Friday, September 30, 2022

It's going to be cleaner if they make everything in China

"TG 871: The Gaggle Talks to Prof. Jean Bricmont" (The Gaggle). An excellent conversation, in a way these things rarely are.


"SCOTT RITTER: The Onus Is on Biden & Putin".  Sadly, the people actually making the decisions don't care if the US is hit by nukes. For practical, parasitical, reasons they would rather it wasn't, but it is no big deal to them.  Brandon is obviously not in the picture.

"[ Lyman Front ] Russia reinforcement arrived at Lyman; Ukraine redeploy forces frm Siversk & Soledar" (Defense Politics Asia).  Better late than never, but it is not over.

Farewell to sanity

"Putin Denounces West, Russia Will Follow Own Path; Russia Annexes Four Regions, Counterattacks Liman" (Mercouris). The 'proportion' is that if Ukraine gets a little lucky it could take Liman, at which point Ukraine has a clear unobstructed path across the north to the cities of the LPR.  That would lead to regime change in Russia, the entire project to protect Russia from American predations would be over, and the multi-polar world would be seriously damaged.  With such consequences, even a small chance of disaster has to be treated with importance.

The Putin speech with subtitles, professionally translated:  "Vladimir Putin's Speech on the Incorporation of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye - ENG Sub" (Rossi).

"‘Farewell’ to Sanity" (Bivens).  The best pipeline terrorism article so far.

Thumbs down

"Kiev Regime Kills Refugees Who Flee War-Torn Areas Seeking Russian Protection (Photos)" (South Front).  It no doubt gives Germans a particular thrill to realize the people they cucked out for are complete monsters.

"Donbass and Novorossiya Enter Russia Amid Fierce Battles" (South Front).

"Thumbs up, thumbs down part 3: the Queen; how right-wing ideas spread; EU in shambles" (The Barricade).

"Annexation Referendums in Ukraine, an Update From Russell “Texas” Bentley." (Through the eyes of).  It is striking that Russia still hasn't put a stop to the shelling of Donetsk.

It may be good news that somebody told Stoltenberg, an insane warmonger, to back away from Ukraine in NATO and nuclear WWIII:  "All 30 Allies Will Make Decisions. Stoltenberg Issues Statement On Ukraine's Accession To NATO".

"Eva K Bartlett in Donetsk." (iEarlGrey).  A thread:

"“Eva Bartlett describes Ukraine’s unspeakable genocide of Donbass FULL INTERVIEW (Graphic Content Warning)”".  "Ukrainian Terrorism of Central Donetsk Yesterday Kills 4" and "Pure Ukrainian terrorism" (Bartlett).

"Zelensky Seen On Raft Asking For Donations From Flooded Florida Residents" and "Russian Spy Awarded Presidential Medal Of Freedom For Being First Openly Transgender Traitor To Country" (Babylon Bee).

Cuck World Cup

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 30.09.2022" (Military Summary). 

"Ukraine War Map | Lyman Encircled | Russians Attempting Breakout" (New World Econ).  Starkly contrasting views of the chances of Russian success.

"Germany becomes Ukraine command center. TurkStream sabotage fears. Woke army is better. Update 1" (Christoforou).  The Pentagon wants to fight WWIII out of Germany, thus placing a giant nuclear target on Germany.  (((Somebody))) really hates Germany.

"Putin's historic speech finalizes referenda, infuriates Collective West" (The Duran).  Mercouris continues his dismissal of the importance of Liman. 

Germany faintly rejects its entry in the Cuck World Cup: 

I understand fully why German 'leaders' act as they do, but why do Germans continue to put up with it? 

Note the quantity of lies the Americans have to employ to cover up the outrageous things they have been doing:  "Germany becomes Ukraine command center. TurkStream sabotage fears. Woke army is better. Update 1" (Maté). It is a little late to use the annexation as a bargaining chip.

Biden is now reduced to outright lying in response to Putin's statements:

"Ukraine - Four Oblasts Join Russia" (Moon of Alabama).

"Vladimir Putin speaks at the accession ceremony" (Doctorow).  "Putin names orchestrator of Nord Stream blasts".  The big shoe that has yet to drop is what Russia's response will be.

A glaringly anti-German operation

"Livestream: News Headlines & Putins Speech - Will This Be RED OCTOBER?!" (iEarlGrey). Putin's speech is on at 1:28:30.

"Who Profits from Pipeline Terror?" (Escobar):

"This hypothesis is eminently sound and looks to be based on information from Russian intelligence sources. Of course, Moscow already has a pretty good idea of what happened (satellites and electronic monitoring working 24/7), but they won’t make it public.

The hypothesis focuses on the Polish Navy and Special Forces as the physical perpetrators (quite plausible; the report offers very good internal details), American planning and technical support (extra plausible), and aid by the Danish and Swedish militaries (inevitable, considering this was very close to their territorial waters, even if it took place in international waters).

The hypothesis perfectly ties in with a conversation with a top German intelligence source, who told The Cradle that the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND or German intelligence) was “furious” because “they were not in the loop.”

Of course not. If the hypothesis is correct, this was a glaringly anti-German operation, carrying the potential of metastasizing into an intra-NATO war.

The much-quoted NATO Article 5 – ‘an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us’ – obviously does not say anything about a NATO-on-NATO attack. After the pipeline punctures, NATO issued a meek statement “believing” what happened was sabotage and will “respond” to any deliberate attack on its critical infrastructure. NS and NS2, incidentally, are not part of NATO’s infrastructure.

