Thursday, July 07, 2022

Data-driven defeat

"Boris Johnson Resigns As Prime Minister After Government Collapses" (Durden).

"Fossil Fuel Interests Are Behind Canada’s Blue Hydrogen Push" (Paradis).  All these green 'alternatives' are scams.  The only way out is forced vast reduction of the carbon footprint of the 1%, and the 10%.

"Is Saudi Arabia Exaggerating Its Oil Production Potential?" (Watkins):

"For many years now, Saudi Arabia has been wildly exaggerating every metric connected to its oil business, from how much crude it can produce to its level of reserves and everything in between, as analyzed in depth in my first book on the oil sector in 2015 and the latest one in 2021. Why does it lie so much and so often about these figures? Because without the power it has in the world directly associated with its crude oil production, spare capacity, and reserves it has no real power at all, so enormously exaggerating each of these figures is geared towards puffing itself up in terms of its geopolitical importance. The problem Saudi Arabia has right now, however, is that the U.S. and all other developed market countries whose economies are suffering under the weight of ongoing high oil prices are pressuring Riyadh to deliver on these claims, in order to bring these oil prices down. If Saudi Arabia had not been lying all these years about the amount of oil it can produce then it will not have a problem, but it has been, so it does."


"It is consequently of no surprise whatsoever that OPEC+ last week decided not to increase its production over and above what had previously been agreed - because it simply cannot do so. Perhaps this was why neither the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MbZ), agreed to take telephone calls from U.S. President, Joe Biden, after all: not because they were seeking to marginalize him (although that is more than likely true as well) but because they could offer him nothing and have been caught out in a lie. This latter inference can be taken from subsequent remarks – relayed to the world last week by the French President, Emmanuel Macron – that he had a call with MbZ: “He told me two things. I’m at a maximum, maximum [oil production capacity], this is what he claims,” said the French President. “And then he said [the] Saudis can increase by [only] 150 [thousand barrels per day], maybe a little bit more, but they don’t have huge capacities before six months’ time,” Macron concluded.

"Ukrainian Officers Sold French Caesar Howitzers to Russia for Low Price – Report" and "Battle for Seversk: Russian-Led Forces Claim New Victory" (South Front). 

This is the troon who wished death on Lira when he was arrested by the Ukrainians: 

"The Coming Sanctions-Induced Economic Tsunami?" (Smith).  The European plan, spearheaded by Germany, was to fill the tanks over the summer with gas to be the stocks for the winter, but various issues, including allowing The Nazi to get her fangs on those Siemens parts, have made that impossible.  There is no Plan B.  The only possible good thing to come out of this massive tragedy is that it just might get Europeans to rise up out of their very comfortable, but increasingly cold, chairs, and deal with the Euro-trash in a suitable way.  I am not optimistic.  Europe seems to be desperately trying to commit suicide.

"Luongo: China Queues Up To Join The Davos Beatdown":

"None of the issues surrounding the Dems have worked at this point.

No amount of SSRI-addled, known-to-law-enforcement-enabled shootings will roll out gun control in the US.

No amount of screeching from unfuckable purple-hairs will bring back Roe v. Wade.

No amount of sexual deviance at the public schools will usher in legalized pedophilia.

These are the positions Democrats have staked their future as a party on and most of America is sincerely fed up with it while their businesses are looted, their bank accounts are emptied and their kids sexually-assaulted at school by strippers."

DeSantis, though a master at owning the libs, is a very dangerous choice, basically the opposite of the best parts of Trump:

"The Empire Is Not Done Torturing Afghanistan" (Escobar):

"As former British diplomat Alastair Crooke has remarked, Afghanistan was the definitive showcase for technical managerialism, the test bed for “every single innovation in technocratic project management” encompassing Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and military sociology embedded in ‘Human Terrain Teams’ – this experiment helped spawn Empire’s ‘rules-based international order.’

But then, the US-backed puppet regime in Kabul collapsed not with a bang, but a whimper: a spectacular “data-driven defeat.”

Hell hath no fury like Empire scorned. As if all the bombing, droning, years of occupation and serial collateral damage was not misery enough, a resentful Washington topped its performance by effectively stealing $7 billion from the Afghan central bank: that is, funds that belong to roughly 40 million battered Afghan citizens.

Now, exiled Afghans are getting together trying to prevent relatives from 9/11 victims in the US to seize $3.5 billion of these funds to pay off debts allegedly owed by the Taliban – who have absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

Unlawful does not even begin to qualify the confiscation of assets from an impoverished nation afflicted by a currency in free fall, high inflation and a terrifying humanitarian crisis, whose only ‘crime’ was to defeat the imperial occupation on the battleground fair and square. By any standards, would that persist, the qualification of international war crime applies. And collateral damage, in this case, will mean the termination of any “credibility” still enjoyed by the “indispensable nation.”

The full amount of foreign reserves should be unequivocally returned to the Afghan Central Bank. Yet everyone knows that’s not going to happen. At best, a limited monthly installment will be released, barely enough to stabilize prices and allow average Afghans to buy essentials such as bread, cooking oil, sugar and fuel."

You might think that the 'norms' and the ‘rules-based international order' would not encompass outright theft, but you would be wrong. 

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