the conquering hero of Snake Island!

"NATO raison d'être, Russia-China. Svalbard blockade. Boris, if Putin was a woman. Update 1" (Christoforou).  "Biden administration throws support behind potential F-16 sale to Turkey" (Pamuk/Shalal).  "Russia accuses Norway of Arctic blockade and threatens reprisals".

"Americans Do Not Understand Their Own Military History" (Johnson).  "I Fully Agree With Larry Here." (Martyanov).

"North-South." (Martyanov).

"IEA: Europe Will Have To Cut Gas Usage By Nearly One-Third" (Geiger).

We're going to have a big depression because Tel Aviv won't let Washington do a deal with Tehran:  "Oil Market Confronts US And EU Policymakers With Daunting Choices: Kemp".

"EU Walks Back Hard Line On Kaliningrad Standoff As Russia Places New Missiles On Baltic Coast" (Durden).

"G7 and the Desperation Stage of Russian Sanctions" (Rasmus):

"Historians will wonder years from now why the US and its most dependent allies in tow—the G7 countries—embarked upon a scope of sanctions on Russia so soon after Covid’s deep negative impacts on global supply chains and domestic product and labor markets. Global markets, trade and financial flows were seriously disrupted by the Covid experience of 2020-21. And they had not recovered by January 2022 when US sanctions on Russia were escalated. Before global supply chains could heal, the US and its G7 allies embarked on sanctions that further disrupted and restructured those same supply chains while simultaneously setting off chronic global inflation that ravaged their domestic economies as well. History will show, it was all not well thought out.

Even less thought out, however, are the more recent G7 proposals to ban Russian gold and engineer a price cap on global oil—the latter in effect a fantasy that by somehow manipulating a region’s (Europe) oil Demand it could set global oil prices in general and thus over-ride Supply as the driver of oil price and revenues.

It makes one wonder about the qualifications of the current generation of world leaders (led by Biden and the US) playing with the geopolitical world order. And wonder even more about their even less understanding of the consequences of their economic actions on the world economy."

"The Plan Emerges: America’s Leadership Will “Dismantle Russia” for Good" (Butler). 

"Ukraine War Day #127: Russia Versus The World? [concluded]" (yalensis):

"Here is the racket: all of these countries (except for Russia) enjoy all the wonderful privileges of trading with the West. They are allowed to purchase marvelous goods which appear, a little bit later, on the shelves of Russian stores. As the Russian news agency “Sputnik” reports, hardly had Coca-Cola disappeared from Russia when — boom! — it’s suddenly back again. Along with other delicious beverages such as Fanta and Sprite. The only difference is, the labels are now written in the Kirgiz language."

"Russia is Left with Few Options Other than to Defend Itself, “As Always!”" (Kamens):

"It is not only America that has found a scapegoat. As my Polish friend explains – her father as a 14-year-old boy witnessed Ukrainians and Germans murdering Poles and Jews in in 1943- there are many reasons: for politicians and the uneducated masses, and keeping Russia is an eternal enemy. As for international problems, political elites continue in their attempts to blame Russia for domestic problems.

As my Polish respondent commented, “We have weak politicians without guts, but normal people do not hate Russia or Russians. As for young people, they don’t know history, and what they say should be counted as next to zero”.

Polish politicians are dragging the country to the bottom, and some of their politicians are former Communists with close financial connections with Ukraine and its so-called Perestroika. For instance, former president Aleksander Kwaśniewski is like the son of Joe Biden with his side deals. They are all linked with the same energy company, Burisma, and other dirty business deals, especially those associated with Ukrainian businessman and politician Mykola Zloczewski."

"Fighting Words – What the Poles Say When They Dare Do Nothing About NATO and the US" (Helmer). It sounds like the people of Poland aren't on the same page as their crazed and corrupt Euro-trash leaders.  And NATO is useless.

"German journalist faces three years prison over reporting from eastern Ukraine" (Sweeney). 

The fine work of the (((media))):  "Severodonetsk: Deciphering News of the War in Ukraine" (Lieberman).

"NATO admits it’s been preparing for conflict with Russia since 2014".  "Apply Lessons Of Ukraine - Send Weapons To Taiwan "Earlier" In Face Of China Threat: UK's Truss" (Durden).

"Prince Charles Will No Longer Take Bags Of Cash From Gulf Sheikhs" (Durden).  Wire transfers to Cayman accounts are much easier.