The whole operation had to be approved by Americans, and deployed under their Divide and Rule trademark. “Americans” in this case means the Neo-conservatives and Neo-liberals running the government machinery in Washington, behind the senile teleprompter reader.

This is a declaration of war against Germany and against businesses and citizens of the EU – not against the Kafkaesque Eurocrat machine in Brussels. Don’t be mistaken: NATO runs Brussels, not European Commission (EC) head and rabid Russophobe Ursula von der Leyen, who’s just a lowly handmaiden for finance capitalism.

It’s no wonder the Germans are absolutely mum; no one from the German government, so far, has said anything substantial."

What are you doing in these great times?

"DIANA JOHNSTONE: Omerta in the Gangster War".  I don't know how to link to it, but if you scroll down there is a comment by Ray McGovern:

"The key is Germany. Chancellor Scholz and Foreign Minister Baerbock are the latest incarnation of what Raimond Pretzel (pseudonym Sebastian Haffner) observed in 1933 as a young German lawyer in training to become a judge in Berlin. Is there, among German politicians, a lingering lack of what Pretzel called breeding”?

Pretzel wrote:

“The sequence of events is wholly within the natural range of psychology, and it helps to explain the inexplicable. The only thing that is missing is what in animals is called ‘breeding’. This is a solid inner kernel that cannot be shaken by external pressures and forces, something noble and steely, a reserve of pride, principle, and dignity to be drawn on in the hour of trial. It is missing in the Germans.

“As a nation they are soft, unreliable, and without backbone.

“That was shown in March 1933. At the moment of truth, when other nations rise spontaneously to the occasion, the Germans collectively and limply collapsed. They yielded and capitulated, and suffered a nervous breakdown.

“The result of this millionfold nervous breakdown is the unified nation, ready for anything, that is today the nightmare of the rest of the world.”

When Oliver Pretzel’s found his father’s record of events in Berlin, he published it (giving the English translation the title “Defying Hitler). Oliver added at the beginning a short poem that Peter Gan wrote in 1935; following is an English translation:

“But first the most important thing:

What are you doing in these great times?

Great I say; for times see great

to me, when each man, driven

half to death by the era’s hate,

and standing in the place he’s given,

Must willy-nilly contemplate

no less a thing than his own BEING!

A little breath, a second’s wait

May well suffice — you catch my meaning?"

"Tallinn postcard: Feels like a big war is coming" (Levine). 

NATO's response to the refernda and annexation:

A precedent

"Turning Point" (Schryver).  Losing the entire LPR, which is a real risk, seems like an odd trade in order to deplete the Ukrainian army.

After Germany sold its soul for Saudi hydrocarbons, or a chance for them, now Sweden decides to throw out its 'norms' so it can join NATO!: 

Putin seemed to underplay the bigger issues in order to ensure that the four new states in Russia had their big day:  "Breaking: DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhie Regions Joined Russia" (South Front).  He did refer to a 'precedent':

"The whole Western world order is deceitful and hypocritical. The USA is the only country in the world that destroyed two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki — by the way, it created a precedent."

"What a nuclear attack in Ukraine might look like – an expert" (TOC).

Some hope for the world's future

China (and India) has concerns about separatists, so may say some things which could be construed as being against Russian operations in Ukraine, but the economic support is still there: 

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 219".

"Michael Hudson on The Euro Without Germany" (I wonder if Scholz has sent Nuland a thank-you card):
"Germany’s willingness to self-impose an economic depression was wavering – although not its politicians or the EU bureaucracy. If German policymakers were to put German business interests and living standards first, NATO’s common sanctions and New Cold War front would be broken. Italy and France might follow suit. That nightmare of European diplomatic independence made it urgent to take the anti-Russian sanctions out of the hands of democratic politics and settle matters by sabotaging the two pipelines. Despite being an act of violence, it has restored calm to international diplomatic relations between U.S. and German politicians. 

There is no more uncertainty about whether or not Europe will break away from U.S. New Cold War aims by restoring mutual trade and investment with Russia. That option is now out. The threat of Europe beaking away from the US/NATO trade and financial sanctions against Russia has been solved, seemingly for the foreseeable future, as Russia has announced that as the gas pressure falls in three of the four pipelines, the infusion of salt water will irreversibly corrode the pipes. (Tagesspiegel, September 28.) "

and (the clever prosperity trick that has ended):

"Germany’s industrial exports were the major factor supporting the euro’s exchange rate. The great attraction to Germany in moving from the deutsche mark to the euro would avoid its export surplus from pushing up the D-mark’s exchange rate to a point where German products would be priced out of world markets. Expanding the currency to include Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and other countries running balance-of-payments deficit would prevent the currency from soaring. And that would protect the competitiveness of German industry." 


"I have no doubt that U.S. strategists have a game plan for how to proceed from here, and to do so that indeed is in what the neocons claim to be in the U.S. interest – that of maintaining a unipolar neoliberalized and financialized global economy for as long as they can. 

They have long had a plan for countries that are unable to their foreign debts. The IMF will lend them the money, conditional upon the debtor country raising the foreign exchange to repay the (increasingly expensive) dollar loans by privatizing what remains of their public domain, natural-resource patrimony and other assets, mainly to U.S. financial investors and their allies.

