Monday, October 31, 2022

My husband Paul is currently being beaten with a hammer

"Dunning-Krueger" (Martyanov).  Not all people who act dumb are actually dumb.

"Russia Most Devastating Missile Strikes, Repels Sevastopol Attack, Stops Grain Deal, Advance Ugledar" (Mercouris).

"UK-Aided Ukrainian Attempt at Sabotaging Grain Deal to Backfire, Expert Says".

To print money, or not to print money, that is the question:  "They Rule Over Dysfunctional Ruin, but They Rule" (Crooke).  You could claw back the billions stolen by the billionaires, or you could print more money, so they will print more money, until we reach Weimar Republic levels of inflation, which will then match the cultural levels of decadence we have last seen in the Weimar Republic.

"Paul Pelosi attacker charged with assault and attempted kidnapping" (Schilke).  Still no B&E charge.  The third man, who was clearly mentioned by police as the man who opened the door for them, had to be written out as he was the witness who could describe everything.  He will have been told to keep his mouth shut.  

"The dispatcher had told a police car that a caller did not know the man but advised "his name is David and then [said] he is a friend.”"

I assume this is a gay anonymous sex thing - I don't know him but he is a 'friend', and I happened to catch his name.

DePape will get his day in court, so I assume he will have to be epsteined/killaried, but this will buy time to get the Dems past the midterms. 

"My husband Paul is currently being beaten with a hammer"

We can sense and feel these losses

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 31.10.2022" (Military Summary). 

"Ukraine War Map | Ukraine Successfully Attacks Russian Fleet | Russia Launches New Donbass Attack" (New World Econ).

"Dr. Ron Paul, How America's foreign wars diminish civil liberties at home." (Napolitano).

"Russia closes Black Sea ‘grain corridor’".

Excellent advice, and there are already strong signs it won't be followed:  "How Elon Musk Should Shape Twitter — Sans the Sink" (Turley). 

"Sen. Bob Menendez is Reportedly Under Investigation for Corruption . . . Again" (Turley). It is quite an accomplishment to be the most corrupt Senator.

"Comeback Kid Lula in the Eye of a Volcano" (Escobar).  Bolsonaro always seemed to be on the cusp of an active war against Venezuela, so at least we will be spared that.

The American-Canadian casus belli for their latest war on Haiti is bogus:  "Haiti's La Saline ‘Massacre’ Revisited: U.S. Disinformation Campaign Provides Pretext as UN Military Intervention Looms" (Cohen).

I see nothing inaccurate here:  "Ye Begs Massa Emanuel to Spare the Kids After Being Told “Get Back in Your Place, Nigger”" (Anglin).

Came from nowhere

"Lula wins Brazil elections. Bolsonaro changes political landscape" (The Duran).

"10 Most Controversial Things You Can Finally Say On Twitter" (Babylon Bee).  It's funny how many people with mainstream widely-shared opinions felt they were all alone just because social media companies enforced cancellation of anyone else who shared such opinions.

Note the absolute moral certainty.  Fucking monsters!  

"Russian Accusations That Ukraine Could Be Preparing “Dirty Bomb” Attacks Should Not Be Dismissed" (Araujo).

"Biden’s Plan for Arms Control in Ukraine Unlikely to Succeed" (Adel).

"Russia tells UN it will inspect Black Sea ships".

"‘Inflation came from nowhere’ – Lagarde".  "2022.10.31 Inflation As A Prelude To War" (Lira).

Getting off the stage

"FULL INTERVIEW: #JoeBiden spends more time wondering how to get off the stage than actually speaking" (Galloway interview of Nixon). 

"The Roundtable #32: Garland Nixon" (Lira).  Nixon and Ritter are two people I always find myself agreeing with. The only thing I would say is that the (((neocons))) have nice villas on land illegally stolen from the Palestinians, and will flee the US if and when they need to.

"Chris Hedges: Stop Worrying & Love the Bomb".

'News' suddenly appearing from June:

"[ Donetsk Front ] Russia captured half of Pavlivka; attacking N of Volodymyrivka; Ukraine fight back" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 249 (30/10): Russia breakthru in Vuhledar region, Ukraine at Kharkiv-Luhansk" (Defense Politics Asia). 

"NYT, talks up Sevastopol attack. Sanctions on Russian grain, food shortages. It’s done. U/1" (Christoforou).

Pénurie de carburant

"Electro-Shock Therapy for Slow Learners in the Ukraine Electric War (Part III)" (Helmer).  The Russians have the old Soviet blueprints for the Ukrainian energy system in Moscow, and are dissecting it with precision, leaving most generation capability in place so the whole system can be restored with minimal expense after the war is over.

"In operational terms the sources say there isn’t much choice. “Weapons and ammunition can be replaced, troops trained to use new systems, cash transferred from Washington and Brussels for  Kiev to pay the soldiers, and so on. But the infrastructure cannot be fixed with replacements or money. I’m sure the kitchen sink is being thrown at the country. But how are you going to tie in German power transformers, etc., to the Ukrainian grid? What a mess.”

