Saturday, July 02, 2022

Managed retrogrades

"Replacing Ukraine's Dwindling Air Defenses & Kiev's "Managed Retrogrades" in Donbass" (The New Atlas). 

It sounds like the recession is already here:  "Recession Fears Could Derail The Global Metals Boom" (Ag Metal Miner).

"Lysichansk Is Under Control Of The Russian Side" (Moon of Alabama).

"How the Pentagon Uses a Secretive Program to Wage Proxy Wars" (Turse/Speri):

"The documents and interviews provide the most detailed picture yet of an obscure funding authority that allows American commandos to conduct counterterrorism operations “by, with, and through” foreign and irregular partner forces around the world. Basic information about these missions — where they are conducted, their frequency and targets, and the foreign forces the U.S. relies on to carry them out — are unknown even to most members of relevant congressional committees and key State Department personnel.

Through 127e, the U.S. arms, trains, and provides intelligence to foreign forces. But unlike traditional foreign assistance programs, which are primarily intended to build local capacity, 127e partners are then dispatched on U.S.-directed missions, targeting U.S. enemies to achieve U.S. aims. “The foreign participants in a 127-echo program are filling gaps that we don’t have enough Americans to fill,” a former senior defense official involved with the program told The Intercept. “If someone were to call a 127-echo program a proxy operation, it would be hard to argue with them.”

Retired generals with intimate knowledge of the 127e program — known in military parlance as “127-echo” — say that it is extremely effective in targeting militant groups while reducing risk to U.S. forces. But experts told The Intercept that use of the little-known authority raises grave accountability and oversight concerns and potentially violates the U.S. Constitution."

"New York Times: Spurred By The Supreme Court, A Nation Divides Along a Red-Blue Axis" ('Hunter Wallace'): 

"When the Union was dissolved in the 1860s, it was due to the abolitionists who were the libtards of their time. A critical mass of Southerners came to believe after the John Brown raid on Harper’s Ferry that they couldn’t trust these people to hew to the Constitution. They couldn’t live in the same Union with people who wanted to spark a race war to kill them. The moral fanaticism of the abolitionists is what broke the Union. Slavery was just the occasion of the war. It was the issue on which the cultural divide was centered. Were it not for slavery, the morbid imagination of these people would have been fixated on some other issue. They swiftly moved on from abolition to other issues like civil rights and women’s suffrage.

Abortion acts the same way in our own times. America isn’t rifting apart over abortion. It is due to these deeper cultural differences. Abortion is merely the incident or occasion of disunion. It is part of a whole cluster of issues which overlap and divide traditionalists and modernists. The same people who are pro-life are also opposed to gay marriage and trans and want to restrict immigration. If the Supreme Court had ended affirmative action or gay marriage instead of abortion this term, it would have pleased and disappointed the same people. There are now dozens of fronts in the culture war.

The libtards are now saying in unison that the Supreme Court is a “rogue court” and illegitimate. Many of the most honest libtards like Elie Mystal, the justice correspondent for The Nation, denounce the Constitution as a pact between white supremacists. This is how abolitionists and Republicans responded to the Dred Scott decision. They vowed to disregard the authority of the Supreme Court because in the words of William Seward, Lincoln’s Secretary of State, there was a “higher law” than the Constitution.

We’re now about as far away from a secession crisis as the Dred Scott decision was to the War Between the States. James Buchanan was inaugurated as president a few days before the Dred Scott decision. The Union was dissolved over the outcome of the 1860 election. John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry occurred about two and half years after the Dred Scott decision.

The road ahead is coming into sharper focus – in quick succession, the country spirals into a recession as we approach the 2022 midterms, Liz Cheney is destroyed in her primary after all the revelations of the 1/6 Committee, Ukraine’s spectacular collapse in the fall and winter undermines Joe Biden’s presidency, Twitter falls to “white supremacy,” Democrats lose control of Congress in the 2022 midterms, Dump announces his 2024 Revenge Tour, Democrats demand that Merrick Garland indict Dump over 1/6, the shock and awe at the Supreme Court continues with decision after decision going against the libtards with each body blow dialing up the hysteria about the death of “democracy” at the hands of “authoritarianism,” Joe Biden, who is struggling with advancing senility, announces he isn’t running for president after his poll numbers crater into the 20s. Finally, Dump likely runs and defeats Kamala Harris in 2024.

Progressives are sent into an epic meltdown after losing to Russia, losing Congress, losing the White House to Trump and multiple generation defining defeats at the Supreme Court. They blame the gerontocracy that now rules the Democratic Party who are thrown out and replaced with more AOCs. Are they capable of digesting “trauma” on this scale, regrouping and launching a comeback or do they explode in another nihilistic tantrum bigger than the George Floyd riots?"

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