Don't trust anybody under 90:  "Bernie Ecclestone says he would 'take a bullet' for 'first class' Vladimir Putin as he defends war in Ukraine" (Jackson).

A thread:

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"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 29.06.2022" (Military Summary). 

"[ Luhansk Front ] Russian forces capture Pryvillya and Lisichansk Oil Refinery" (Defense Politics Asia).

"As of July 17 2020, Viper has released over 1927 albums" 


I would not at all bet on Russia

"Siemens GASLIGHTS Gazprom. More Mercs 'Kalibr'd. Rouble DEFLATION Continues - Walkie Talkie Report" (iEarlGrey). 

"The Media is Now Asking the Government Why Russia is Winning So Hard" (Anglin).  What mediocrities!  They are exactly as incompetent as you would expect them to be.

From the article:  

""This move is significant. I have never heard any Indian entity paying in yuan for international trade in the last 25 years of my career. This is basically circumventing the USD (U.S. dollar)," a Singapore-based currency trader said." 

A thread: 

A meme

Other things are happening! 


"EXCLUSIVE: Hacked documents reveal Ecuador’s failed effort to take in NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden" (Thalen).

Ecuador used to have an exemplary government, but not any longer:  "Ecuador’s Lasso survives impeachment vote, halts protest talks".  Lasso has been beating the shit out of aboriginal protestors for a while now.


"Ontario judge upholds Tamil Genocide Education Week in battle ‘over who gets to write the history of the war’" (Keung).  I don't know how the issue made it before a judge, but this is the right answer.

"'It's intimidation': Judge faces threats after Freedom Convoy hearings" (Bureau).  I'm torn.  You can't have a functioning country with intimidated judges.  On the other hand, a lot of the judges handling the Freedom Convoy are obviously traitors who don't give a shit about the Canadian Constitution.

"Ahead of planned Canada Day protests, federal minister says he hopes lessons have been learned" (Tunney).  We learned that Blackface Trudeau is a traitor who should not be Prime Minister.  Heaven help us if the protestors bring bouncy castles!


"Right-wing intelligence cabal seeks UK Home Secretary Priti Patel’s help to ‘neutralize’ environmentalist enemies" (Klarenberg).  PM Patel, as a tool of MI6.  How great is that?


"EY Valued Israeli Spyware Company NSO At $2.3bn Months Before Emergency Bailout" (Durden).  I'm going to take a wild guess and suggest there may have been (((accountants))) involved.  I thought that Pegasus was considered to be toxic waste due to the extent of its illegal snooping, so guess who wants to buy it:  "U.S. buys up Pegasus" (Voltaire Network).

"U.S. Exposed as “Secret Partner” in Israeli Airstrikes Against Syria that Violate International Law" (Kuzmarov).

A classic!:  "Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Allegedly Tried To Flee For Israel" (Corcoran).

"Russia and Israeli Exceptionalism" (Duff).

"Tensions between Lebanon and Israel Escalate" (Odintsov).

"Canadian ‘Special Envoy’ to give keynote address at settlement university" (Engler).  Note how the world's worst human being is trying to legitimize the illegal settlements.  This evil fucker used to be the Canadian Justice Minister!


"Oil Extends Gains After Indirect US-Iran Nuclear Talks Fail In Qatar" (Durden).  Those Maxwell videos are still doing their job.  The only reason the talks haven't completely collapsed is that Brandon needs an out should he come away empty handed from his Saudi visit.  There is an odd Roe connection.  The Supreme Court put the Democrats back in the mid-term election game, which means that getting oil prices under control just might let the Democrats avoid losing complete control of Congress.  In other words, the legal status of abortion might lead to a deal with Iran!


"Colombia, once a pro-U.S. conservative bastion, turns left" (Kolhatkar).


It is amazing how fast people are returning to reality:  "Get Woke, Go Broke: Hollywood Is Dying And They Deserve It" (Durden).  There are a lot of good memes commenting on hilarious woke Netflix casting choices.


But what about the crippling fear in today's 'feminists' at being called a TERF?!


You'd think it would be impossible to fundraise on an issue you consistently refuse to do anything about, but I guess the Dems know how stupid their supporters are: 


"One Year After His Death, John McAfee's Corpse Still Being Held By Gov't, Fueling Claims Of 'Cover Up'" (Agorist). 


