Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Administrative detainees

"Breaking Pakistan's Donald Trump - With Tom Luongo, Alexander Mercouris & Munib Hamid" and "Q & A: End of abundance" (The Duran).

"Gorbachev. Kherson fake out, Kharkov counteroffensive? 10k euro electricity bill, why? Update 1" and "EU suspends Russia travel visa. EU buys China LNG, which is Russia LNG. EU TikTok infowar. Update 2" (Christoforou).

"Russia Claims Massive Ukraine Losses in Kherson; Europe in Energy Crisis Turns to China for Gas" (Mercouris).

"Russian Kherson Counter- Counter-Offensive [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Scott Ritter - Ukraine Russia War Latest" (Napolitano).

"Palestinian Territories: Detainee Khalil Awawdeh suffers from acute dyspnea and time is running out to save him":

"Administrative detainees are held for months or years without indictment, and lawyers are frequently denied access to the evidence the court relies on for extending detention orders. The evidence is allegedly classified intelligence information, in blatant violation of fair trial guarantees and conditions.

Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by Israel in 1991, prohibits arbitrary arrest or detention and states, “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention. No one shall be deprived of his liberty except on such grounds and in accordance with such procedure as are established by law.”"

"Palestinian prisoner suspends hunger strike following release deal" (Chacar/al-Mughrabi ).  

Drinking water from sewage

"Map Analysis and News [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 184-187 (26-29/8) - Kherson offensive: Ukr captured Blahodatne, Liubomyrivka" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 31.08.2022" (Military Summary).

"Britons need to be ‘less squeamish’ about drinking water from sewage, says agency head" (Vinter). 

"The Economic Case for ‘Blue Hydrogen’ Is Getting Worse. Cue the Lobbyists." (Mikulka):

"Blue hydrogen is the industry name for hydrogen, an energy carrier, that is created from natural gas but would theoretically employ carbon capture technology to prevent the resulting carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere. However, as DeSmog has previously reported, carbon capture has failed to work in blue hydrogen production facilities at rates that would qualify the hydrogen as “clean.”"

So, like electric vehicles, another ridiculous billionaire scheme to whitewash the burning of fossil fuels, with no doubt other environmental damage to boot. The mappings of those promoting it contain the lowest form of scum on the planet.

"Robert Scheer: Remembering Mikhail Gorbachev, the Greatest Modern Champion of World Peace".

The most disturbing thing is that the Euro-trash are completely happy with what is going on in Europe, a thread:

A defining feature of today's 'leadership' is a complete cluelessness about the real world. 

Don't Europeans care about the sacred, Nazi, borders of Ukraine?:

Sorry about your mother’s café

"Ukraine War Day #189: In The Tradition Of Ilovaisk" (yalensis). 

"Ukraine - A Frontline Report - Vanishing Foreign Weapons" (Moon of Alabama).

"LIVE STREAM: Wednesday August 31st 2022 - News From Saint Petersburg" (iEarlGrey). 

"US-backed Proxy War Against China Rages in Myanmar" (The New Atlas).

A thread:

""How In The Name Of God": Shocked Europeans Post Astronomical Energy Bills As 'Terrifying Winter' Approaches" (Durden).  The guillotines needed to be used months ago.

The hosers hosed

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 189". 

"General Front Update Kherson / Pisky / Izyum / UN [Ukraine war map analysis]" and "Full Front Update and Analysis 31/08 Kherson and Izyum Counter Offensive [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"60% of HIMARS have been destroyed, a pro-Ukrainian source claims" (Nikolov).  Also!"  "‘Wooden’ HIMARS vs real Russian Kalibr – that’s what WP claims".

"Bad old days of corruption in Ukraine’s mining sector could be back" (Semchuk).

"The US Is Making Russia Incredibly Powerful" (Schryver).

"Ukraine: Somewhere between Afghanization and Syrianization" (Escobar):

"The Telegram channel Rybar (with over 640k followers) and hacker group Beregini revealed in an investigation that Kazakhstan was selling weapons to Ukraine, which translates as de facto treason against their own Russian allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). Consider too that Kazakhstan is also part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the EAEU, the two hubs of the Eurasian-led multipolar order.

As a consequence of the scandal, Kazakhstan was forced to officially announce the suspension of all weapons exports until the end of 2023.

It began with hackers unveiling how Technoexport – a Kazakh company – was selling armed personnel carriers, anti-tank systems and munitions to Kiev via Jordanian intermediaries, under the orders of the United Kingdom. The deal itself was supervised by the British military attaché in Nur-Sultan, the Kazakh capital.

Nur-Sultan predictably tried to dismiss the allegations, arguing that Technoexport had not asked for export licenses. That was essentially false: the Rybar team discovered that Technoexport instead used Blue Water Supplies, a Jordanian firm, for those. And the story gets even juicier. All the contract documents ended up being found in the computers of Ukrainian intel.

Moreover, the hackers found out about another deal involving Kazspetsexport, via a Bulgarian buyer, for the sale of Kazakh Su-27s, airplane turbines and Mi-24 helicopters. These would have been delivered to the US, but their final destination was Ukraine.

The icing on this Central Asian cake is that Kazakhstan also sells significant amounts of Russian – not Kazakh – oil to Kiev.

So it seems that Nur-Sultan, perhaps unofficially, somehow contributes to the ‘Afghanization’ in the war in Ukraine. No diplomatic leaks confirm it, of course, but bets can be made Putin had a few things to say about that to President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in their recent – cordial – meeting."

"China Is Aggressively Reselling Russian Gas To Europe" (Durden).  With a big mark-up, all so Euro-trash can pretend to be hurting Russia!  Also:  "Japanese Firm Signs New LNG Deal With Russia's Sakhalin-2" (Paraskova).