Will it work? Or will debtor countries band together and work out ways to restore the seemingly lost world of affordable oil and gas prices, fertilizer prices, grain and other food prices, and metals or raw materials supplied by Russia, China and their allied Eurasian neighbors? 

That is the next great worry for U.S. global strategists. It seems less easy to solve than was done by the sabotage of Nord Stream 1 and 2. But the solution seems to be the usual U.S. approach: something military in nature, new color revolutions. The aim is to gain the same power over Global South and Eurasian countries that American diplomacy wielded over Germany and other European countries via NATO.

Unless an institutional alternative is created to the IMF, World Bank, International Court, World Trade Organization and the numerous UN agencies now biased by U.S. diplomats and their proxies, the coming decades will see the U.S. economic strategy of financial and military dominance unfold as Washington has planned.

The problem is that its plans for how the Ukraine war and anti-Russian sanctions have worked out so far have been just the reverse of what was announced. That may give some hope for the world’s future. The opposition and even contempt by U.S. diplomats to other countries acting in their own economic interest and social values is so strong that they are unwilling to think through just how these countries might develop their own alternative to the U.S. world plan.

The question is thus how successfully these other countries may develop their alternative new economic order, and how they can protect themselves from the fate that Europe has just imposed upon itself for the next decade." 

At the very least, the sheer psychopathy of the (((neocon))) machinations should give the rest of the world notice that it really is a zero-sum game, with American turbo-prosperity directly connected to the impoverishment of everybody else.  Playing along with the 'norms' and engaging with the US 'rules-based order' is no longer an option if you want your country to prosper. 

An international terrorist act

It is starting to look like the (((neocons))) are terrified Russia won't use nukes in Ukraine, and thus have ordered Ze to up the ante by threatening dirty bombs against Russia:  "Nuclear Nightmare. Dirty Bomb Alert and Growing Risk of Escalation in Heart of Europe" (South Front).  Never forget, the (((neocons))) not only do not care about Ukraine, Europe, Russia, or the US, but actively hate all of them.

Ka-ching!:  "US announces plans to expand “industrial base” for war with Russia" (Damon).

"Western Withdrawal of Citizens From Russia May Be a Provocation" (Leiroz).

"Germany Sends Intelligence Data to Ukraine" (South Front).

"Munich Philharmonic’s first violinist sacked by city’s SPD-Green council for being “too close to Russia”" (Nees): 

"This latest act of discrimination recalls the darkest period in German history. More than 80 years ago, not only were the careers of Jewish artists destroyed—the livelihoods of their friends or spouses were also ruined if they failed to denounce their friends and relatives. Now a Romanian with a Jewish name (Herschcowici) is being blamed for not distancing himself from a Russian conductor."


"Significantly, the banishment of everything Russian also has anti-Semitic undertones. Nasturica-Herschcowici’s name points to a Jewish background. After studying in his native Bucharest, he lived with his family in Israel, and many of his acclaimed performances were with Israeli orchestras. Online comments, which the Bayrische Rundfunk has since deleted, noted indignantly that Nasturica-Herschcowici’s successor should be apolitical and preferably not bear such a name." 

'Norms' versus (non-Russian) oil

'Norms' versus (non-Russian) oil:

Moving fast

The hand and foot of his five-year-old daughter

Europe is going to commit suicide based on a mythological view of the supremacy of the white people living in Europe.  As a reminder of who you really are, here are European 'norms' as seen by the rest of the world, a thread: 

This is what Europe really is, then and now.  The WEF plans are just another version of European neocolonialism, with a Greta façade of environmentalism (essentially, moving all the environmental problems to poor countries while pretending your white virtue has saved the planet - Karl really knows your weaknesses!).  Get off your high horse and get with the guillotines, now, or die! 

Your 'norms' are killing you

"Oh SH*T, something BIG is happening in Germany, the WEF is scared | Redacted with Clayton Morris" (Redacted). 

We're reached the point of facing the issue of what to do when your entire political class joins a death cult like the WEF, and is taking you directly to hell, but your 'norms' prevent you from guillotining the criminals who have created the disaster, even though they have confirmed that they are not going to stop.  At what point does protecting the 'norms' on the basis that you will need them for proper functioning of politics in the future start to make no sense, as the same 'norms' are blocking you from fixing a problem that otherwise will lead to no future at all?  I think European white supremacism plays the key role in this, as Europeans are unable to admit that their perfect political system, created by the perfect people, could possibly collapse like this.

Freaking out

"[ Lyman Front ] Yampil, Drobysheve captured; Ukraine forces cut off resupply route - UKRAINE WAR" (Defense Politics Asia). 

"Ukraine War Day #219: Liman Sitrep: Critical" (yalensis).

This development has been clearly coming for a couple weeks, and the Russians apparently have done nothing to shore up their insufficient, as usual, number of troops.  The bigger issue is there is no reason to believe the Ukrainians can't immediately head east to the LPR, without meaningful Russian resistance.  That could very easily lead to regime change in Russia, particularly as the (((neocons))) are already using their assets in Russia to stir up trouble over the mobilization.

The most important day

 The mappers are the only ones noticing the invisible war in Ukraine.

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 30.09.2022. Liman Defense Operation." (Military Summary).

"[ Lyman Front ] BREAKING NEWS: Lyman operationally encircled: Ukraine captured Stavky & Yampil~!!!" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 218 (29/9): Lyman now in Operational Encirclement as Ukraine attacks Zarichne" (Defense Politics Asia).  Are the Ukrainians fighting better because of foreign forces?  Are they finally running low on soldiers?

