Saturday, August 06, 2022

The structural path we are on here

The Duran (in reverse order):

"UK double digit inflation, long and sharp recession".

The constant Western fascination on the concept of 'losing face' seems awfully reductionist and orientalist:  "China focused on Taiwan, Biden White House faces colossal foreign policy blunder".

"Biden White House off-ramp; Pin the blame on Zelensky".  The definitive mistake of Ze's artillery stripping in the east for his imaginary southern offensive.

"Kherson, Waiting for Godot. Donetsk evacuation as 'Allies' advance".

"Janet Yellen, UK & EU use oil price cap to retreat from Russian oil sanctions".

"Nancy Pelosi, Taiwan and China (Live)".

"Kosovo crisis. Serbia's warnings, fear or a wider conflict, results in temporary de-escalation".

"NYT talks up HUGE Russian losses as the Great Kherson counteroffensive stumbles".

The Commentariat:

"Greetings from Russia" (Rall).  This!:

"Some worried that I’d be detained like the WNBA player Brittney Griner, who got caught at a Moscow airport with vape cartridges containing cannabis residue yet is being portrayed as a political hostage of Vladimir Putin. I wish Griner the best and hope she doesn’t go to prison, but I don’t understand the assumption of Americans that they don’t have to obey the law when they visit a foreign country. Foreign prisons are full of Americans convicted on drug charges; American prisons host many foreign nationals. If you can’t conform to local legal norms, stay home."

"Ukraine War Day #162: Putin And The Golden Billion" (yalensis):

"From what I understand, the Ukrainian side made an incredible blunder. Given the infinite layers of defensive trenches (which made the Maginot Line look like a child’s sandcastle at the beach) which they had built up over the past 8 years before the Russian incursion, Ukrainian forces could have held out much longer on the Donetsk front. I mean, the outcome of this war was never in doubt: It’s like your son’s Little League team going up against the Red Sox. Those kids might put up a heck of a fight, but in the end they are destined to be defeated. Just as there is no doubt that the Ukrainian war will end with Zelensky’s unconditional surrender to Putin. Until that moment, however, the Ukrainians put up a heck of a fight. Those Donbass trenches were made to withstand just about anything. Provided the Ukrainian artillery were still in place and playing their part in the artillery duels.

Then, what happened is that the Ukrainian leadership (Zelensky) decided to move several important artillery battalions from the Donbass front to the Southern front. As part of their harebrained scheme to “recapture” Kherson. Their big counteroffensive plan, which they announced to the world, was to (a) destroy the 3 bridges over the river connecting Kherson to the rest of the Donbass; (b) by so doing isolate the 30,000 some Russian soldiers (=30 Battle Tactical Groups, BTG’s) defending the Kherson Front; and (c) then invade and recapture Kherson. From what I understand, the Ukrainians were told they had to do this, i.e., recapture Kherson, by the end of August, otherwise the Americans will cut off the funds and give up on this ill-timed adventure. In other words, the Southern Counteroffensive was an American project. From what I understand, Ukrainian Commander Zaluzhny was against it, and rightfully so. Now he wants to move those artillery units back to Donetsk, but alas for him, it’s too late.

Because, the moment the Ukrainians moved the artillery units from the Donbass front, opportunistic Russians (always poking, always poking!) were able to pulverize the remaining infantry/artillery and break through multiple layers of defensive trenches. In some cases, it only took the Russians 10 minutes to break through a trench that had kept them at bay these past 5 months. Zelensky was so horrified that he appeared on TV (I think this was a couple of nights ago, it was covered in Westie MSM) complaining about the “hell” that his soldiers had to endure. Usually Zel is upbeat (“We’re winning, yeh!”), so why the long face? Well, he was ticked off and needed somebody to blame, so he blamed the Americans: “You didn’t send us enough HIMARS!” As if the HIMARS are the only problem. He is incapable of looking in the mirror and blaming himself."

"Ukraine War Day #163: Putin And The Golden Billion [concluded]" (yalensis). 

"If You Ever Needed Any Proof..." and "Gallup Poll And What Really Matters." and "Geopolitical Aikido." and "Excellent Piece By Larry." and "Where, Let Me Ask, Where..." (Martyanov).

"Ukrainian Defenses Collapse Along the Entire Frontline in Donbas" and "In Video: Ukrainian Brigades Refuse to Fight" and "Ukrainian Defence in Peski Collapsed" (South Front).

"The US plan for the Ukraine from the horse’s mouth".  Graham picked his words carefully:  "I like the structural path we are on here."  As I keep saying, the (((neocons))) are getting exactly the results they want from this war..

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