Blackface Trudeau has joined ISIS!:  "Shamima Begum 'was smuggled into Syria by a Canadian SPY': New book claims London teen and her schoolfriends were helped by agent – who then helped Ottawa cover up the scandal" (Pyman). 

"First Of Hundreds Of Iranian Drones Delivered To Russia For Ukraine War: Pentagon" (Durden).

"Speak of the Devil." (Martyanov).

"The conflict in Ukraine is precipitating the end of Western domination" (Meyssan):

". . . President Emmanuel Macron is currently in Algeria. He is trying to reconcile the two nations and to buy gas to counteract the shortage he has helped to cause. He is aware that he is a little late, after his allies (Italy and Germany) have done their shopping. On the other hand, he tried to believe wrongly that the main Franco-Algerian problem was colonization. He does not realize that trust is impossible because France supports Algeria’s worst enemies, the jihadists in Syria and the Sahel. He does not make the link between his lack of diplomatic relations with Syria, his eviction from Mali [5] and the coldness with which he is received in Algiers.

It is true that the French do not know what jihadists are. They have just judged, in the biggest trial of the century, the attacks on Saint-Denis, the terraces of Paris and the Bataclan (November 13, 2015), without being able to ask the question of state support for jihadists. In doing so, far from showing their sense of justice, they have shown their cowardice. They have shown themselves to be terrorized by a handful of men, while Algeria experienced tens of thousands during its civil war and still does in the Sahel.

While Russia and China are advancing, the West is not standing still, it is retreating. It will continue to fall as long as it does not clarify its policy, as long as it does not put an end to its double standards of moral judgment and as long as it does not stop its double dealing."

Also:  "The Symbolism of the “Warm” Reception Macron Faced in Algeria" (Danilov).  Consistently using jihadists as proxy armies around the world is finally catching up to the West.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Keep the squeeze going

"Zelensky's Kherson Counteroffensive. Boris happy, Zaluzhny not happy" (The Duran). 

"Roundtable #16: Jackson Hinkle, RazorFist, Alex Stein" (Lira).  Animated discussion.

"Scott Ritter on When the Shooting Stops;the Road Map of Weapons; Nuclear Power Plant in Zaporizhzhia" (Through the eyes of).

"Ukraine War [05 August] - Clashes reach Bakhmut & Soledar - Ukraine improves position on Izium Front" (Military Lab.).

"Ukrainian Counter Offensive Fizzles Out After Political Push to Launch" (Johnson).

"Not Again, Please." (Martyanov).

"America’s Wars Take on a Divisive Edge" (Crooke):

". . . Before Putin relinquishes the pressure on EU nations, he is still likely to insist that American influence from Western Europe is withdrawn, or at the least that Europe begins to act fully autonomously in its own interest.

There is little doubt this was on Putin’s mind when he launched the ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine. He must have anticipated NATO’s reaction in imposing its Russia sanctions – from which the latter (very unexpectedly for the West), has profited greatly. It is the EU which has been badly crushed, with a squeeze that Putin can intensify at will.

The drama is still playing out. Putin needs to keep up some pressure on Ukraine to keep the squeeze going. He likely, is not ready to compromise. Winter in the EU will be tougher still, with energy and food shortages likely to lead to social turmoil. Putin will only stop when the Europeans have experienced enough pain to chart a different strategic course – and to break with the U.S. and NATO."

"Mikhail Gorbachev, last Soviet leader, dies aged 91". A thread:

Monkey head

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] 184-187 (26-29/8)- Ukr take Soldatske, Lozove, Sukhyi Stavok, Mazanivka, Dmytivka" (Defense Politics Asia).  Sensible comments about not counting the Ukrainian offensive out too soon.

"Severodonetsk Truth" (Phillips).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 30.08.2022" (Military Summary).  A second possible counter-offensive for Ukraine.

"Biden’s Demand of ‘Unconditional Surrender’ to Russia Will Fail" (Napolitano with MacGregor).

"Kherson Front Update and Summary 30/08 (Ukraine Counter Offensive) [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"First Results of Ukrainian Counteroffensive in Kherson Region" (South Front). 

"Ukraine War “News Fatigue” Consolidated as Concern for Winter Grows" (Adel).

A thread about the real, sensible peace deal, scuppered by Boris):

Biowarfare Czar

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 188". 

"Russia has faced 'failures' with Iranian-made drones, says U.S. official".  Conceding that Iranian drones are in the Russian picture.

"Ukraine - A 'Counteroffensive' That Was Destined To Fail" (Moon of Alabama).

Another country makes a positive choice:  "Solomon Islands suspends all naval visits: US embassy".  "Solomon Islands Denying Port Calls To US Military Vessels As China Influence Grows" (Durden).  "The Solomon Islands and the Perils of ‘Great Power Competition’" (Larison).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Sic Transit Gloria Americae." (Martyanov).

"Washington Recruiting Afghan Pilots to Fight in Ukraine" (Leiroz).

"A Death in Moscow" (Giraldi).  It is pure 'strategy of tension', part of the (((neocon))) plan for regime change in Russia.

"How France Underdevelops Africa" (Chowdhury/Kwame).

This seems important:  "How Dick Cheney created Anthony Fauci" (Rindsberg).  Fauci is the secret Biowarfare Czar.

"In the case of research-based bioweapons preparedness, Cheney’s masterstroke was to remove the fragmented biodefence research programmes from various departments, institutes and centres, and place them under the aegis of a single institute: the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), led then, as now, by Anthony Fauci.