The ridiculous 1/6 committee doesn't seem to grasp that the main complaint from the right about Trump on 1/6 is that he abandoned his supporters, so this silly story actually makes him look better!:  "1/6: Trump Demanded He be Taken to Capitol, Grabbed the Steering Wheel and Tried to Choke Out Secret Service" (Anglin).

What a deluded narcissist

"Civilian Found Executed In "Lysychansk Cauldron" (UKRAINE WAR CRIME)" (Lancaster). 

"Sitting of 23-06-2022". Clare Daly at the European Parliament. 

"Russian Oil Price Cap Is Yet Another Western PR Fantasy" (Bosnic).  ""It Is Possible - Even Probable - That The World System Will Shatter"" (Every):

"The ‘oil cap’ is simple in theory: the G7 will refuse to provide insurance to any vessel that carries Russian oil unless the cargo is sold with an agreed price cap. Yet it won’t work and will just push oil prices higher. Russia will never agree. China and India will never agree either. Russia and China may offer their own underwriting services, which would force the West into physically blocking cargoes and confronting China - as a Russian-oil carrying ship is stopped in the US, says the Wall Street Journal. Plus, the G7 are already not taking Russian oil: they are taking Russian oil from India and China that is being on-sold."

"In Video: Uncomfortable Questions to Ukrainian Authorities From Civilians in Kremenchug" (South Front).

"The Great White West Aims to Crush Slavs and Chinese" (Stanton).

Throw the norms under the bus

"NATO in Madrid, Turkey votes YES. G7 oil price fixing. CNN, Biden White House divided. Update 1" (Christoforou).  I'd like to hear the rationalizations of Swedish and Finnish Euro-trash of the betrayal of the Kurds.  Were you wrong to support the Kurds, or wrong to throw them under the bus?  If supporting the Kurds reflects deep European 'values' and 'norms', what are we supposed to think now?

"Biden White House divided on Ukraine" (The Duran).  Good discussion of the (((neocons))), and the fact they always get what they want.

"Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Didn’t Cause the Food Crisis. Capitalism Did" (Walton).  Big Ag causes starvation, for profit.

"CNN: Biden Officials Privately Doubt Ukraine Can Take Back All Of Its Territory" (DeCamp).

A fighting withdrawal

"Russia-Ukraine live news: Ukraine war dominates NATO summit" (Petrova/Marsi). 

"G7: Cracks in Western unity on Russia" (Bhadrakumar).

"Why Russia Doubts NATO’s “Good” Intentions" (Johnson).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 126". 

"More Press TV from Iran" (Doctorow).  The interview of Szamuely and Doctorow:  "Press TV's Spotlight - NATO summit".

"Ukraine War Day #126: Russia Versus The World? [continued]" (yalensis).

"NATO’s Meaningless Military Gestures" (Johnson).

"Foreign mercenaries were burned to the ground as unnecessary witnesses at Azovstal" (Rudenko).


"War Makes for Clarity" (Crooke).  Underlines the world-historical stupidity of the Euro-trash.  It would be tragic if the responses from Americans and Europeans is single-issue interest groups getting violent.  That plays directly into the hands of the WEF-ers, who operate by having their 'police' forces infiltrate and stir up such groups.

"Russian oil tankers get India safety cover via Dubai firm".  Another example of how easy it is to get around American sanction tricks.  All the Europeans are achieving is losing business to other places.

"New Atlas LIVE: Ukraine Update, Hong Kong, NATO in the Pacific" (The New Atlas).  This is almost all on various American proxy wars against China.

"Reporter who exposed Kiev’s lies about mass rapes branded state enemy".

"The ideology of the banderists" (Meyssan).  On Dmytro Dontsov, the Jabotinsky of Ukrainian ultra-nationalism.  "Dontsov, Dmytro":

"Dontsov's papers are preserved in the National Archives of Canada."

Russian salad

"Severodonetsk Has Fallen" (HistoryLegends).  This is good.

"Foreign Mercenaries In "Azot" SeveroDonetsk Robed Civilians. Says Witness" (Lancaster).