"[ Lyman Front ] BREAKING NEWS: Lyman operationally encircled: Ukraine captured Stavky & Yampil~!!!" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Russia- Ukraine War - Lyman and Kherson Updates - September 29th" (THETI Mapping).

Thursday, September 29, 2022

One of the stupidest things the Poles have ever done

"Thumbs up and thumbs down with Youri Smouter, part 2" (The Barricade).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.  An extremely rare acknowledgment of the dangers of the invisible war.

The invisible war

"BREAKING NEWS | Lyman Counteroffensive 1 Village Stands Between the Encirclement of Lyman" (Weeb Union War Updates).  The invisible war in Ukraine.

"Battle for Krasny Liman Heats up in Midst of Russia’s Move to Accept New Regions" (South Front).

"Nordstream. Cui Bono? By Helmholtz Smith".

"EU parliamentarian calls to sanction Vanessa Beeley and all observers of Donbass referendums" (Blumenthal/Parampil).

I mean, look at Ted Cruz

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 29.09.2022" (Military Summary). 

"Cui bono, "to whom is it a benefit?" w/Robert Barnes (Live)" (The Duran).  The mysteries all become clear once you add ((())).

We still don't know how long the pipelines will take to fix.  It is the United States, so there is no reason to believe they would do a good job of blowing up pipelines, as Americans no longer do good jobs.  What if Nord Stream 2 could be turned on in two months?  Would the Germans come to their senses, guillotine their 'leaders', and take this incident as a sign from above that there are second chances to live even when your 'leaders' are actively trying to murder you and/or destroy your country?  Or will they just keep walking off the cliff, like the mythological story of lemmings?

"What Gives Imperialists the Right to Use the Word ‘Democracy?' w/ Vijay Prashad" (BreakThrough News).

"RT ‘Cross Talk’ on what the completed referendums signify" (Doctorow).

"Col. Doug Macgregor - Ukraine Russia War Latest" (Napolitano).

"[ Lyman Front] BREAKING NEWS: Ukraine captured Shandryholove & Kolodyazi; Ukr Recon probing Zarichne" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Julian Assange's Inhumane Prison Conditions | Stella Assange" (Medhurst).

"Court Orders Production Of Seth Rich Laptop" (Techno Fog).  Note the FBI lying to the court!

Davis is pretty good, but he is still an American:  "The War In Ukraine Is Far From Over".

"Should Europeans ‘Thank’ the Americans for Destroying Nord Stream?" (Bridge).


"Roundtable #25: George Galloway, Syrian Girl, Alex Thomson" (Lira).  A good mix and a good discussion.  Starts with a fake Putin clip ('bullshit', a word Putin wouldn't use in a speech, should have made that clear).  MGGA is hard to pronounce, but long overdue.  For one thing, Germany needs to be de-occupied.  Also, Russian recognition of the German government in exile?!

A modest proposal:  The three chihuahuas need to be defanged by Russia under some form of occupation, along with the east part of Poland.  They are obviously too dangerous and stark raving mad to be allowed to govern themselves.  The west part of Poland, traditionally German and stolen from Germany after WWII, needs to be returned to Germany.

"Putin To Give "Major" Speech As Part Of Ukraine Annexation Ceremony" (Durden).  I wonder how much Putin will discuss retaliation in his real speech.

""No Evidence" US Involved In Nord Stream Pipeline Attack Because Pentagon Says So" (Watson).  "Fake Reporting on Blown-up Pipelines and Russia’s “Annexation” of Donbass: Open Letter to the NYT" (Koenig).

"Liz Truss Is Already The Bad Prime Minister Everyone Expected Her To Be" (Moon of Alabama).

German government thugs make work for themselves:  "German secret service operates hundreds of far-right social media profiles" (Vandreier). 

It's pretty crazy

"NATO leverages Nord Stream crisis. UK, remote control sabotage. EU sanctions Dugin. Update 1" (Christoforou). 

"Analysis of Russia's Partial Mobilization | 24k Special [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weed Union War Updates).

"Ukraine War Map | Russia Reinforces Lyman Flanks | Nord Stream 1 & 2 SABOTAGED" (New World Econ).

"9/28/22" (Dinh).

There is a very good reason why Brandon's (((Khabinet))) is dangerous, nuclear WWIII dangerous, and we're seeing it in the pipeline sabotage:  "Are Jews Again Driving the Western World Into a Fatal War?" (Roberts).  Btw, the pressures caused by this outrage are finally driving people to say things they would have automatically self-censored a year ago.

"Children among dead after Ukraine shells refugee convoy – Donbass official".

The Russians know

"Nord Stream 2 requires military protection":

The pipeline mainly runs at depths of about 100-150 meters, often closer to a hundred. The use of combat swimmers for sabotage at such a depth is excluded - the need to undergo decompression requires the presence of a vessel with a pressure chamber somewhere nearby, which in itself is a strong unmasking factor. In addition, such an operation takes time. The use of depth charges will unequivocally indicate that the military of some country was working. In addition, the stealth factor again arises - a ship with this weapon will not have time to leave after its use. The attack must be completely invisible.

Under such conditions, the most likely means to attack the pipeline is the so-called mine destroyer - a disposable uninhabited underwater vehicle (UUV), controlled from a surface ship via a fiber-optic cable, having its own television camera and a simple sonar. Such devices are in service with foreign fleets in huge quantities. The device carries an explosive charge on board, the remote detonation of which destroys the mine.