A 2003 NIAID article detailed what this shift meant for the relatively obscure public health agency: “In 2003, NIAID was assigned lead responsibility… for civilian biodefence research with a focus on research and early development of medical countermeasures against terrorist threats from infections diseases and radiation exposures. NIAID later assumed responsibility for coordinating the NIH-wide effort to develop medical countermeasures against threats to the civilian population.” While the statement is laden with references to “civilian research”, it included a crucial caveat that explains much about its role right through the Covid-19 pandemic: “Because new potentially deadly pathogens, such as avian influenza, may be naturally occurring as well as deliberately introduced by terrorists, NIAID’s biodefence research is integrated into its larger emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases portfolio.” 

In other words, as far as NIAID was concerned, there was no meaningful administrative distinction between biodefence and scientific research. With the stroke of Cheney’s pen, all United States biodefence efforts, classified or unclassified, were placed under the aegis of Anthony Fauci. So important was this new command structure that a representative from the office of Scooter Libby, Cheney’s powerful chief of staff, was physically placed in NIAID headquarters in Washington during the transition to function as “a kind of political commissar” from the vice president’s office. This gave Fauci unparalleled access to not just Cheney, but President Bush, to whom he had an open channel.

Fauci now had a virtual carte blanche to not merely approve but design and run the kind of research projects he sought — and could do so with no oversight structure above him. Biodefence projects that formerly would have fallen under the authority of military or intelligence agencies were now under his direct supervision.  

It’s this that explains one of the most bewildering irregularities surrounding Anthony Fauci: his compensation. As widely reported, Fauci is the highest paid member of the federal government, out-earning the President, four-star generals, senators, and Super Court Justices. His salary roughly doubled that of his own (nominal) boss, until recently, NIH director Francis Collins. Fauci’s giant pay packet can be traced back to 2004, the year after NIAID was made the country’s top biodefence authority agency. According to a report by Forbes, that year NIH deputy director Raynard S. Kingston wrote a formal memo to the agency’s director, Elias Zerhouni “to request that the current retention allowance [amount redacted] for Dr. Anthony S. Fauci be converted… in order to appropriately compensate him for the level of his responsibly in his current position of Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), especially as it relates to his work on biodefence research activities.”"

Also explaining why he stuck around for so long, as COVID was, as we now know, an instance of blowback American biowarfare against China and Iran that Fauci was supposed to manage.  To some extent, the terrible American health results from a terrible public health approach to COVID were part of another Pentagon experiment.

The plan is for the billionaires and their cloud of credentialed assistants to live their normal, privileged, lives, while a greatly reduced population of worker drones live in near poverty, eating government cheese and government bugs, kept alive enough to produce more profits for the billionaires, but with not a penny more.  Schwab and his minions have said as much, in so many words.  I have no fucking idea why anyone involved in this open project is still allowed to live, although the 'leaders' in Europe are still alive, and thriving, even after the unforgiveable crimes they have committed, and are continuing to commit, so what do I know?

The Ukraine flag in your Twitter handle

"Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan Deepen Cooperation to Bypass Western Sanctions" (Adel).  Classic Russian diplomacy, unknown in the West, doing mutually-beneficial deals while Azerbaijan is again attacking Russian ally Armenia.

"Ukraine War Day #188: Ukrainian Counter-Offensive" (yalensis).

"Russian FSB Identified Second Ukrainian Citizen Who Took Part in Dugina’s Assassination" (South Front).

"LIVE STREAM: Tuesday August 30th 2022 - News From Saint Petersburg" (iEarlGrey).

"Full Front Analysis (Ukraine counteroffensive day 2) [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Chris Hedges: Ukraine & the Politics of Permanent War" (Hedges).

"Democrats and Republicans Pretend They Have Massive, Unbridgeable Differences So They Can Unite Seamlessly on War" (Tracey).

Turtle distraction

"Europe's Economic And Social Suicide - Provoked by The U.S. And Helped Along By Europe's Leaders" (Moon of Alabama). 

"Operation "Thermostat"." (Martyanov).

"Doctrine-Mongering (Andrei Martyanov)" (Martyanov).

"Biden’s New Crisis–Is He U.S. Losing Control of Iraq?" and "The Start of the Unraveling of the Trump Mar a Lago Raid" (Johnson).

"SPYGATE, THE GRAPHIC NOVEL: Chapter 9 - When Lisa Met Pete" (Spackle).

"Ukronazi “good terrorists” – a who’s who (infographic)" (The Saker).

""Get The F*** Out Of This Province!" Canadian Deputy PM Pounced On In Alberta" (Durden).  Given the righteous hatred that every Canadian has to feel for her, it is bizarre she doesn't have a huge swarm of security around her, like Blackface always has.

"Vostok-2022 Exercises: Another Sign of the End of the Unipolar World Order" (Viable Opposition).

"Standoff on Ukrainian Front Lines" (South Front).

"Russia-Ukraine war: The western threat of nuclear annihilation" (Massad).

"Heatwave in China is the most severe ever recorded in the world" (Le Page).

The arrest was a publicity stunt:  "Gavin McInnes Mystery Solved" ('Hunter Wallace').

Kiwi Farms is back up.

"Kherson offensive distraction. Borrell refutes travel ban. UK media, Putin shuns Shoigu. Update 1" (Christoforou).

Kherson offensive

""Kherson Offensive" Announced by Western Media" (The New Atlas).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis Of The First Day Of Ukrainian Offensive Operation." (Military Summary).  Less dismissive of the Ukrainian attack than most.

"Kherson Front Update (Ukraine Counterattack) [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Ukraine War [29 August] - Ukraine takes back several villages - Kherson Counter-offensive begins???" (Military Lab.).

"First Results of Ukrainian Counteroffensive in Kherson Region" (South Front).

"Ukraine SITREP: the promised “major Ukrainian counter-attack” ends in disaster".

