Friday, July 01, 2022

Hostile powers

"Why Does China Own So Much of Ukraine?:  Other countries should be careful about allowing sales of farmland to hostile powers." (Braw).  "Bill Gates wins legal approval to buy huge swath of North Dakota farmland worth $13.5M after outcry from residents who say they are being exploited by the ultra-rich" (Griffith). 

"The insufferable hypocrisy of Western governments hell-bent on destroying Julian Assange" (Lhatoo). 

"Overview of U.S. Military Supplies to Ukraine" (South Front). 

"Google will start removing abortion clinic visits from users’ location history" (Bell).  Will they, though?  "Police sweep Google searches to find suspects. The tactic is facing its first legal challenge." (Schuppe).

The odd lack of urgency about all energy matters is suspicious:  "Biden Admin Halts 2nd Largest US LNG Plant From Restarting Operations After Blast" (Durden).

"Green Energy’s Dirty Secret: Its Hunger for African Resources" (van Staden):
"What the parliamentarians didn’t mention: The world cannot mine and refine the vast amounts of minerals that go into batteries—lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese, palladium, and others—at anywhere close to the scale for this rapid transition to electric vehicles (EVs) to occur. The dirty secret of the green revolution is its insatiable hunger for resources from Africa and elsewhere that are produced using some of the world’s dirtiest technologies. What’s more, the accelerated shift to batteries now threatens to replicate one of the most destructive dynamics in global economic history: the systematic extraction of raw commodities from the global south in a way that made developed countries unimaginably rich while leaving a trail of environmental degradation, human rights violations, and semipermanent underdevelopment all across the developing world."
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