The main feature in the case of Nord Stream is that the device can be secretly launched from a ship located quite far (several kilometers) from the pipeline, and connected to the pipeline remotely. The explosion of the apparatus will be carried out when the ship is not next to it. It will be enough for the crew of the ship to simply throw the control equipment overboard in order to calmly leave the place of sabotage.

Poland has the ability to use such devices. The US, of course, too. In addition, the mercenary industry developed in the United States makes it possible to work not with the hands of their own military personnel or the military personnel of the Polish Armed Forces, but to use mercenaries to train some kind of "cannon fodder" for such an operation. For example, even from Ukraine, whose citizens are well aware of how the launch of Nord Stream 2 will turn out for their country."

The freaks in power want war

"Thumbs down with Youri Smouter: What does the war mean for Eastern Europe?" (The Barricade).  A good conversation.  Note how they blame Putin for taking the bait, but then concede that he really had no choice.  Since the (((neocons))) insisted on a war in Ukraine, all Russia did was to get in front of it by setting the terms of that war.  (There is a second part of this video which I haven't watched yet.)

"Geopolitical reasons for Ukraine conflict and US new cold war on Russia & China" (Multipolarista).  Norton and friends.

"🔴Michael Rossi Poli Sci | Interview | Live | [Ukraine war map analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates).  You could easily skip this one unless you want to hear a typical American academic imperialist (although not so crazed as to blame Russia for the American pipeline terrorism), ending in bizarre praise for Ze (although he properly call out the grain exporting scam).  His YouTube channel may be useful as he translates a lot of Russian political speeches.

"No Way Back for Europe" (South Front).

"Is Russia Really Losing in Ukraine?" (Bosnic).

Family breakdown

"LIVE: Thursday September 29th 2022 - News From Saint Petersburg" (iEarlGrey).  Note the chat about a big Putin speech tomorrow in Red Square.

"Nord Stream Pipeline,Can We Connect Some PL Dots?; Polish Army Will Train You for Free;Kaczynski’s #" (Through the eyes of).

"Nikolay Kaveshnikov - EU Russian Energy Relations - Carleton University (June 13, 2013)" (Mazarin Geopolitics).  The value of the economic market for hydrocarbons in Europe is the only argument you need against the imperialists who try to tell you Russia blew up its own pipelines.  Despite the obvious benefits to Russia and Gazprom, note how much of the proceeds - two-thirds - goes to local European energy companies and European taxes.

"Remote Controlled Explosives Probably Used to Sabotage Nord Stream" (Anglin).

"Ukraine War Day #218: A New Page In Zakharchenko Murder Book" (yalensis).

"Desperate Times--Desperate Matters." and "This IS A Real Reporter..." (Martyanov).

The troon/pedo alliance that obviously controls YouTube continues its PR operation against the normies:  "YouTube Removes Incoming Italian Prime Minister Meloni’s Passionate Speech on Family Breakdown" (Downey).

Retaliation is guaranteed

"Quick Update | Lyman Counteroffensive | Oskil Counteroffensive [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" and "Kherson Counteroffensive Update | Oskil Counteroffensive Update [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates). 

"GET OUT OF RUSSIA NOW - US Embassy. Donbass Leaders Head To Moscow." (iEarlGrey).  If Poland was involved, a Polish politician publicly thanking the US for the attack may just be an attempt to deflect attention.  It is a way of avoiding a justified nuke on Warsaw.

"[ Ukraine War TINY SITREP ] Day 216 (27/9) - Tactical encirclement of Lyman by the Ukrainian forces" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 216 (27/9): Ukraine achieved tactical encirclement of Lyman; Referendum over" and "[ Oskil Front ] BREAK OUT IMMINENT! Ukrainian forces linking up Dvorichna force with Kupyansk force" and "[ Davydiv Brid Front ] Russian forces recaptured Kostromka and Bezimenne; New Ukr troops rotated in." and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 217 (28/9): Ukraine Oskil and Lyman offensives putting Russia in a tough spot" (Defense Politics Asia).

A very tasty cake

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 218".

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 28.09.2022" (Military Summary).  Is Liman a Russian trap?

"Hotels Targeted In The Russia - Ukraine War (Explained)" (Lancaster).

"Scott Ritter 2-Minute Topic: U.S. Attacks Europe" (U.S. Tour of Duty) and "Scott Ritter: Talks Nord Stream 2 Sabotage!" (RealTruthTalk).

"Russia-Ukraine War - Lyman In Dire Straits - September 28th" (THETI Mapping).

"Ukraine’s BREAKTHROUGH explained (Tactical Analysis)" (HistoryLegends).  

"[ Opinion ] Why Russia are failing in Lyman & Oskil fronts? Where are the troops / reinforcements?" (Defense Politics Asia: IRL).

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Is Liman a big deal?

"Ukraine War Map | Kherson Counter Offensive Collapsing | Lyman In Operational Encirclement" (New World Econ).  Watch out for Liman!

"Attacks on Nord Stream Pipelines Escalates Conflict; Russia to Announce Annexation Regions Next Week" (Mercouris).  Liman is not worth worrying about.

"British Pound Sterling nears parity with US Dollar" and "Putin's speech, nuclear conflict rhetoric ramps up" (The Duran).

"Nord Stream Cui Bono? Blinken, in no one's interest. Baltic Pipe. Russia's final warning. Update 1" (Christoforou).