"[ Luhansk Front ] Russian forces crossed Siverskyi Donets River west of Pryvillya (NW of Lysychansk)" and "[ Donetsk Front ] Russian forces capture Pavlivka; Yehorivka & Shevchenko under firm Russian control" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 124-125 (27-28/6) Summary - Parallel universes merge West of Donetsk" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Zelensky Is Lying, Trying to Accuse Russia of Attacking Civilians" and "Breaking: Kalibr Missiles Pound Kharkov, Russian Forces Take Control of Dementievka" and "West Stuffs Ukraine With Weapons as Russians Leave No Chances on Front Lines" (South Front).

"Les sanctions occidentales renforcent le patriotisme russe" (Rabkin).  Amongst all the other self-defeating problems with the sanctions, they have also convinced the Russians to pull together to face the existential threat posed by the West.

The Euro-trash, the most evil and stupid people on the planet, never really cared about the environment, except insofar as it could be used for WEF-style population control:  "Dutch join Germany, Austria, in reverting to coal".

A thread:

"'Russian Salad' on the menu at NATO summit cafe in Madrid raises eyebrows". 

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It wasn't enough

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 28.06.2022" (Military Summary). 

"Turkey reaches NATO deal with Finland and Sweden".  I don't know what Turkey's recourse is if Finland and Sweden get NATO membership and then renege on their agreements.

A thread:

"Ghislaine Maxwell Has Been Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison" (Alison).  "Ghislaine Maxwell has been convicted. Who is next?" (Techno Fog).

"And That Is Important Exactly How?" (Martyanov).

Heavy losses in retreats

"G7 banning gold and capping oil price. BRICS on the rise" (The Duran). 

"Behind the Tin Curtain: BRICS+ vs NATO/G7" (Escobar).

"Russia Storming Lysychansk, Claims Control of One Third, Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses in Retreats" (Mercouris).

"Russian Controlled Severodonetsk (Special Situational Report)" (Lancaster).

"Russian Ops in Ukraine (June 28-29, 2022) - West Copes with Ukrainian Losses" (The New Atlas).

"Is Noam Chomsky a Qualified Military Analyst?" (Petersen).

"Along With Massive Shelling of Residential Areas, Ukrainian Military Switched to Terrorist War Against Civilians" and "Russian Ministry of Defence Shed Light on Recent Strikes in Kremenchug" (South Front).

Hollowed out

"What REALLY Happened At Kremenchuk? - Inside Russia Report" (iEarlGrey).

"Another Zelensky Lie Debunked - White House Says Ukraine Must Give Up Territory" (Moon of Alabama).

"US Government tug of war for control of the Ukraine conflict" (The Duran).

"BRICS+: It’s Back with Scale and Ambition" (Lissovolik).

The Ukrainian rope-a-dope technique is just about to prevail!:

Dies suddenly

"Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger who was in charge of securing the Capitol dies suddenly" (Alexander/Matthews). 

'Dies suddenly':

Dying suddenly is a Washington hazard: 

Race hatred towards Russians, Slavs

"NYT, Commandos & proxy war. Boris, collapse is 'worth it'. Draghi, 'democracy at risk.' Update 1" (Christoforou). 

"2022.06.28 Russian Default Hurts The West—Not Russia" (Lira).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Ukraine War Day #125: Russia Versus The World?" (yalensis).

"The War in Ukraine Rapidly Approaches its Denouement" (O'Neill).

"U.S. gov’t body plots to break up Russia in name of ‘decolonization’" (Norton).

"Is Russia About to Put the Monroe Doctrine to the Test, in Nicaragua?" (Corbishley).  "Sanctions against Russia are leading Latin America to the abyss" (López Blanch).

"Mutiny in the Canadian General Staff – How Political Ambition & Ukraine-Russia War Aims Are Being Covered Up in Ottawa" (Helmer):

"The point on which the reports agree is also the point they both miss: Arbour, the Defence Advisory Panel, and everyone they have talked to accept the Canadian strategy of war against Russia in the Ukraine, and the Canadian training and armaments programmes for those directing the regime in Kiev and Lvov. The point they miss is that their war is explicitly motivated by race hatred towards Russians, Slavs."


"“Freeland is not acting alone,” comments the Canadian source. “She’s tried hard to bring everyone into her project [to succeed to the prime ministry], but she can’t get the neo-Confederates to settle down and wait for the project to come to fruition , with her at helm, of course. They’re impatient for the Great White Reset; she needs the Galician dream fulfilled… The military is fine with Canadians, including active and retired service members fighting over there. They are not even pitching a fit about Canadian weapons stocks being emptied in order to be sent over there.”