Monday, August 29, 2022

Kill list

"LIVE STREAM: Monday August 29th 2022 - News From Saint Petersburg" (iEarlGrey).  There's a funny video almost at the end.

"Full Front Analysis (Russian Axis of Attack) [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 29.08.2022" (Military Summary).  The Kherson offensive begins!

"[ Southern Front ] "The Great Ukrainian Kherson Offensive" is here! Fighting across entire front!" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Russophobia: the Last Acceptable Form of Racism" and "Myrotvorets - the Kiev Regime's Kill List" (Sleboda).

"End of abundance w/Gonzalo Lira (live)" (The Duran).

"Russia Repels Ukraine Attacks in Kherson, Advances Kodema & Donetsk; EU Continues Slide into Crisis" (Mercouris).

The indigenous American berserk

"A Good Explanation..." and "Dreams In the End of Summer." (Martyanov). 

"The NY Times Spins While Ukrainian Officials Contradict Themselves" (Johnson):

"What would be compelling evidence of Ukrainian success? How about having embedded western reporters accompanying Ukrainian troops who are chasing retreating Russian units? We are not seeing that. During the Vietnam War, U.S. correspondents were on the front lines with U.S. military personnel. The results of battles were recorded in writing and in video clips. Those reports ultimately played a role in persuading the American public that the military triumph over the North Vietnamese being proclaimed by the Pentagon was a pack of lies. Fifty years later we are witnessing the Pentagon parading lies about alleged Ukrainian success in order to try to maintain domestic support for a losing cause.

The absence of daily front line reports from journalists on the ground showing Ukrainian advances is a critical intelligence indicator of who is winning the battles in the Donbas. When a journalist has to rely on the boasts and spin from a Pentagon official to “prove” success in Ukraine, it is one more piece of evidence that Ukraine is in trouble."

For those interested in issues of free speech, long Rekieta interview of Null from Kiwi Farms:  "The Null Position".  "Campaign pushes Cloudflare to drop trans hate site" (Rosenberg).

"General Front Update 29/08 [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"EU ready to ban all Russians. Algeria, Macron booed, Blame Turkey. Masterclass Clowns. Update 1" (Christoforou).  The anti-Russia visa changes are just another step along the road to the dissolution of the EU, and thus should be warmly supported by everybody.

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 187".

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Ukraine War Day #187: Friends With Benefits" (yalensis).

"Will Europe Go Down to Defeat Before Ukraine?" (Smith):

"In theory, the EU could try to make up to Russia. But the time for that has passed. It isn’t just that too many key European players like Ursula von der Leyen and Robert Habeck are too deeply invested in Russia-hatred to retreat. Even if there were blood in the street come December, they wouldn’t be turfed out quickly enough."

"Pakistan floods death toll passes 1,000, say officials" (Baloch).

In case you thought the Euro-trash could not possibly be worse:

Davis on Fox!: 

"To Write Off its Debt, the US Stages Wars Everywhere" (Platov):

"The China Society for Human Rights Studies, in a special analysis piece titled “Severe Humanitarian Disasters Caused by US Aggressive Wars Against Foreign Countries,” has calculated how many wars and humanitarian disasters have been caused by US aggressive foreign policy in the name of world domination. Specifically, it shows that from the end of World War II to 2001, the United States orchestrated 201 of 248 armed conflicts in 153 regions of the world. This does not include wars unleashed by Washington in the Middle East. In addition, the United States has interfered in the affairs of other countries, supported proxy wars, instigated civil wars and separatist conflicts beneficial to the United States, fomented anti-government insurgencies, committed assassinations, supplied arms and munitions, and trained anti-government forces. As a result, the United States has inflicted enormous damage on the social stability and public safety of many countries, including mass casualties, production stoppages, waves of refugees, and social unrest."

"Americans Are Criminally Insane" (Romanoff).  The comments are filled with the salty tears of Americans, ashamed to have been 'named'.  Americans really do remind me of Khazars, violent psychos with a superiority complex.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

CIA Turkey panic

"Russia Inflicting Heavy Losses on Ukraine Reportedly Captured Kodema; Economic Crisis Deepens Europe" (Mercouris).

"Elensky, political upheaval by winter. CNN, Ukraine resistance blueprint. CIA Turkey panic. Update 2" (Christoforou).

"Map Analysis and Q&A (New Microphone Test) [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"US-China Tensions Over Taiwan Update (Aug 29, 2022) - US Warships in Taiwan Strait" (The New Atlas).

"Ukraine War [28 August]-Wagner soldiers geo-located in Kodema, Ukrainians counter attack on Vuhledar" (Military Lab.).

They didn’t care

"Diplomatic Immunity, American-Style" (Romanoff). 

"US License in Syria Violates Syrian Sovereignty" (Sabbagh).  Americans have taken so many shekels over the years they are turning into Khazars, with the same basic comfort about theft.

"Deadly Clashes In Tripoli May Signal Imminent Libyan Civil War" (Durden).

"Maria Zakharova responds to Zuckerberg’s FBI revelations".

Ironic payback is a bitch (but is hilarious to watch):

The silly Poles should give us a call to give a shit when their love of life again surpasses their love of hate. 

A conspiracy thread on the US Open:

Also: Gab.

"Libya fighting erupts. Vucic and EU, agree to disagree. Hungary, no more energy sanctions. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 28.08.2022" (Military Summary).

Reprehensible and vile

"Q & A: Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan"

The creation of mythologies to deal with humiliation:  "The Humiliation of France" (Saul).  This history has obvious application to Europe today.

"Iran reviewing US nuclear deal response as Qatar mediates" (Motamedi).  The sheer number of Israeli officials swanning around Washington, and a hint that the Americans are negotiating almost in good faith, indicates that there might be something real here.  On the other hand, shekels are determinative in Washington.