Putin did it

"Germany and EU Have Been Handed Over a Declaration of War" (Escobar).

"Attack on Nord Stream kills prospects for dialogue in Ukraine" (Bhadrakumar).

"Whodunnit? - Facts Related to The Sabotage Attack On The Nord Stream Pipelines" (Moon of Alabama). 

I note that the American imperialist tweeters who claim that Russia did it are getting ratioed into oblivion.  Nobody is buying that shit.  We're left with an extremely peculiar event, an empire attacking one of its most loyal allies in a particularly cruel way - a lot of people are going to die, and an entire continent impoverished, as a direct result of this action - while the victim pretends that Putin did it.

Poland as the culprit

"The Bornholm Blow-Up Repeats the Bornholm Bash — Poland Attacks Germany and Blames Russia" (Helmer).  Poland.

Easily one of the worst leaders of any nation in world history

It is easy to blame Scholz, but Nuland has the videos, and Scholz isn't allowed to be anything other than the worst traitor in German history.  No, I blame the German people, whose dogged reliance on the 'norms' which prevent fixing the problem is just another expression of European supremacism. 

Extreme and ridiculous conclusion

The US doesn't want Russia to 'overreact' to the act of war the US just conducted against it, Germany, and Europe: 

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq. 

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 217".

This is exactly right, just like the Dutch living under German occupation in 1943 (Anne Frank could write you a note about it, with the ballpoint pen that hadn't been invented yet):

Fake nation

"Foll Front Update | Lyman Counteroffensive | Kherson Counteroffensive [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates). 

"Washington’s Pointless War on Behalf of a Fake Nation" (Stockman).

"What a Coincidence!!!" (Johnson).

Thread by Veloci Tom.

"The Anglo-American Axis Benefits From The Ecological Terrorist Attack In The Baltic Sea" (Korybko).  Actually, Poland is the number one suspect, after the US itself.

It is difficult to come to grips with the magnitude of the US or one of its minions, working with its consent, blowing up the pipeline that could have been the lifeline for Germany and Europe.  It is an act of such vile recklessness that it is impossible to fully grasp, even given the fact it comes from the (((worst people))) in the worst country in human history.  It also proves that the (((neocons))) were convinced that Europe would cave and save itself from utter ruination by demanding that Nord Stream 2 be opened.  You'd like to think that the German reaction would be to angrily denounce the US, and commence emergency operations with Russia to repair both pipelines as quickly as possible.  Sadly, that isn't going to happen, as Nuland has the videotapes.

Unimaginable consequences

"UK: After Kiwi Farms Hack, Posters Reportedly Ordered to Appear Before Court for Offensive Posts" (Anglin).

A thread: Including:


The Germans are, of course, outraged at this extremely hostile act by the US, really an act of war, are taking all steps to reverse their horrible decisions, and are turning completely away from the US and towards Russia/China.  Oh wait!:

Americans find the cuckery of Germans hilarious (which it is):  "Who Will Rid Me of This Meddlesome Pipeline?" (Geraghty):

"Three leaks in two days? Wow, that’s a shame! Sounds like the pipeline’s falling apart and just won’t be a reliable way to get natural gas from Russia to Germany. I guess hopes of Germany and Russia eventually putting aside their differences over the invasion of Ukraine and reestablishing long-term German dependence on Russian energy just won’t happen for the foreseeable future. Just terrible luck for Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin, who clearly thought a cold winter with limited energy supplies would make Germany and other European countries come crawling back to the negotiating table.

Just about anyone could have cut the pipeline, but whoever it was, they wanted to make sure the Nord Stream pipelines would not be an option for a long time." 

"NATO Tanks for Ukraine Impractical (says Western media)" (The New Atlas).

"Russia-Ukraine War - Ukrainian Breakthrough Near Lyman - September 27th" (THETI Mapping).

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Wet from people's tears

"Ukraine Referendum To Join Russia Ends In Donetsk" (Lancaster).

"Geopolitics Update: The Italian General Election Results" (Mazarin Geopolitics).

"Last Day of Voting Amid Growing Nuclear Threat" and "Overview of Military Developments: Ukrainian Offensive Continues. Russians Waiting for Reinforcements" (South Front).

"Left Party Representatives Demand Expulsion of Sahra Wagenknecht for Criticising German Government War Policy and NATO" (Schwarz).

"How powerful is the Israel lobby?" (Weiss).

Failed state

"Keep Russia out, America in and Germany down w/Jackson Hinkle (Live)" (The Duran).

"Life in a Failed State — Part 1" (Romanoff).

"Sitrep on Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines" (the Lookout).

"What’s the Best Way to Rein in Companies Like PayPal?" (McGrogan).  "PayPal Could Be Legally Prevented From Banning People For Their Political Views" (Watson).

Making, and remaking, the sausages in public at the Washington Post:  "Taibbi: The Washington Post Dabbles In Orwell".

"Giorgia on Our Mind" (Escobar).

The hungry snake

Watch the video and try telling me that it is just that this poor victim is being held without bail!  In the current year!:  "NYC: Homeless Black Previously Convicted of Murdering His Grandma Beats Female Mexican in Subway" (Anglin).  I'm sure this outrage will soon be rectified when he and his family receive the millions of dollars from Brandon that is the usual outcome of these injustices.  It would have been more had the victim been white, and thus deserved the attack.

