Friday, July 01, 2022

Every hero eats their yogurt in a different style

""Lysychansk Boiler" Residents In Ukraine & Russian Controlled Speak Out" (Lancaster). 

"Clouds of Suspicion In Crimea. Peskov DENIES Note Delivered to Putin - Inside Russia Report" (iEarlGrey).

"Mike Krupa And His Excellent Piece." and "Hey, Give Fox A Credit." (Martyanov).  "Polish Dissident Anti-War Voices on the Rise" (Krupa).  Another massive gulf between the corrupt, degenerate Euro-trash who purport to 'lead' directly into war and conflict, and the average person on the street.

"The scuttling of peace in Europe" (Meyssan).  Intermarium.

"Ukraine - The Bear Caught The Kraken By Using This Trick" (Moon of Alabama).  It is odd that the Russians have had so much trouble with Kharkov.

"Covid-19 May Have Originated in US Biolab – Lancet Commission Chair".  "Jeffrey Sachs Presents Evidence of Possible Lab Origin of COVID-19" (Lerner).

There is no way this crowd wasn't completely vetted and created, as the evil dictator Blackface Trudeau, the most hated man in Canada, cannot travel in public without a huge crowd of very tall security, completely insulating him from any possibility of public contact:

"Bolivia Angrily Rejects Bolsonaro’s Añez Asylum Offer".  What a nasty bit of 'diplomacy' from Brazil!

If you look at the limo involved, Trump's alleged actions are physically impossible: 

I'm certainly not in favor of governments pushing people around, but this seems like a measured response to discussion of violence: 

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