“I’m suspecting a strategy of inducing collapse and de facto surrender,” a North American military source says, “widespread dysfunction  in order to present a fait accompli to the US after the November 8 elections change the balance of power in Washington. ‘You can leave now, otherwise it’s you who have broken it so you will have to pay for what comes next. We can make it into a black hole. And we both know your knees are wobbling. Here are our draft armistice terms.”"


"A Canadian military source is skeptical of Ukrainian announcements of high rates of interception of Russian missiles and drones, and their republication in the London, Washington, and Berlin press. “Do you remember the quip from German soldiers near the end of World War Two? I believe it went something like this: ‘If you see a lot of planes, that’s the Americans. If you see fewer planes, that’s the British. If you don’t see any planes, that’s the Luftwaffe.’ This is my impression of Ukrainian air defence.”

The Canadian source also dismissed experts being promoted in US media. “The video evidence shows police and militiamen firing wildly in the air with personal weapons at the sight of the incoming drones. That’s morale boosting. It isn’t air defence.”

An expert source in the US adds: “The Russians know that US-NATO is throwing what it can in terms of air defence weaponry at the Ukraine. They also know that re-supply is an issue right across the west, including the US defence industry, because stocks are running down and delivery just in time is proving far too late. So, I suspect the Russians are throwing cheap, easy to manufacture drones at Ukrainian targets, many of which are shot down, while more than enough get through. But the secondary mission is to exhaust limited stocks of US- NATO anti-aircraft missiles. After some days of this, the Russians switch back to using their more expensive and accurate cruise and ballistic missiles, as well as drones, at infrastructure targets and against depleted Ukrainian AD.”" 

Ukrainians are going to have to assume that in the middle of winter they will have no access to sources of energy except what can be obtained locally, i.e., wood.  Even fuel for generators won't exist, as there will be no fuel depots left, and transportation will be impossible.  It is like medieval siege warfare.

"Scott Ritter: Pt1 Ukraine/Russia Special Military Operation" (Maté on The Jimmy Dore Show).

"FULL INTERVIEW: The new #Twitter boss? Same as the old boss says #ScottRitter" (Galloway).  "Some of the man-buns have not yet been fired"!    Will Cuckland respond to the "It's done" proof of British and American collusion in blowing up the pipelines?  No.  It is, after all, Cuckland, home of the cucks.  They are making the same existential mistake they made when they found themselves unable to withstand the rise of National Socialism in the 1930s, even though the majority of them vehemently disagreed with it.

The British government in exile:  "No 10 alarm as Boris Johnson plans to attend Cop27 climate summit" (Helm/Harvey).  Johnson strategically decided to sit out the last regime change in the Conservative Party so he could be the savior after the inevitable Sunak implosion.

There is absolutely no democracy in Europe - the system has been set up that way - so the Euro-trash give not the ass of a rat about protests:  ""Let's Get Out Of NATO": Discontent Soars Across Europe As Russian Sanctions Backfire" (Durden).  Protest all you want - they are laughing at your impotence and cucking.

"Israel’s secret, illegal biological war against Arabs" (Klarenberg).

Dinh on the JQ.

An ax-death would have been too quick and kind

"Ukraine War Day #250: The Soul Of The Ax" (yalensis). 

And yet Finnish 'leaders', in the time they can find between parties and cocaine, have decided to hiroshima themselves - well, not themselves, as they plan to party in their WEF villas in New Zealand when the nuclear shit hits the fan - for this country and its Nazi gangs:  "Finland Says Ukraine Arms Ending Up In Hands Of Criminal Gangs" (Durden).

I have no idea why these losers keep subjecting themselves to Blumenthal:

"Five Lingering Questions About The Bizarre Paul Pelosi Attack" (Quoth the Raven). 

"Myanmar Strikes Concert (at Rebel Army Base): How & Why the West Lies" (The New Atlas).  So, how does Myanmar get from a military dictatorship to a democracy not controlled by the US?  Presumably the generals won't be open to compromise as long as the US continues to attempt to use the country as a weapon against China.

"The United States is trying to reignite chaos in Central Asia in the name of its expansion" (Platov).

I'm going to get nuked, thanks to The Nazi:  "Russia alleges Canadian-made parts in drones targeting ships".

"The Mediocrity of British Intelligence Vividly Displayed in String of Terrorist Attacks Against Russia" (Johnson).

"Lavrov draws parallels between Ukraine war, Cuban missile crisis".  "Russia Floats Basis For Putin-Biden Talks At A Moment Most Americans Want Diplomatic Solution" (Durden).  There is no chance of good-faith negotiations as long as the (((neocons))), who insist on Russian defeat and regime change and partition in Russia, hold those Maxwell videos (we just got a whiff of how the real world works in Nancy Pelosi's house).  None.  The strong wishes of )))Americans((( are irrelevant.