“If you talk to any of them, they all pretty much have the same mentality. Whatever the West, as they define it, says — white, Christian, capitalist, Anglo, pro-US — goes. The can only see themselves, their career advancement, their ideas of what the country is fighting for within that framework. So they are increasingly upset by even the shallowest semblance of ‘multi-culturalism’ as represented in Ottawa by [Prime Minister Justin] Trudeau and to a degree, Freeland.”

“From what I’ve seen, the evidence of mutiny became apparent when the ‘trucker protest/ freedom convoy’ came up against the government’s activation of the Emergencies Act this winter. From what I’ve heard, the military chiefs flat-out refused to back [Minister of Public Safety Marco] Mendicino, [Justice Minister and Attorney-General David] Lametti, and [Minister of Emergency Preparedness Bill] Blair, and Freeland, while active and retired officers openly sided with the neo-Confederates who were getting support from the US. It seems that the contradiction here is that the officer corps, heavily committed to the anti-Russia track that cuts across Canadian party lines, is heavily politicized and infected by the neo-Confederate faction in the US. They don’t appreciate what they see as Trudeau’s ‘communism’, and believe that the charges against Cadieu are an expression of it.”

“This is deeply concerning as there can be no doubt that these people know, or strongly believe, that they have the full backing of at least some elements of the US security state, not to mention ‘thin blue line’ law enforcement, militia groups, etc. It’s fascism versus fascism.”"

The truckers are back in Ottawa for Canada Day (Friday), and the rest of the summer! 

"Germany sentences 101-year-old Nazi camp guard to 5 years in jail".  Ironies abound.


"2022.06.28 The Sitzkrieg We’re In" (Lira). 

"Russia DEFAULT Announced. Britain threatens WAR if Mercenaries SHOT Media claims." (iEarlGrey).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 125".

"Lavrov gets it right by comparing European Union and NATO to Hitler’s old Axis" (Wilbert).

A thread (you'd think the West would have a better handle on this fundamental issue other than something Macron got from a phone call):

Hence, the Iran deal still clings to life: "What you need to know about the Iran-US nuclear talks in Qatar" (Motamedi).

"The Endspiel." (Martyanov).

"Just half a functioning brain will suffice to see through propaganda" (Doctorow).

An amusing thread:

A thread on the shopping center: 

The official Russian response:

Middle East Alliance

"Russia Advances on Lysychansk, G7 Dreams of Russian Oil Price Cap, Lithuania Vetoes EU Kaliningrad" (Mercouris).

"Russia-Ukraine live news: West condemns Kremenchuk attack" (Petrova).

"Back to the Future in Ukraine–Demilitarization and Denazification" (Johnson).

"June 27th This and That" and "Alex Gives A Good Aye-Yai-Yai On G-7, Larry About Denazification And Something Else." (Martyanov). 

"Biden Goes to the Middle East" (Giraldi).  "Israel and the US are Creating a “Middle East Alliance”" (Platov).  The weakest American President in history, flailing around, is apt to make some terrible decisions.

Monday, June 27, 2022

Reckless with data

 "Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 27.06.2022" (Military Summary).

"Kiev Hopes to Retaliate on Another Front After the Loss of Severodonetsk" "Updated: Another “Civilian” Facility Hit by Russian Missiles in Ukraine. Kredmash Military Plant in Kremenchug Destroyed" and "Ukrainian Military Planned to Turn Airport in Severodonetsk Into NATO Military Base Near Russian Border" and "50 000 Ukrainian Soldiers Died Since February – DPR First Deputy Minister of Information" (South Front).

"Germany’s largest BASF plant may close due to gas shortage".

"Troops on the Ground Prove Canada is at War with Russia" (Engler).


I'm wondering whether the abortion pill, which didn't exist 50 years ago, makes a lot of the abortion debate moot (and even mooter if there are concentrated efforts at distribution).  It can only be used in early stages of a pregnancy.  Rates of teen pregnancies have also dropped a lot from the 90s:  "In 2020, the teen birth rate was 15.4 (births for every 1,000 females ages 15-19), down eight percent from 2019 and down 75 percent from the 1991 peak of 61.8."  Of course, statistics are statistics, and there are individual tragedies buried throughout.

