Thursday, June 30, 2022

Banned cooperation

"Russia Takes More of Lysychansk, Withdraws from Snake Island, China Rejects G7 Russian Oil Price Cap" (Mercouris). 

"Russia Wins in Lisichansk, Loses on Zmeiny" (South Front).

"Russia steals the thunder in ‘wheat war’" (Bhadrakumar):

"Realistically speaking, this problem with the supply of such a widely produced commodity as wheat will most likely be solved only if the US and EU allow Russia to share supplies in exchange for the removal of sanctions. The western sanctions have forced international companies to sever long-standing business ties and leave Russia, which caused supply disruptions. In one example, the EU last month banned cooperation with the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk, through which more than half of the exported grain from Russia is shipped. "

""Partnership in Blue Pacific" to Turn Pacific Islands into Anti-China War Zone" (The New Atlas).  This is entirely on the choice of Pacific Island countries between China and the US.

"SCOTT RITTER: Lithuania’s Brinkmanship".

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