"Halloween Massacre" (Dreizin).

"The PayPal Amendment" (Young).

Hearts weakened by vaxx:  "South Korea: Over 150 Killed, Many Suffer Cardiac Arrest in Stampede During Seoul Halloween Event | Videos Capture Horror"

I imagine American voters will pull back a bit from the Republicans if there is a strong possibility of a filibuster-proof Senate majority:  "Senate Races Are Important" ('Hunter Wallace').

Mass rioting, incoming:  "Challenging Racial Discrimination at Harvard" (Unz).  From a quoted source:

"Based on these figures, Jewish students were roughly 1,000% more likely to be enrolled at Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League than white Gentiles of similar ability. This was an absolutely astonishing result given that under-representation in the range of 20% or 30% is often treated by courts as powerful prima facie evidence of racial discrimination."

The Ivy League schools are essentially yeshivas, with a sprinkling of blacks as camouflage.  Related sorrow:  "Solzhenitsyn's Damning History of the Jews in Russia - a Review" (Peczkis).  What Ye is talking about.

Scouring the forests for your car

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 250". 

When Russia picked Turkey as the European gas hub, Turkey effectively lost the ability to oppose Russian interests in any meaningful way:  "Putin’s long arm: Gas hub kills Ukrainian dream of Bayraktar TB2s" (Nikolov).

Wait to see if Russia tells Turkey to stop this (although it makes diplomatic sense for Russia let the agreement run to the end of its term in November):

This is the second time - the other being the bridge attack - where Ukraine/Britain used the grain deal as cover to operate the attack through Odessa:  Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq. 

Cuckland, the country distinguished by the fact that everyone there is a cuck (I guess because their great-great-grandparents were tricked by some rich Jews into killing some poor Jews, so the rich Jews could kill people and steal their land in the Middle East in order to build a violent group supremacist hate-directed colonial empire/crime scene), has one non-cuck, a thread:

"Ukraine: military situation with maps October 30, 2022" (War in Ukraine). 

Mud:  "Kherson Region, Line Direction, October 2022" (Odo Puiu).

Democrats have radically changed in the past ten years, they are literally a different, unrecognizable, group of people:

"David DePape - Nancy Pelosi" (Aangirfan):

"DePape accused Jews of orchestrating the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine in order to enrich themselves and conquer Ukraine."

The original reporting seemed to suggest that each guy had a hammer, which makes no sense (unless one of the things that SF gays do for fun is engage in hammer duels).  Now it appears there was just one hammer, which Pelosi was using to subdue DePape before the police came.  This makes sense.  But it seems after the police arrived DePape managed to get control of the hammer, and it is then that the injuries to Pelosi occurred.  Crazy!  Had DePape not done this, I'm sure Pelosi could have talked his way out of the incident as a minor tiff amongst friends, DePape would have been escorted out by the police, and we would never have heard the story.

Napolitano is a conservative who writes like a 1970s liberal:  "Bush, Guantanamo, and the Rule of Law".

Everything is fine: 

Should be a fun week:  "Emergencies Act inquiry to hear from 'Freedom Convoy' protest organizers this week" (Osman). 

The trendy Halloween costume for 2022

"Everyone Is Laughing at the Ridiculous Pelosi Big Lie" (Schlichter).

Somehow, this self-owing tweet is still up: 

"BREAKING: Viva Frei locked out of Twitter after raising questions about Pelosi attack".  Elon has more cleansing to do.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

It's done

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 30.10.2022" (Military Summary).

"Russia-Ukraine War: Russia Launches Offensive Towards Vuhledar - October 30th" (THETI Mapping).

This is an excellent take on multiple issues:  "‘It’s done,’ Liz #Truss messaged #AnthonyBlinken seconds after #NordStream explosion. Go figure" (Galloway).  Should I be surprised that this Truss leak, using that Israeli software again (!), isn't a massive global scandal?  This is WWIII, the third British-German world war, not to mention the second Crimean War of Britain and allies (but minus Turkey this time!), versus Russia.

Musk, who is prone to following the 'norms', and is under advertiser pressure to be a good boy, has withdrawn his truth-bomb tweet concerning Paul Pelosi:

Forget about everything else, this weirdo - I mean the guy who was arrested, not Paul Pelosi, sorry for the confusion, who appears to be the pure distillation of SF, all in one package - was allowed in to Pelosi's house - he wasn't charged with B&E, and the glass in the door was broken from the inside - and was found by the police with Pelosi, both in just their underwear.  Do the math!  An additional question: is the rumor that a young man was in Pelosi's car the night he was arrested for DUI true?  Did the 'journalists' cover this up?