And Britain:  "Campaign to silence rapper and campaigner Lowkey reaches new low".

And Canada:  "‘Reprehensible and vile’: Anti-racism group loses federal funding over antisemitic tweets" (Gallant):

"Controversy erupted due to tweets posted by the centre’s senior consultant, Laith Marouf, including one that said, “You know all those loud mouthed bags of human feces, a.k.a. the Jewish White Supremacists; when we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they come from, they will return to being low voiced bitches of (their) Christian/Secular White Supremacist Masters.”"

Where's the lie?  And then:  "Liberal MP apologizes for tweet implying professor was racist" (Major).

"Tel Aviv hiding evidence of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from public: Israeli media".

"CIA Paying Agents Who Suffer From A Likely Fake Illness" (Anzalone).  Everybody working for the CIA must have some type of severe psychological illness.  CIA headquarters is really just a mental hospital.

"Leaked slides detail YouTube’s Ukraine censorship – journalist".

""This Is Beyond Imagination": Polish Homeowners Line Up For Days To Buy Coal Ahead Of Winter" (Durden).  Get on your knees, apologize profusely to Russia, get rid of your 'leaders' in whatever way seems appropriate, and get hooked back up to that sweet Russian gas.  But I guess hating Russians is more fun.  It is impossible to feel sorry for people who refuse to do anything to save themselves, when saving themselves would be so easy.

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"'Will Russia turn gas back on?' EU chaos as Putin could deal fatal blow in energy war" (Spirlet).  "Wave Of European Ammonia Plant Closures To Exacerbate Food Crisis" (Durden).  Europeans who plan on taking out the trash when things get really bad are going to find they waited too long.

Checkered past

"US Navy Enters Taiwan Straits. Former UK Ambassador Arrested. RU Company Profits +25%." (iEarlGrey).

Grim nails Dersh, who looks like a homeless person, to the wall for his hypocrisy as a notorious canceller now trying to flog his anti-cancel-culture book: 

The Khazars invented cancellation as a method of patrolling any possible criticism of their violent racist group supremacist genocide and land theft program. 

"Illegal kings on Palestinian land" (Jongebloed).

"Did Scholz Go to Canada to Take a Shower?" (Danilov).  It is indeed odd that he made a big show of going to Canada to obtain energy when he already knew for certain that the answer would be no. 

While the evil Blackface Trudeau is the face of Canadian tyranny, the real dictator of Canada is The Nazi, propped up in power by the worst traitor in Canadian history (easily), the Traitor Singh:  "Canadian Media Once Called Azov Neo-Nazis. Now They Hide That Fact" (Mastracci/Cosh).

"Ukraine Claimed It Didn’t Know Russia Would Invade. Evidence Says Otherwise" (Davis).

"Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant Under Fire" (South Front).

"How blackmail controls the United States || Whitney Webb" (Morrow).

"Former Phoenix reporter who broke story of Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting found dead" (Torres).  Arkancide can take a while.

A lack of empathy

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 186".

"Videos of the Ground War in Ukraine–Ukraine Attacks Thwarted" (Johnson).

"A Friend Of Mine..." and "Scott Ritter On Mearsheimer." (Martyanov).  "A nuclear showdown? One of the greatest 'realist' fears about the Russia-Ukraine conflict is actually groundless, and here's why" (Ritter).  I like the idea that sanctions are employed, not because they work, but because the American and European sadists enjoy inflicting harm on people.

The government for which the Euro-trash decided to lead Europe to penury:  "Ukraine War Day #186: Il Padrone" (yalensis).

"Bakhmut Front Update! Kodema Fallen, what's next? [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union). 

"Nikolaev evacuation or retreat? Bulgaria to Gazprom, let's talk. US to Serbia, join the EU. Update 1 Topic 673" and "EU Serbia Kosovo, we have a deal. Ruble & Rupee. Angola MIR. Finland toilet paper shortage. Update 2" (Christoforou).

"Russia Grinds Down Ukraine Forces in Donbass, Finds Counters to HIMARS; EU 'Running Out of Oil, Gas'" (Mercouris).

"Calls Between Energy Traders, UK Grid Operator Reveal Power Crisis Might Be Far Worse Than Expected" (Durden).

"German Lawmakers Break Ranks, Demand Halt To Weapons For Ukraine Amid "Escalation Spiral"" (Durden).

"Russia’s Military Operation in Ukraine: Goals, Tactics and Strategy, Including Potential Ones" (Dubrovsky):

"The Russian army in a limited contingent (about 130,000), which suffered significant losses in the first weeks of the operation, quickly reorganised and changed tactics, focusing on remote “Uragan” artillery fire (several thousand shells daily), as well as the use of high-precision missiles and aircraft, destroying them as weapons warehouses and infrastructure, as well as destroying advanced Ukrainian defensive lines. As a result, personnel losses were reduced to a minimum with a simultaneous catastrophic increase in losses among the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Land units (first of all, PMCs, units of the L/DPR People’s Militia and Chechen units) come into direct fire contact only at the final stage, making a sweep of the captured lines with the remnants of manpower that were subjected to heavy Russian artillery fire. This is already making a tremendous impression on Western military experts and, most importantly, breaks the traditional idea that the losses of the attackers are always much higher than the defenders, which was the expectation."

A thread:

"New Normal Germany’s Geisterfahrer Geist" (Hopkins).  Forced ostentatious making of the proles is a big part of the total billionaire plan. 

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Dialogue With Idiots & Liars

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"The Futility of Dialogue With Idiots & Liars" (Strategic Culture Foundation).

"Ground beneath Zelensky’s feet is shifting" (Bhadrakumar).  His fate still is determined by his NATO bodyguards.  One day, if they mysteriously disappear, Ze will know the end is near.  A combination of cocaine and worrying about when that day will come is hard on the nervous system.

