Tuesday, September 27, 2022

We will bring an end to it

While the average Euro-trash 'leader' is dedicated to the degenerate, video-tapeable, blackmailable, 'flour', lifestyle, the average European is dedicated to the cuck lifestyle, literally to the point of self-annihilation (as the whitest of white people, they have been well taught that they have to suffer for the sins of their race, the ultimate assertion of white supremacy).  Thus, the evidence of how the US is actively fighting a war against Europe will not be met with any negative reaction - other than, of course, to blame Russia, which is odd as Russia can, and did, voluntarily shut off the taps, and Russia might still find selling gas to Europe a lucrative choice, especially when coupled with the complete lifting of European sanctions - as the new evidence of sabotage increases the evidence of the cuckoldry, exactly what cucks desire.  It seems clear that the (((neocons))) feared common sense creeping into Europe, and had to thus prevent the ultimate disaster of Nord Stream 2 being reopened.

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