"Meet the spooks, mercs and chickenhawk politicos enlisting as NAFO trolls" (Rubinstein).  A good collection of names to keep in the back of your mind as they pop up from time to time (although that excellent collection of memes is just common sense, as we should have learned by the ongoing crucifixion of Ye).  The most interesting fact is the NAFO was built to support the same extremist Georgian militia now fighting and committing war crimes in Ukraine that Nuland used to murder people at the Maidan to get her desired regime change in Ukraine.

Most of these little annoyances are bend-the-knee stuff, a demonstration by them that we will take whatever punishments they decide to give to us, as a template for much worse things in the future: 

Paper straws are the worst.  They could have created an easily biodegradable usable straw.  Instead, they provide us with thin paper straws that dissolve into a paper slurry in your mouth half-way through your drink. When Blackface Trudeau announced that plastic straws were cancelled for Canadians, to save the whales, or something, he shimmered in the sheer delight of his arbitrary power.  These tiny performative bannings remind me of how Coke was allowed to save billions by replacing deposit-based bottle returns with 'recycling' (to understand 'recycling', just turn this cartoon upside down), which puts all the costs of Coke's polluting onto the public, and doesn't work, but makes people feel good about themselves as they walk to the separate bin.

Levine, another guy who just can't shake his genetic hatred of Russia, writes about Finland's odd suicide:  "Finland knocking on NATO's door. Does this look like winning?"  I'm sure Nuland is slow-walking the provision of arms to Ukraine to draw Russia further and further in, to enable the regime change, and partition of Russia, which is the point of this proxy war.  What if big Russian brains are slow-walking the defeat of Ukraine, to draw Europe further and further in, to lead to the Russian goal of complete denazification of Europe (and destruction of the American Empire)?

"Peskov Cuts The Crap..." (Martyanov).

"Putin Talks with Fyodor Lukyanov at Valdai Forum October 2022 - English Subtitles" (Rossi).  As usual, contrast Putin and Biden.

Remember all the (((media))) coverage of the big American protests against the illegal American attack on Iraq?  If you don't, that's because there wasn't any.  (((They))) wanted a war, so (((they))) covered up the dissent.  "The Military-Industrial Media Complex Strikes Again" (Ottenberg).

"Biden's Foreign Policy Is Sinking the Congressional Dems—and Ukraine" (Sachs).

"NATO Had Plans for a Preemptive Strike on Russia Using the Cover of a French-Led Naval Exercise in the Mediterranean" (Van den Ende).

Where the grain went from those American-owned farms in Ukraine, a thread (hint:  not to the countries that need it to avoid starvation):

Big Greenwald thread on the razor-thin victory for tepid centrism in Brazil (you could also argue that, considering all races, up and down the ballot, Bolsonaroism actually won the election, convincingly, and that the bad polling was actually push-polling, intended to influence the results):

A fistful of Kleenex

"Q & A: Taking on the Deep State candidate" (The Duran). 

"Douglas MacGregor Update Ukraine/Russia Special Military Operation" (Morano).

The funniest thing is that Nancy Pelosi could have gone on the TV with a fistful of Kleenex, crying from time to time, asking for privacy at this difficult time, blah, blah, blah, how she loves her husband very much, blah, blah, blah, how they have some issues due to his finding his true identity, blah, blah, blah, identity politics, blah, blah, blah, a little misunderstanding with his dear friend, blah, blah, blah.  The Democrats, marinated in years of this kind of bullshit, would have loved it.  Beautiful and Brave!!!  Instead, her spinmeisters couldn't resist the temptation of running with the low-hanging fruit of an attack by a monstrous MAGA Deplorable, a story ridiculous on the face of it, and blew the whole thing into a full-fledged pre-mid-term scandal!  Morons!

Democrat dirty-trick spinmeisters

There appears to have been an emergency meeting of Democrat dirty-trick spinmeisters to deal with Pelosigate, and they got right to work to establish the MAGA Narrative:  "EXCLUSIVE: Two Far-Right Websites Attributed to David DePape to Smear Conservatives Were FABRICATED – They Were Created Friday and Deleted Saturday" (Hoft).  The 'journalists' then started retyping from the script.


The link provided by Musk is being blocked by Cloudflare (naturally!), but you can get it on the Brave browser.  It sets out the whole story:  "The Awful Truth: Paul Pelosi Was Drunk Again, And In a Dispute With a Male Prostitute Early Friday Morning.

"Paul Pelosi stated that he doesn't know who the male is but he advised that his name is David and that he is a friend." Yeah, right." (Greene).


Added (I wonder if this kind of tweeting would have been allowed a few days ago?): 

Mac would play Paul Pelosi.  Although I'm sure they are all staunch Democrats, I can see them basing a story on this, playing up the gay/very religious angle which is such a big part of the Mac story.