"Environmentalists Have Turned On The Lithium Industry" (Bradstock).  You know, when you successfully advocate for public policies that turn out to be worse than the existing system which you were supposedly trying to ameliorate, virtuously, you really lose all credibility.  Just as somebody with a calculator in Europe could have determined that Russia would definitively win any sanctions war, somebody could have figured out the environmental costs of making batteries before it was decided to go all in with electric vehicles.

The Nazi versus President Jared:  "Freeland shrugs off criticism in Kushner book, says Canada just responded to a bully".  As usual, Canada ended up with an appallingly terrible deal, as NAFTA has been all along.

"Russian Ops in Ukraine Update (August 27, 2022) - Latest US Military Aid Package "Biggest" Yet" (The New Atlas).  Why is the US unprepared to supply weapons?  They have known this war was coming since at least 2014.

From the Kiwi Farms website, a statement which has a wider significance:

"Kiwi Farms

Downtime Update as of August 26th, 2022

The forum is down because upstream ISPs have blackholed routes to our network. When a computer tries to connect to our servers, the global network has no way to reach them. This is a deliberate action from our host.

They are not answering my emails and I do not know why this has been done. However, prior to going down, we were being targeted by a DDoS attack and other forms of attempted network intrusion. It is likely that these efforts disrupted the entire ISP and forced them to blackhole our network to protect other customers from disruption.

In an ideal situation, they will restore access eventually on their own. I am working on securing the network from DDoS attacks in the mean time. Other service providers are working on a solution which may restore access in the next few days.

Regardless of what happens, I will decentralize our setup across multiple datacenters. In the near future, there will be no single point of failure. Since I acquired my own network, I have been stubborn and complacent in thinking that such a solution would be permanent. I've been aware of this single point of failure, but decided to ignore it, mostly because decentralization would be expensive.

I have received extremely generous offers of support in the last few days. Long-term plans are being developed to keep the site up. However, it's unlikely anything can happen before Monday.

I will keep in touch on Telegram. If that goes down, I will be on Poast
General Statement

The Kiwi Farms is an online discussion forum about people on the Internet. It is without agenda. If you want to talk about a public figure and their presence online, there is likely space to do so on my website. All I ask of my users is that they keep a cool head, a good sense of humor, and stay strictly within the boundaries of US law.

In the digital era, personal reputation has become a very valuable form of capital. Google, Wikipedia, online news outlets, and other large websites allow a public figure meticulous control over their public perception.

When a community of random anonymous nobodies can setup a forum and talk about a person candidly, where this control does not exist, it creates problems for influential people.

The opponents about this forum lies about its purpose and character. They misrepresent our speech as violence, our information as harassment, and our discussions as stalking.

Google cleans up their search results, the news prints their hit pieces, and Wikipedia canonizes those stories as truth. Instantly, the general public is left with one narrative available to them.

The mob then harass innocent people running unrelated third party services by sending emails in the thousands and threatening their families. This mob claims to be oppressed, when they can summon a hundred thousand dollars out of thin air and bend multi-billion dollar organizations to do what they want.

Meanwhile, our website is down through criminal behavior. Any outlet I use to discuss the ongoing attack is also targeted.

They have tried to justify this behavior with the logic that we "do not respond to anything except fear."
What I fear more than losing my site, being sued, or dealing with police is living in a world where fat eunuchs can groom little boys and girls into mutilating their bodies and taking drugs in secret, while normal people are not allowed to even discuss it.

The mob has already planned subsequent targets. Should we stay down, they will then attack 'gender critical' communities - especially those ran by and for women. No place can exist online which permits criticism of their fetishistic lifestyle, and nothing would excite them more than this power and domination struggle being inflicted on a female space instead.

They've made it clear that I and my family will be targeted for abuse and violence regardless of if I keep the site up or let it stay down. I have no reason to do anything but continue forward. Fuck these people.

See you soon,
Joshua Moon


Sanctions create opportunities

"Ep.1.19 Miroslav N. Jovanovic: Economic sanctions - disappointing old wine in new bottles" (Mazarin Geopolitics). 

"General Situation Update 27/08 [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"FBI's Mar-a-Lago Search Affidavit Is Unsealed: CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou Reacts" (Shadowproof).  "JOHN KIRIAKOU: Don’t Charge Trump With Espionage".

"Ukraine War [27 August] - Russia sends lots of equipment in Crimea, Ukrainians defend Hryhorivka" (Military Lab.).

"Ukraine - 'Game Changing' Policy Moves That Ain't Game Changing" (Moon of Alabama).

"Schadenfreude? Iran television casts ‘Spotlight’ on UK and European Union energy crisis" (Doctorow).  "British protest outside energy regulator Ofgem’s hq after price cap jumps 80%".  If, as seems inevitable, we are going to have to draw and quarter the political classes, all of whom are members of the Schwab death cult (anything less than drawing and quartering will just result in an imposition of new death cult clones to replace the existing bunch), why not do it now before they can do the real harm in the winter?  These people have utterly fucked over all non-billionaires, but there is still a tiny window of time to mitigate the worst of the damage.  Of course, the real people who absolutely have to be drawn and quartered are the people who are influencing and blackmailing the Schwab death cult members, the billionaires, and their operatives like Schwab, who are the root cause of the problem.  Ironically, all the awful things they are doing is an attempt by the billionaires to avoid the drawing and quartering that their behavior would normally naturally result in.

"What will an EU economic collapse look like?" (The Duran).

Another upcoming danger is that the Schwab death cult members may decide to send NATO into Ukraine, not because they think it would work, but as a distraction from the winter suffering, buying them enough time to flee to New Zealand, while the rest of us endure nuclear WWIII.  Things may start to move fast.  This is another reason why waiting for them to start to behave responsibly is a really, really bad idea.