Watching the US and Europe is just like watching a snake eat an animal that is almost as big as it is.  You can still see the outlines of Europe in the snake, as it is slowly digested.  While the Empire is obviously collapsing, the meat of Europe will keep it going a bit longer.  European suicide is bad enough, but the unforgiveable sin is extending the life of the psychopathic Empire.

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 27.09.2022" (Military Summary).

"Scott Ritter: Update Answers On Ukraine/Russia Special Military Operation" (RealTruthTalk).

Went to Qatar.  Got nothing.  Went to Canada.  Got nothing.  Went to the UAE.  Got one tanker.  Went back to Qatar.  Got nothing, again.  "Germany secures just one tanker of LNG from UAE".  I assume this busy work is to give the idea to Germans that Scholz is doing something, or gives a shit about Germany (rather than whatever is on those videos the (((neocons))) have).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"EU threatens foreign observers over Donbass referendums".  It is funny how Europe and Britain have created an entirely new form of criminal law under the name of 'sanctions'.  You can now be punished for annoying the Empire, even in the absence of any criminal law that is being broken.

"Greek Coast Guard Drowns Entire Syrian family" (Sahiounie).

Never believe anything you read:  "German Domestic Intelligence Is Running 100s Of Fake Right-Wing Extremist Social Media Accounts; Report" (Cody).  This one is iffy, as the Deep State seems to have outed itself:  "Exposed: Covert Pro-Western Info Op" (Cronau).

You don't appreciate a pipeline until you lose it forever

I think what happened is that Germans got used to extreme self-abnegation after WWII, and found they like putting themselves down.  They are cucks because they enjoy it.

USS Kearsarge

"US Ships Suspected of Sabotage Attack on Nord Stream Pipelines" (South Front):

"On September 27, the detachment of US Navy ships led by the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge announced the completion of work in the area of the alleged sabotage on gas pipelines. US ships completed their tasks in the Baltic Sea and were spotted heading to the Baltic Straits into the North Sea.

The group of US ships was spotted 30 kilometers from the site of the alleged sabotage on the Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline and 50 kilometers from the threads of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline."

People are going to die as a direct result of this typical (((neocon))) terrorism.  Nobody in all of Europe will dare to say a word.

Thank you, USA.

Will Germany just sit and take this?  Of course, that's what cucks do. 

One way or another

For those who continue to maintain that the US is 'losing': 

The message is that even a state led by buffoons, as is the US, can prevail over a group of un-serious human beings 'led' by the easily blackmailed. 


"Whitewashing at Shinzo Abe’s State Funeral" (Kampmark). 

"Navy bribery fugitive 'Fat Leonard' seeks asylum in Venezuela" (Goodman/Watson).

"Has Israel benefited from war in Europe?" (Cronin).

"Severodonetsk Votes ! (Donbass Referendum Reportage)" (Phillips).

"Russia Upgrade SMO to Counter Terrorist Operation on Entry of Regions; Putin Talks to Erdogan, MBS" (Mercouris).

Maté interviews Baud!:  "US, UK sabotaged peace deal because they 'don't care about Ukraine': fmr. NATO adviser" (The Grayzone).

The Poland-Germany war of 2022

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 216".  Another $12 billion from Americans to the Nazis.

"Gas leak on the underwater section of the Nord Stream" (Macgregor).

"LIVE: Tuesday September 27th 2022 - News From Saint Petersburg" (iEarlGrey).

"BREAKING NEWS | Lyman Operationally Encircled | Lyman Counteroffensive [Ukraine War Map Update]" (Weeb Union War Updates).  "[ Lyman Front ] MASSIVE RIVER CROSSING by Ukraine; Lyman nearing encirclement; Kreminna threatened!" (Defense Politics Asia).  I can't understand the complete lack of concern over Liman.

"Zelensky Reveals How Much US Taxpayers Give Ukraine Monthly" (Durden).

"The War On Germany Just Entered Its Hot Phase" (Moon of Alabama).


I used to foolishly think Jews didn't care for Nazis, but I have been set straight: 

"U.S. Hypocrisy Knows No Limits" (Lindorff). 

"[ Bakhmut Front ] Wagner PMC forces enters the settlement of Zaitseve and Odradivka, Donetsk Region" and "[ Ukraine War TINY SITREP ] Day 215 (26/9) - Russia counterattack east of Ridkodub, North of Lyman" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 215 (26/9): Ukraine defeats Rus' counterattack North of Lyman (Krasnyi Liman)" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Ukraine War: Frontline Referendum Special Report Donetsk - Avdeevka" (Lancaster).

"Lagarde, EU outlook darkening. NS1 NS2 pressure drop, leak or sabotage? Snowden RU citizen. Update 1" (Christoforou).

"FULL INTERVIEW: #Labour MPs acted to throw the election so that #Corbyn would not be Prime Minister" (Galloway).  "What really happened during Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism crisis’" (Al Jazeera Investigative Unit).  Imagine the utter devastation and misery that could have been avoided had Brits all laughed when accused of 'anti-Semitism'.  I'm serious - the Khazars have literally led a whole country by the nose to the grave.  Can you imagine that a bunch of Khazars got together and decided they would start a campaign to remove Corbyn, of all people, for being an 'anti-Semite'?  Labour kicked out Jews with the wrong ideas about Palestine - anything less than full genocide for the Palestinians is wrong - as if it was the Nazi Party of Great Britain.

"Ukraine War Day #216: Provody (continued)" (yalensis).