More to this story

The immediate spin by every Democrat was that the Pelosi incident was a MAGA Republican attack, with political motivation.  Just on the limited facts we have, this is ridiculous.  This is clearly a money dispute with a male hooker which escalated into violence and a call to police.  While the hooker seems to have been a conspiracy theorist, everything else about him screams typical SF liberal.  Whatever you may say about Musk, he is consistent in not tolerating bullshit:

Of course, the Dems are absolutely desperate to hide the fact that the Speaker of the House is subject to enormous blackmail due to the proclivities of her weirdo husband. 


And (a thread putting Pelosigate into the context of 'journalism' and herd mentality in the face of evidence): 

Free speech

"Scott Ritter on the End of American Hegemony; Poland Becoming a Bumper State; Being Back on TWITTER." (Through the eyes of).  Note the Twitter challenge to Musk towards the end.

"Luhansk Update | Donetsk Update | Ukraine War Latest News" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"‘Missile rain’ was supposed to cut US UAV data transfer to Ukraine" (Nikolov).  Of course, the US drone could have been communicating directly with the British, without having to go through Ukrainian data centers.

"Ukraine War Day #249: King Coal Karma" (yalensis).

"Haitians, Peace Activists Denounce Plan for Another US-Backed Intervention" (Gallagher).  Canada has been the US proxy for so many of these attacks that it isn't fooling anybody any longer (if it ever did).  Canada is just the 'Ugly American' with a blackface Halloween mask.  "The Last Thing Haiti Needs Is Another Military Intervention" (Prashad).

"German parliament agrees to drastically restrict freedom of speech and assembly" (Leicht).  "New Zealand Prime Minister Calls For A Global Censorship System" (Turley).  "Former Canadian Nationalist Party leader Travis Patron sentenced to 1 year for promoting hatred against Jews" (Zakreski) (note that the comment from the ingrate Jews was that the police state oppression didn't happen more quickly).  It is not a coincidence that all these WEF minions head directly for more censorship.  My view is that the only permissible, and indeed required, law regarding censorship is an immediate life sentence (or worse), for advocating it.

"Kanye West and the Sons of Noah" (Ó Colmáin).

Ha!:  "LNG ships waiting for higher EU prices to unload".  It seemed that the Americans may have heeded Macron's complaints about the price gouging, causing the European gas prices to drop, but no.

"The message from China’s party congress" (Bhadrakumar):

"The decision to enshrine in the CCP constitution the commitment to seek a Chinese reunification while containing those who proclaim Taiwanese independence must be taken most seriously. Pressure is mounting on Beijing. The earlier belief was that with the passage of time, circumstances conductive to peaceful reunification will only get strengthened as China kept rising. That estimation no longer holds good, thanks to the Biden Administration’s strategy to queer the pitch relentlessly. The heart of the matter is that any perceived hesitancy on Beijing’s part to take decisive action can only strengthen the forces that support Taiwan’s independence. Time is running out for Beijing. 

That is why, the Taiwanese election in 2024 will be an inflection point. Beijing cannot afford to live with another term for the the ruling Democratic Progressive Party in Taipei."

Self-inflicted wounds

"Stab in the Back – Not One Inch but Right to the Heart" (Helmer).  Whether true or not, this is an important article.  But if it wasn't the Americans who stabbed Russia in the back over issues of Russian security involving imperial encroachment in Europe, but Gorbachev himself, I'm left with the question, 'why?'  What was Gorbachev's motive?  Blackmail, bribery, or was he such an 'Atlanticist' that he thought American dominance would be good for Russia?  Helmer maintains that the Russians knew that the culprit was Gorbachev then, and certainly know it now, and the current conflict is the attempt to undo Gorbachev's treason.

Racial turf wars

This is very racist and almost certainly the only explanation for why black political leaders don't seem to care about the amazingly high rates of violence against black people in the US (Sailer might have written this!):  "How Black Crime Maintains Black Political Power" (Kay):

"Racial politics abounds with riddles, and among the most baffling is why black leaders are soft on crime that victimizes their own voters. What candidate would possibly run on a platform “Vote for me and I’ll ignore neighborhood crime”? It makes no sense to us, but it is a rational strategy both for the office-seeker and at least some constituents. Crime pays, and not just for the perpetrators."


"How can a black elected official survive demographic change that could scatter his supporters? The answer is black crime. Crime and mayhem do not guarantee that blacks won’t move out — many will — but “blackness” will keep others out. Creating an undesirable neighborhood is equivalent of establishing an ethnic homeland. Black elected officials may complain about a Soros-designated district attorney who opposes cash bail — but not too loudly.

This race-related disorder can be viewed as anti-gentrification. So, just as whites follow statistics on murder and shootings, black leaders may be alert to “threats” to their geographical domination: the spread of over-priced gourmet coffee shops, trendy art galleries, and fashionable boutiques catering to young white “settlers.” Indeed, the sight of a jogger in a designer tracksuit sounds the alarm and may require putting a few more drug dealers on the street corner as deterrents.