This is a good discussion of the sheer madness that is European 'leadership':  "All the way to Odessa" (Escobar).

Possibly a little good news over a 'crisis' that should never have been a crisis:  "EU says Serbia, Kosovo settle dispute over identity documents".  This could have turned into the war with the least possible rationale in world history (although it was of course symbolic of larger problems).

Weird and rubbery

"General Front Update (Ukraine Attempts Counterattacks) [Ukraine war map analysis]" and "The 10 Commandments of Propaganda [Ukraine war analysis]" (Weeb Union). 

"Donbass: War and Progress" (Phillips).  The classic Russian technique.

"Max Blumental: Ukraine War, FBI Weaponization, CIA Smear Campaigns" (Hinkle).  Both entertaining and informative, an excellent interview.

"Gavin McInnes Has Simply Disappeared" (Anglin).  He should have stayed in the chair and allowed the arrest to be filmed.


"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 185".  It looks like Russia temporarily cut the nuclear plant off from the Ukrainian grid in a attempt to get the Ukrainians to stop shelling the plant.  It is a warning of a permanent cut if Ukrainians don't smarten up.  We'll see if it works. 

"How Do I Feel About Russia’s Military Operation in Ukraine?" (Skubchenko).

"Ukraine Independence Day: Is Ukraine Killing her Own People?" (Koenig).

"About the Features of Our Air Defence, in Particular, in Relation to HIMARS" (Knutov).  Good article.

"A Sensation That Went Unnoticed: The UN “Cancelled” Ukraine" (Latyshev).  Why would Britain propose such a statement which it had to have known would turn into such a debacle?  Are they believing too much in their own PR lies?  "Ukraine War Day #185: The Whole World is With Ukraine – Right?" (yalensis).

A National Emergency for Ukraine!:  "Zelensky’s Drug Dealer Detained – Reports" (South Front).

"No. Russia's Iran Relations Do Not Change With The Nuclear Deal." (Moon of Alabama). A deal would instantly reduce the cost of energy around the world, not enough to avoid the recessions caused by the sanctions (and the mangled response to COVID), but enough to make the recessions much less severe.  It would also have a real, but not serious, effect on immediate Russian income streams from selling hydrocarbons.  As we all know, or should know, the deal would be very good for the US, but is being blocked by the spreading by the (((donors))) in Washington of vast piles and piles of shekels.  

American domestic electoral politics is the interesting issue.  It was taken as a given that the Democrats were going to face a complete disaster in the midterms, but that is suddenly not so clear.  They will lose control of the House, but the new crop of MAGA Republicans are not reliable voters for the old Republican policies, and compromises may be possible (think of a whole bunch of people like Thomas Massie or Marjorie Taylor Greene).  The Republicans, as admitted by Mitch, may not be able to take control of the Senate.  Knocking out Roe wasn't the big deal that Democrats hoped it would be, but the over-the-top efforts of Republicans to use it as a battering ram to remove all reproductive rights seems to have concerned the vast majority of the American population.  On top of that, and more important, is the fact that the Trump meddling in primaries has resulted in the Republicans nominating a whole bunch of obvious nut cases to run for the Senate.  Easy wins for the Republicans have turned into Democrat wins.

The upshot is that a reduction in the coming recession, and a decrease in inflation, may result in real gains for the Democrats.  Their cause is not lost.  A deal with Iran which Biden can take credit for may save the day.  Will all those shekels have been wasted?  Will the (((donors))) have to resort to Plan B, the Maxwell blackmail material?  It is possible the (((donors))) may take the L and use it to bargain for more immoral American concessions for Israel.

"The Lawless FBI–a Threat to America’s Constitutional Republic" (Johnson).

Friday, August 26, 2022

A simple chain of pearls

"[ DPA Responds ] To comments on Ukraine SITREPs Day 177-182 (19-24/8)" (these kind of shows aren't usually worth the time as they just cater to the chat, usually for financial reasons of the streamer, and, while I tend to watch all of the videos I post, I had to bail on this one) and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 183 (25/8) Summary - Ukraine counterattack at Vuhledar and Bakhmut regions" (Defense Politics Asia).

"NeoNazi Kraken Guns Down Retreating Ukrainian Troops" and "Kiev Forbids Russian Food & Language" (Sleboda).

"Siversk Front Update (Who has the upper hand?) [Ukraine war map analysis]" and "Map Analysis and Q&A [Ukraine war map analysis]" (another chat Q & A, but more content) and "General Front Update (Huge Russian Tank Column) [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Donbass: War and Progress" (Phillips).

"NYT: "Maternal Instinct Is a Myth That Men Created"" (Sailer):

"Now that feminism, hoist by its own petard of social constructionism, is on the ropes and being pummeled by ruthlessly aggressive men in frocks wearing a simple chain of pearls . . . "


"Zuckerberg goes on Rogan and blows apart FBI, laptop, censorship narrative" and "Zaporozhie NPP disconnected from Ukraine grid. 20% of electric supply lost" (The Duran).

"Germany, 85% gas shortfall. Five more turbines stuck in Canada. Sanna, being PM is hard. Update 1" and "Zuck throws FBI under bus. Macron, end of abundance. The Hague, we need Russian gas. Update 2" (Christoforou).

"Russia Tightens after Ukraine Counterattacks Fail; Zaporozhie NPP Disconnected from Ukraine Grid" (Mercouris).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 26.08.2022" (Military Summary).  A big change in Russian tactics - they now destroy the combat capability of specific Ukrainian units before they push forward into areas which are the responsibility of these destroyed units - may explain the seeming slowing of Russian advances.  If this works, they should be able to make up a lot of territory at once, with fewer Russian casualties.  The Russians have been watching wrecked Ukrainian units just give up, and are learning from it.

