Thursday, September 29, 2022

Family breakdown

"LIVE: Thursday September 29th 2022 - News From Saint Petersburg" (iEarlGrey).  Note the chat about a big Putin speech tomorrow in Red Square.

"Nord Stream Pipeline,Can We Connect Some PL Dots?; Polish Army Will Train You for Free;Kaczynski’s #" (Through the eyes of).

"Nikolay Kaveshnikov - EU Russian Energy Relations - Carleton University (June 13, 2013)" (Mazarin Geopolitics).  The value of the economic market for hydrocarbons in Europe is the only argument you need against the imperialists who try to tell you Russia blew up its own pipelines.  Despite the obvious benefits to Russia and Gazprom, note how much of the proceeds - two-thirds - goes to local European energy companies and European taxes.

"Remote Controlled Explosives Probably Used to Sabotage Nord Stream" (Anglin).

"Ukraine War Day #218: A New Page In Zakharchenko Murder Book" (yalensis).

"Desperate Times--Desperate Matters." and "This IS A Real Reporter..." (Martyanov).

The troon/pedo alliance that obviously controls YouTube continues its PR operation against the normies:  "YouTube Removes Incoming Italian Prime Minister Meloni’s Passionate Speech on Family Breakdown" (Downey).

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