Flooding the neighborhood with police could bring the demographic shift that undermines black political power. With safe streets and trash-free parks, adventuresome whites may move in. Rents will rise, and developers will buy up cheap slum property, evict the tenants, and renovate. A critical mass of white families could follow. There goes the neighborhood, and with fewer blacks, a political shift is inevitable. New residents will elect officials more worried about global warming than “white supremacy.” Gentrification undermines black political power.

Local, majority-black schools play a key role in keeping whites out since almost no white parent will send junior to a violence-plagued school where learning is impossible. Nor can most potential homesteaders afford private school tuition or have the leisure needed for home-schooling.

Likewise, violence-prone youngsters can ruin “white” businesses if these establishments “invade” their turf. Good luck to an organic grocery or feminist bookstore if rowdy youngsters decide they don’t like it. Mobs of looters are combat units for repelling white invaders.

While elected black officials are the chief and most obvious beneficiaries of racial clustering, they are not alone. There are many benefits that upscale whites mistakenly think are problems. The poorest blacks benefit from de-policing and the absence of “white” standards because in police-free neighborhoods, they can drink and smoke weed in public, gamble, solicit sex, play loud rap music, ignore traffic rules, shoplift and re-sell stolen loot openly, and otherwise engage in lower-class black behavior. Small-time street peddlers needn’t worry about competition from cheaper white-owned big-box stores. This freedom comes at a price — occasional shootings — but the trade-off appears to be acceptable, judging from the hostility to gentrification and to the police when they intervene.

Keeping whites out is a bonanza for blacks in education. Few whites will work in dangerous schools, and low test scores guarantee jobs for blacks thanks to endless calls for “investing in the children.” Nor is there any need to relax employment standards to ensure a “culturally competent” staff.

It is even good to have unmanageable students because fear keeps out pesky whites. Without them, blacks can run the schools however they like and don’t have to compete with whites for jobs. Perpetual disorder is the recipe for lifetime tenure. Even if white do-gooders complain about dismal outcomes, black teachers can always blame systemic racism, under-funding, and all the other excuses clever white leftists come up with for them. Tolerating school chaos is win-win both for the teachers and for students who don’t care about school."

A comment notes that whites employ the same strategy - by seeding schools in white areas with a few blacks, they keep the Asians out. 

I can't remember

"They will blame WWIII on Germany too" (Pattberg).  The comments rightly take Pattberg to task for blaming Germany for starting wars it didn't start, but everybody can agree that Scholz is one of the worst 'leaders' in world history.  He is so bad that he gets away with it as nobody can believe that anybody can possibly be that bad.

It looks like the blackmail hold over him may not be the usual sexual degeneracy (although it could be that too), but massive corruption (just like the hold on von der Leyen), which he was allowed to skate on due to an amazingly faulty memory.  If he doesn't do what he is told to wreck Germany, he probably goes to jail and has to disgorge the bribes.

The insidious Albion

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 249".

"UK remotely piloted naval attack drones struck Russian ships" (Nikolov):

"[Romanian military expert] Mr. Vasilescu says the naval drones that hit their targets were not Ukrainian weapons, like the Neptune anti-ship missiles that hit Moscow in April, but “high-tech” drones from the Royal Navy.

A priori, the type of drone used is an “ultra” advanced drone model of British design and for which it is highly unlikely that the mastered service will be provided by Ukrainian operators, but by NATO specialists.

UK remotely piloted naval attack drones strike Russian ships
Photo credit: Reseau International

Mr. Vasilescu even says that the base from which the attack was carried out is known. Not far from the Crimea is the Ochakov base [at the mouth of the Southern Bug west of Kherson], which houses the “73rd Marine Special Operations Center”, which before February was made up of about 300 members of the SBS and the British SAS, officially “instructors”. This unofficial NATO base was opened in 2017. “I highly doubt that all the SBS left in February,” says Vasilescu."

With the attacks on the pipelines, the bridge, and now the port, I assume the Russians are working on a violent response to Britain. 

"Russia-Ukraine War: Major Explosions In Sevastopol - October 29th" (THETI Mapping). 

"2022.10.30 Why NATO Attacked Crimea (hint, the G20 Summit)" (Lira).

"[ Donetsk Front ] Russia launched major assault on Vuhledar and Pavlivka" and "[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 248 (29/10): Ukraine strikes Black Sea Fleet with aerial and naval drones" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Russia Initiates Offensive in Donetsk" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Ukraine: and military situation with maps October 29, 2022" (War in Ukraine).

"The American "War for Righteousness" Is a War for Evil" (Cathey).  Even Tucker Carlson can't expressly name the (((group supremacist))) neocolonialist war.  There is so much raw power over American politics on display here that it is just too dangerous to tell the truth.

"Lula is no more than a Brazilian Biden" (Cava).

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Lunacy on stilts

"The war in Ukraine can be stopped today." (AllesAfrikaans - verhale in leesbeeld).  Interview of Macgregor.