"Ukraine War [26 August] - Ukrainians take back Hryhorivka. Russians entrench near Blahodatne" (Military Lab.).

Delusional realism

Delusional Ukraine supporter (so delusional that I really can't recommend it):  "Ep.1.18 Alex Kokcharov: Russia’s war in Ukraine 6 months on: what’s next?" (Mazarin Geopolitics).

"Zaporizhya Front Update (Grand Plan of Russia?) [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 184".

"EU Tug-Of-War Policy on Ukraine Crumbling Further as Member States Diverge" (Bosnic).

"Well..." (Martyanov).

"The Road to Avdeevka & Odessa Is Paved by TOS-1A" (Sitnikov).

"Zelensky’s Lie Revealed: 200 Ukrainian Servicemen Killed by Russian Missiles in Dnepropetrovsk Region" (South Front).


Even American realists have limited connection to reality. 

At daggers drawn

"Why Has Ukraine Not Yet Collapsed?" (HistoryLegends). 

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Combined Arms–a Look at Russian Air Ops in the Donbas" (Johnson).

"Speaking In Purely Military Terms..." (Martyanov).

"Russian allegations of rampant Nazism in Europe" (Doctorow):

"Last night’s panelists argued that the time has come to redress this moral failure of Russia to stand by its former citizens who are Russian-speakers, to offer to repatriate them under attractive conditions.  This would respond to the country’s own economic interests by redressing the demographic challenges Russia is facing as a result of its 1990s collapse and birth rates that then declined precipitously.  And it would be a direct answer to the neo-Nazi movements in Europe which would gladly exacerbate repression among Russians in their midst."

This is the fraudster the Mossad used to give Epstein enough training that he could pass as a financial genius:  "Steven Hoffenberg, who worked with Jeffrey Epstein, found dead".

"Is Tel Aviv at daggers drawn for Moscow?" (Mirzaei).

"Don’t Go Searching for Terrorists, They are Not Hard to Find" (Butler).  It is always funny how quick the 'norms' collapse when there is something to steal.  We should also consider the American theft of money from Afghanistan and Russia, and the Bank of England theft of Venezuelan gold.  These people are no more than thieves.

A nice way of saying 'no':  "India to Tell US That Russia Oil Price Cap Needs Consensus" (Sen/Chakraborty):

"Indian policymakers fear that committing to the price cap will disrupt its access to discounted Russian crude, the people said. The world’s third-largest buyer, which imports 85% of its oil needs, has relied on cheaper Russian supplies to provide relief from inflation near 7% and a record trade deficit. "

"You Know, I Know, and Nate Silver Knows, But Nobody Else Knows" (Sailer).  "BREAKING: Sam Harris admits the censorship of Hunter Biden's laptop was a conspiracy to help Biden, and he stands by it" (Nightingale).

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Helicopter operation

"The 'Political Disaster' The FBI Faces After Searching Trump's Estate: Interview With William Arkin" (Shadowproof).  Arkin is the shining light in the darkness that is Newsweek.  Old-school real journalist.

"Inhumane acts committed by Azov terrorists will be made public in International Tribunal".

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 25.08.2022" (Military Summary).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 182 (24/8) Summary - Zaporizhzhia NPP got shelled till regional power outage" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Russia Advances in Donbass, UK Johnson Tells Zelensky Continue War, $3 Billion in Weapons from MIC" (Mercouris).

Yabba Dabba Do!

"Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan w/Brian Berletic from The New Atlas (Live)" (The Duran). 

"Russia increases its military size [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Ukraine's Growing Dependency on Terrorism w/ Mark Sleboda" (The New Atlas).

"Ramin Mazaheri-Pt 1 of his book- France's Yellow Vests: Western Repression of the West's Best Values" (Jeff J. Brown).  Mazaheri is in The Saker, writing about the Revolutionary Spirit in France and Iran.

"Ukraine War [25 August] Russia to conduct major air campaign? Ukraine gets 800 drones from Taiwan?" (Military Lab.).  Will the air war finally start for Russia?

"General Front Update 25/08 Antonovsky Bridge Operational [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union).

"Israeli - Lebanese Maritime Dispute Explained in 3 Minutes" (Medhurst).

"Where JCPOA, oil conjoin stands OPEC+" (Bhadrakumar).  Also:  "Are Iran And Russia Moving To Create A Global Natural Gas Cartel?" (Watkins).  OPEC+ was a big part of Putin's restoration of Russia as a superpower, and Gas OPEC will just add to that power.

"Ukraine - Wrong Assumptions, Wrong Conclusions - And A Lot Of Dead Soldiers" and "Ukraine Previously Cited High Casualty Rates - It Is Now Lowballing Those Numbers" (Moon of Alabama).

"With eye on the CIA, Moscow cracks the whip at Israel" (Bhadrakumar). 

"German Chancellor Scholz announces new arms deliveries to Kiev for war against Russia" (Stern).  So much for Europe coming to its senses and stopping providing arms to Ukraine, the arms being the rope with which Ukrainians hang themselves.

"Is There Enough Metal to Replace Oil?" (Hunziker).  After the sanctions debacle, I'd like to recommend to Europeans that they should buy a calculator before they make any more big, disastrous plans.  Without batteries, European electric cars will have to be powered like the Flintmobile.

"German MP Says Russia's Nord Stream 2 "Only Sensible Solution" To Energy Crisis" (Durden).

After the Sleboda interview, Blumenthal and Klarenberg discuss this in The Grayzone video:  "Intelligence operative confirms British gov’t is targeting The Grayzone" (Klarenberg).