Irate Ukrainian talking head

"Q & A: Biden's price hike, Supreme Court, Ukraine and The Geneva Conventions" (The Duran - left-over questions from the show with Robert Barnes).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 122-123 (25-26/6) Summary - Lysychansk encirclement tighten; Snake Island IV" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Newsbits on Ukraine - Lysichansk Cauldron, Civilian Damage, Reserve Troops, Russian 'Default'" (Moon of Alabama).

The real story starts to come out:

A thread:

"Biden Drains US Strategic Oil Reserve To Lowest Since 1986; UAE Warns Not To Expect Any Help From OPEC" (Durden): 

"Separately, as Biden heads to the Middle East to ask for help with his ratings, Reuters is reporting that of a conversation caught between French President Macron US President Biden.

"I had a call with MbZ," Macron was heard telling U.S. President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G7 summit

"He told me two things. I'm at a maximum, maximum (production capacity). This is what he claims. And then he said Saudis can increase by 150 (thousands barrels per day). Maybe a little bit more but they don't have huge capacities," Macron said.

In other words, no matter how much Biden begs, the two top OPEC oil producers - Saudi Arabia and UAE - can barely increase oil production."

Widespread buy-in

"[ Luhansk Front ] Russian forces captured Bila Hora & Topolivka; fighting extend to west of Refinery" and "[ Southern Front ] Ukrainian forces captured Barvinok; Russian forces captured Vysokopillya" and "[ Luhansk Front ] Russia MoD declared capture of Severodonetsk, Borivske, Syrotyne & Voronove" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Donetsk - Shelling and Frontlines" (Phillips).

"Boris, Trudeau, Ursula mock Putin. Sanction Gold. Russia default. Czechia demilitarisation. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"G7 Set To Impose "Price Caps" On Russian Oil; Unclear What This Actually Does" (Durden):

"As for why this price cap idiocy is Dead on Arrival Germany's Scholz stressed that the concept will need widespread buy-in around the world...  which it will never get! It would also require the EU to amend its ban on insuring Russian crude shipments — introduced with the ban on seaborne oil imports — which would need the buy-in of all 27 member states, which is also unlikely to happen with Hungary the perpetual hold out."

"Battle for Lisichansk: Russian-Led Forces Reportedly Took Control of Volcheyarovka (18+)" and "Pro-Russian Hackers Take Revenge on Lithuania for Blockade of Kaliningrad" (South Front). 

I know Ze is floating a story about a shopping mall, allegedly hit by the Russians, and crafted for the G7 meeting, but the Russians have generally been very careful:  "Breaking: Russian Ministry of Defense Revealed How Civilian House in Kiev Was Hit on June 26" (South Front).

"US government openly advocates destroying Russia" (Bosnic).

"Europe’s Third Attempt at Suicide and Generation Z+" (Batiushka).

Russian 'default'

"Ukraine War Day #124: What Can Russia Do About Drone Attacks?" (yalensis). 

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Western media celebrate ‘Russian default’".

"EU Says Africa Should Stop Buying Russian Fertilizer -- But Can't Make It Themselves" (Durden).  I don't know how much clearer the Euro-trash could be that they just want Africa to starve as part of their WEF plans.

"European Colonial Powers & The Tyranny Of Physics" (Luongo).  With three embedded videos with Luongo and Mercouris.  Note how the German Greens, which I believe is clearly the moral and intellectual resurrection of the National Socialist Party, have parlayed a minority political position into running the entire world on their warmongering faux-green insane politics.

Bombshell report

"First Look Into Russian Controlled Kharkiv Region Ukraine (Special Report)" (Lancaster).  Report on Izium (aka Izyum).

"John Mearsheimer's Ukraine Crystal Ball" (Durden).

"Explosive Report Confirms Expansive CIA 'Stealth Network' Of Spies & Commandos Inside Ukraine" (Durden).

"Understanding the NY Times Article on the CIA in Ukraine" (Johnson):

"When you read some so-called bombshell report dishing the dirt on some Top Secret U.S. operation in the New York Times or the Washington Post, you need to understand that this was not the result of some intrepid, eager beaver reporter who took the initiative and came up with a nifty idea for a story. Such stories are based on official or sanctioned leaks and always have an ulterior motive. This is not so much about informing an ignorant public about reality, rather it is either propaganda or signalling a shift in U.S. policy."


