Thursday, June 23, 2022

The lob game

"Biden fuel-tax holiday. Nikolaev strike. Bulgaria no-confidence. Donetsk Square in Moscow. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 117~119 (20~22/6) Summary - Ukr failing at Snake Island & Zolote-Hirske front" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Day of Disaster for Ukraine in Donbass, UK Military Think Tank Confirms US Unable to Re-Arm Ukraine" (Mercouris).  Russia has made it a game of each side lobbing stuff at the other, and Russia not only has a lot more stuff to lob, it can easily outpace the lob-stuff-manufacturing capacities of the US and NATO, which are simply not set up for this lobbing competition. 

"Lugansk Direction. Allied Advance Continues. There Is Still No Counterattack in Sight" and "Institutionalised Terrorism and Nuclear Mushroom Clouds Over Europe" and "Ukraine Attacked Russian Oil Refinery With Chinese Commercial Drones (Video)" (South Front).

"The Neocon's Dream - Decolonize Russia, Re-colonize China" (Moon of Alabama).

"Unhinged Pro-War Maniac Rant Welcomed On MSNBC" (Dore).  (((Boot))) wants Americans to step up and supply enough weapons to Ukraine that Russia sees the supply as an existential threat to itself and starts nuclear WWIII (Boot really wants to get regime change in Russia, so he can get Yinon in Syria).  Of course, as we've seen from the Mercouris discussion, the Americans simply don't have that manufacturing capability.

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