Friday, July 01, 2022

A full goatee

"Europe fails with German help" (Vilches).  The world has never seen a failure of leadership like what we're seeing from the Greens in Germany now, and the real problems have yet to reveal themselves.

"Stellantis Says EU's 2035 Combustion Engine Ban Means Auto Industry Is "Doomed" Unless EVs Get Cheaper" (Durden).  Has anyone actually ever done a full environmental audit of the impact of EV's?  It is a rhetorical question, as the results would not be pretty.  Most of the environmental 'gains' seem to involve shifting the burdens to China and Africa and places outside of the West.  The Greens seem thrilled about tearing down whole mountains to get the lithium to build one battery of an EV that is then powered by burning coal.  I'm writing this from the point of view of someone who is convinced that global warming is a huge problem that needs to be addressed, but the Greens are obviously a National Socialist warmongering party that hates the environment and just uses it as a stunt to trick voters.

"Canadian Woman Recounts Wacky Adventures with Trannies in Women’s Shelter" (Baker).  Feminism is a political doctrine based upon the simple tenet of extreme hatred of women.

We need a big database of all directors and officers and senior employees who promote this dangerous nonsense, and boycotts need to follow them around for life (unorganized boycotts by normies who are fed up are already having a big impact):  ""Pronouns Matter": UK Bank's Attempt To Virtue-Signal Backfires" (Watson).

"She is described as 5’10", with a thin build, shaggy blonde hair, and a full goatee."  This is the same police force that is still looking for who killed the Shermans!

"German Intellectuals Sign Letter Calling for Ukraine Surrender, Say There are No Stated Goals" (Anglin). 

Assholes are starting to worry about common sense breaking out in Europe:  "The West needs to codify Russia sanctions before it is too late" (Hess).  Lock it down so your cruel destruction will be inevitable!  Gah, we need revolutions, and fast! 

Happy Canada Day!:

Pre-Blackface-Trudeau, this kind of thing never happened. 

"Freedom Convoy protesters return to Ottawa for Canada Day" (Fraser).  The tiny hope for Canada is that the resistance to the dictator Blackface Trudeau and his treasonous sidekick the Traitor Singh has not waned in the face of massive government and judicial violence and repression.

"The Great Reset In Action: Ending Freedom Of The Press, Speech, & Expression" (Filip).  Freedom of speech and assembly are threats to the billionaires, so freedom has to go.

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