"The most acute problem is that the best Ukrainian troops are dead, wounded or captured. There are no first rate troops left to train. Oh my. That is a problem and the United States is not going to put any of our troops into harms way. That is, for now, the Biden Administration’s policy. Putting “modern special operations teams” on the ground to train Ukrainians is, per the NY Times piece, too great a risk and carries a price that is not worth the outcome."

"Russia-Ukraine live news: Moscow ‘defaults on foreign debt’".

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Global instability

"Heavy Defeat for Ukraine as Russia Captures Severodonetsk, Hold East Bank of Seversky Donetsk River" (Mercouris). 

"Boris Johnson loses conservative heartland. Macron faces lame duck presidency" (The Duran).  Except Macron will be fine, and nothing stops him from moving forward with his whole agenda:  "French vote shows the undemocratic rot of the pan-European project 2/2" (Mazaheri).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 26.06.2022" (Military Summary).

"Sitrep Operation Z: Open Thread" (Saker Staff).

"Peaceful resolution of Ukraine conflict would cause global instability: Boris Johnson".

"A pivotal moment in eastern Ukraine" (Bhadrakumar).

"Fantastical Thinking As MO..." (Martyanov).

Fantasy of fanaticism

"SCOTT RITTER: The Fantasy of Fanaticism". 

I note there is a concerted ongoing intelligence agency attack, using the usual 'journalist' intermediaries, against Consortium News, Mint Press and the GrayZone:

  1. "British ‘watchdog’ Journalists Unmasked as Lap Dogs for the Security State" (Cook);
  2. "The Plot Against GrayZone & Suspicions About Consortium News" (Lauria);
  3. "US State-Affiliated NewsGuard Targets Consortium News" (Lauria);
  4. "Paul Mason’s covert intelligence-linked plot to destroy The Grayzone exposed" (Klarenberg/Blumenthal);
  5. "Paul Mason Says Bellingcat Launders Information For Western Intelligence" (Johnstone).

War economy

"80 Polish fighters. Germany, 5 minute showers. Roe v. Wade, blame Putin. Goat of Kyiv. Update 2" (Christoforou).

"Ukraine Releases First Footage of HIMARS Rocket Launchers in Action" and "Breaking: Russia Win Battle for Severodonetsk. Fighting Began in Lisichansk (Videos)" (South Front).

Losing Severodonetsk would be a sensible place for Ze to claim that they did all they could, but now is the time to sue for peace.  Of course, he  won't be allowed by his handlers to do this, as it would prevent the Russian 'occupation' that Nuland is aiming for.

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Russian missile hits residential building in Ukraine’s Kyiv".  "Russia-Ukraine live news: Missiles target central Kyiv" (Pietromarchi).  "Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 123".

"Even the UK’s Sky News Is Reporting on the Ukrainian Debacle in the Donbas" (Johnson).

"Larry Notes..." (Martyanov).

"Russia Is Running Out Of [Whatever The Media Claim]" (Moon of Alabama).  "Ukraine War Day #123: Why The U.S. Cannot Sustain A War Economy" (yalensis).

The book burners always arrive these days:  "An Iron Curtain descends on Europe and the USA" (Doctorow).
"Canadian special forces operating in Ukraine, New York Times reports" (Pugliese).
A thread:

"Ukraine won’t pursue NATO membership – Zelensky adviser". 

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Arch of triumph

"Russia Fighting in Lysychansk, Ukraine Announces Tactical Withdrawals, EU Distances from Lithuania" (Mercouris). 

"[ Luhansk Front ] Russia MoD declared capture of Severodonetsk, Borivske, Syrotyne & Voronove" (Defense Politics Asia).

Stirs up trouble

"Lavrov warns NATO-EU alliance. EU stirs up trouble in Tbilisi. Blue Pacific takes on China. Update 1" (Christoforou). 

"[ Southern Front ] Russian forces captured Blahodatne; Davydiv Brid is now under Russian control" and "[ Donetsk Front ] Ukrainian forces captured Pavlivka; Rumored to captured 4 other villages nearby" and "[ Izyum Front ] Russian Forces captured Nortsivka; Bohorodychne is assessed under Ukrainian control" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 120-121 (23-24/6) Summary - Operational encirclement of Lysychansk region" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 25.06.2022" (Military Summary).