Friday, July 01, 2022

Recruiting crisis

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 01.07.2022" (Military Summary). 

"Oil price caps, blockades and more sanctions w/Tom Luongo (Live)" (The Duran).  I'm always surprised at how alt right The Duran is.  This is not a criticism, just not what I would have expected.

A white nationalist perspective on 'woke globalism':  "We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us" (Hood).  "Army Drops Requirement for High School Diploma Amid Recruiting Crisis" (Beynon).  A recruiting crisis is a low-key political boycott, coupled in the American case with severe problems with the entire society.

I think Erdoğan gets away with being Erdoğan by being very diplomatic and affable in person:


"NATO Just Officially Restarted the Cold War" (Bosnic). 

"Ukraine Is The Latest Neocon Disaster" (Sachs).

"U.S. Reveals Weapon Supplies to Ukraine. Creates Special Agency" (South Front).

"Sitrep Operation Z: SloMo Collapse" (Saker Staff). 

"Some Off The Cuff Remarks." (Martyanov).

"‼️ We Are Z" (Batiushka).

Iraq is slowly getting its revenge for the American attack on it:  "Russia’s Middle East Footprint Expands With New Iran-Iraq Plan" (Watkins).  "Iraq Prevents Washington from Rallying the Arab World around Israel" (Odintsov). 

"Ecuador gov’t, Indigenous leaders reach deal to end protests".

"Open Letter to the BBC: Every Article is a Lie to Attack Nicaragua" (McCurdy).

Lira's controversial - to say the least - views on Allende and Pinochet, a thread:

Also, a thread on his thesis that the CIA had nothing to do with the 1973 coup ("Kissinger and Chile: The Declassified Record").
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