"How Bad Will the German Recession Be?" (it took many, many people to write this).  We've never seen the experiment of many countries voluntarily committing financial suicide, so who knows how it will play out.  One thing for certain, it will be much worse than all the 'experts' predict.

"Yellow Haired Horde from Ching Chong Russia Ready to Swallow Swishy West" (Dinh). 

We will bring an end to it

While the average Euro-trash 'leader' is dedicated to the degenerate, video-tapeable, blackmailable, 'flour', lifestyle, the average European is dedicated to the cuck lifestyle, literally to the point of self-annihilation (as the whitest of white people, they have been well taught that they have to suffer for the sins of their race, the ultimate assertion of white supremacy).  Thus, the evidence of how the US is actively fighting a war against Europe will not be met with any negative reaction - other than, of course, to blame Russia, which is odd as Russia can, and did, voluntarily shut off the taps, and Russia might still find selling gas to Europe a lucrative choice, especially when coupled with the complete lifting of European sanctions - as the new evidence of sabotage increases the evidence of the cuckoldry, exactly what cucks desire.  It seems clear that the (((neocons))) feared common sense creeping into Europe, and had to thus prevent the ultimate disaster of Nord Stream 2 being reopened.

A doomsday cult

"I Already Touched On It In My Video..." and "And Why I Am Not Surprised." and "Larry Gives A Superb Treatment To..." and "Is Intellect Enough?" (Martyanov). 

"More on the Referendum Game Changer" (Johnson).  Yet another rationalization for the Russian Running Away in the north!

"Kiev Wastes No Time, Pushing Forward" (South Front).

A splendid thread:

"6 things you should know about the Glazer family, the Jewish owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers" (Klein).

The paradox is that 'autocratic', 'despotic' Russia has much, much, much freer media than is available anywhere in the West:  "Draft evasion in today’s Russia" (Doctorow).

Newsweek continues to push gently against the (((narrative))):  "Has the West Guaranteed Higher Energy Prices this Winter? | Opinion" (Depetris).

The essential (((problem))) is always the same:  "Please Some Straight Talk from the Peace Movement" (Giraldi).  We're not going to escape from this (((madness))) until it is universally acknowledged that being an 'anti-Semite' is the highest condition a  human being can aspire to.

"Unpacking the Ukraine ‘Game Change’; Is a Major Conflict Inevitable?" (Crooke):

"Ukraine’s symbolic expression now serves multiple ends: Principally, as distraction from domestic failures – ‘Saving Ukraine’ offers an (albeit false) narrative to explain the energy crisis, the spiking inflation and businesses shutting down. It is icon too, to the framework of the ‘enemy within’ (the Putin whisperers). And it serves to justify the control regime currently being cooked-up in Brussels. It is, in short, politically highly useful. Even perhaps, existentially essential."

"Kherson Counteroffensive Update | Vuhledar | Bakhmut [Ukraine War Map Analysis]" (Weeb Union War Updates). 

"2022 09 27 The Americans Declared War On Europe" (Lira).  The funniest thing will be watching Europeans fall all over themselves blaming this on Russia.  Cuck watching is the most fun!

Anything but trivial

"Apparent Sabotage Disables Nord Stream 1 and 2, Cutting Off All Direct Gas Supply to Germany from Russia" (eugyppius):

"Government officials assume that the damage is intentional, and the result of an attack by foreign forces:

Due to the timing, the fact that three separate pipelines were affected1, and the severe pressure losses in Nord Stream 1, officials expect the worst. “We can no longer imagine any scenario other than a targeted attack,” said a person privy to the assessment by the federal government and federal authorities. They added: “Everything speaks against a coincidence.”

Such an attack on the seabed would be anything but trivial; it would have to be carried out with special forces – for example, by navy divers or a submarine, people informed of initial assessments said.

With regard to responsibility for the alleged attacks, two possibilities are being discussed. First, according to initial speculation, Ukrainian or Ukrainian-affiliated forces could be responsible. With the temporary shutdown of the Nord Stream pipelines, gas deliveries from Russia to Germany and Central Europe would only be possible via the Yamal pipelinje running through Poland or the Ukrainian pipeline network."


". . . President Biden said in early February that in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, “there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2, we will bring an end to it.” It’s well within the realm of possibility that such an attack would’ve been carried out with the tacit approval (or even upon the request) of the Scholz government, to relieve them of political pressure to open Nord Stream 2 or seek terms for a restoration of supply to Nord Stream 1 as the economy continues to circle the drain. The Greens are in government here, and Green-adjacent journalists have gone so far as to demand the dismantling of the pipelines to hurt Putin, so this too is far from crazy.

The second scenario investigators are contemplating, according to the linked Tagesspiegel report, is of course a “‘false flag’ operation by Russia,” carried out to “drive up the price of gas,” “exacerbate the European energy crisis” and “fuel additional uncertainty.” Russia will surely be blamed for the attack as soon as it is confirmed, I have no doubt of that."

Russia has absolutely no reason to sabotage its own pipelines as long as there is a chance that rationality will return to Europe, and the gas starts flowing again. That's the one escape from the sanctions from Europe, so why would Russia throw it away?

Monday, September 26, 2022


"How the US Benefits from Coaxing the EU to Commit Economic Suicide" (Sleboda).

Blind Items Revealed #5:

"This foreign born A- list actress who was part of her country's delegation to the big funeral, wanted no part of the hotel lounge sing-a-long, led by the current leader of her country.

Sandra Oh/Justin Trudeau"