"Did General David Petraeus Let the Ukrainian Cat Out of the Bag?" (Johnson).

"Routine War in Ukraine" (South Front).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Why Is Joe Biden Sending U.S. Soldiers So Close To Ukraine?" (Davis):

". . . if Russia mobilizes a large portion of its armed force and its defense industrial capacity, in time it will likely overcome the Ukrainian defenses – though even that minor objective is by no means a guarantee. The idea, however, that Russia has the slightest conventional capacity to invade any other country is laughable. They don’t. Period. Full stop. There is nowhere near the necessary military means to invade even one bordering state, much less take on the 30-member military alliance of NATO."

This is obvious nonsense.  If we've learned anything from this war, the only real, functional army in NATO belongs to Russian ally Turkey. Beating NATO would be much easier than beating Ukraine, particularly as Russia would fight that war with the gloves off.

Some questions that should be asked

"Progressive Rep. Jamie Raskin shills for endless Ukraine war" (The Grayzone).  Hilarious interview by Blumenthal of Raskin.  Raskin keeps telling lies, and Blumenthal immediately and succinctly calls him out on them, and then Raskin immediately rolls into another lie.  Normally, the interview subject quickly figures out this is not going well, and bails, but Raskin just keeps leaning in to more lies. 

"Why are US Progressives Pro-War?" (usefulidiots).

"On the ground in Donbass under Ukrainian fire" and "How NAFO troll farm fundraises for war criminals and extremists" and "Western media ignores Ukrainian atrocities in Donbas" (The Grey Zone).

"Ukraine War Day #248: Hate Thy Neighbor [concluded]" (yalensis).

"Biden quietly moves world closer towards armageddon. Finland ready to host nukes" (The Duran).

"Russia pulls out of 'grain deal.' UK denies Russian Nord Stream sabotage claims. U/3" (Christoforou).

"US Sends Fewer Arms to Ukraine as Russia Prepares its Next Big Move" (The New Atlas).

"But It Was..." (Martyanov).

"Kanye Incinerated By Jewish Space Laser" (Babylon Bee).

"Blind Item #5 - Reader Blind" (CDaN):

"Some questions that should be asked. Why were the A-lister's spouse and the assailant both in their underwear? Why is there a paper trail showing the A-lister's spouse had given him money in the past?  It would not take much digging to find other young men the A-lister's spouse had given money to in exchange for services."

Von der Pirate

""BRITISH SPECIALISTS" Behind Sevastopol Attack. Russian Central Bank Releases New Statement" (iEarlGrey).

"Drone Attack On Sevastopol" (Moon of Alabama).

"Russia Completes Mobilisation, Prepares Offensive, Ukraine Stopped, Putin Hints Will Take Odessa" (Mercouris).

"Crimea attack. Russia MoD claims UK behind Nord Stream. Pirate cash for Serbia. EU warns Elon. U/2(Christoforou). 

"Russia Suspends Participation In Ukraine Grain Deal After "Massive" Drone Attack On Black Sea Fleet" (Durden).  Oh my God, the delivery of feed for European farm animals for the profits of American agri-businesses which own all the Ukrainian farmland will be temporarily delayed!

"Sevastopol Attack | Vuhledar update | Ukraine War Latest News" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 29.10.2022" (Military Summary).

Not a random attack

"British navy involved in Nord Stream 2 ‘terrorist attack’ – Russia".

"2022.10.29 The Americans Are ITCHING To Fight The Russians" (Lira).

"Biden backtracks on nuclear pledge".  The Brandon administration, which hasn't done one thing right, is making Americans less safe, as the Russians now need to be on a constant hair trigger, and can deliver nukes to the US much more effectively than the Americans can deliver nukes to Russia.

"Russia suspends participation in grain deal after Ukrainian attacks on ships".

"British experts helped Kiev’s forces to prepare “terrorist act” in Crimea: Russia".

Do you get the sense that things are completely falling apart diplomatically as a result of many different actions by the West?

"The Guy Who Hammered Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Is Your Quintessential San Fran Lefty Weirdo" (Johnson).  Read the comments for the blackmail handle on Nancy Pelosi.

Hampered by the great depth

"No Prizes for Russians" (Hayes).  These prizes are no longer an honor, if they ever were (but if they come with money, the money is still good, so most people take them).  For the credentialed, these awards still have considerable meaning despite the obvious political corruption.

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 247 (28/10): Ukraine Rasputitsa Offensives; Mobilized troops reaches Kherson" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Russia-Ukraine War: How Will The Midterm Elections Affect The Conflict?" (THETI Mapping).

"Ukraine: military situation with maps October 28, 2022" (War in Ukraine).

"Musk, bird is free, Starlink is on. Prague massive protests. Greece, Poland; German reparations. U/1" (Christoforou).

Finally, an arrest in the Delphi murders case, the one the police struggled to solve despite the fact one of the victims managed to video the perp on her cell phone(!):  "Richard ‘Ricky’ Allen, Held in Delphi Murders: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know" (McBride).

Cause harm with the expression of their views

"Vladimir Putin Address at the Valdai International Discussion Club 2022 - English Subtitles" (Rossi).  Worth the listen.  I think I'll return to this soon.

"Putin: ‘The Situation Is, to a Certain Extent, Revolutionary’" (Escobar).

"New Atlas LIVE: Ukraine, China, Iran & More" (The New Atlas).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 246 (27/10): Russian forces attack Andriivka & Zelenopillya, South of Bakhmut" (Defense Politics Asia).

"From UK Column News Extra: A Ukrainian Dirty Bomb False Flag?" (UK Column).

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 248".

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq.

"Ukrainian Forces Attempt Offensives on All Front Lines but Fail" (South Front).  It may be that Ukraine has lost so many soldiers and so much equipment they no longer have enough left to fight effectively.  If they move forces around to concentrate in one area, they are leaving themselves open for a disaster elsewhere.

"Overview of Russian Strikes on October 28: Major Blow to Ukrainian Energy System in Kiev" (South Front).

"Soros Tops The List Of Midterm Election Mega-Donors" (Durden).  As always, the list of mega-donors is a (((list))).  And you wonder why things are so fucked up.

"It’s Happening: Elon Sieges Twitter Carrying a Sink! Ye WINS!" (Anglin).  Even less censorship would be a blessing.

This is really good:  "Greenwald: Meet The Consortium Imposing The Growing Censorship Regime":

"If one really believes, as millions of American liberals do, that the U.S. faces two and only two choices — either (1) elect Democrats and ensure they rule or (2) live under a white nationalist fascist dictatorship — then of course such people will believe that media disinformation campaigns, censorship, and other forms of authoritarianism are necessary to ensure Democrats win and their opponents are vanquished. Once that self-glorifying rationale is embraced — our adversaries do not merely disagree with us but cause harm with the expression of their views — then the more suppression, the better. And that is exactly what is happening now."

and (it is not clear to me whether Big Tech works for the Pentagon, or the Pentagon works for Big Tech, but perhaps it doesn't matter):

"One of the easiest and surest ways to be banned these days from Big Tech platforms is to reject the core pieties of the CIA/NATO/EU view of the war in Ukraine, even if that dissent entails simply affirming the very views which Western media outlets spent a decade itself endorsing, until completely changing course at the start of the war — such as the fact that the Ukrainian military is dominated by neo-Nazi battalions such as Azov, especially in the Eastern part of the country. Regardless of one's views on the Biden administration's involvement in this war, surely it requires little effort to see how dangerous it is to try to impose a full-scale blackout on challenges to U.S. war policy, especially given the warning by Biden himself that this war has brought the world closer to nuclear armageddon than at any time since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

It cannot be overstated how closely aligned Big Tech censorship is with the agenda of the U.S. Security State. And it is not hard to understand why. Google and Amazon receive billions in contracts from the CIA, NSA and Pentagon, and, as we reported here in April, the most vocal lobbyists working to preserve Big Tech monopoly power are former Security State operatives. Illustrating this alignment, Facebook — at the start of the war in Ukraine — implemented an exception to its rule banning praise for Nazi groups by exempting the Azov Battalion and other neo-Nazi Ukrainian militias.

This regime of censorship is anything but arbitrary. Its core function is to shield propaganda that emanates from ruling class centers of power from critique, challenge and opposition. It is designed to ensure that Western populations hear only the assertions and proclamations of state and corporate elites, while their adversaries and critics are at best marginalized (with warnings labels and other indicia of discredit) or banned outright."

and (before it starts to turn into another ad for Peter Thiel, and drifts off under the paywall):

"But when it comes to this sinister regime of information control, I long ago ceased believing it sufficient merely to report on it. I regard the need to fight against this regime of censorship, to destabilize and subvert it, and ultimately to defeat it as a paramount cause, the journalistic and political cause I prioritize above all others. Little is possible, including meaningful journalism, if we are prevented from being heard, if our discourse is strictly controlled and policed by the very power centers our rights allow and encourage us to challenge. Few other values can be defended, and few other injustices exposed and combated, if ruling class elites continue to acquire the defining tyrannical power of information control and silencing of dissent.

Action, not just words, is required. That is why I have been devoting myself to supporting only those sites and companies genuinely determined to resist pressures and other forms of coercion to censor on behalf of Western establishment institutions, and instead to preserve and fortify spaces for free speech and free inquiry online, with the ability to reach large numbers of people. It does nobody any good — other than one's adversaries — if one willingly ghettoizes oneself into fringe and marginalized precincts. What is required is a cause-driven commitment to free speech along with the strategic ability to attract large audiences — and that, to me, means doing my journalism only on platforms with a demonstrated commitment to these values and an demonstrated ability to reach large numbers of people."

You know I keep joking about guillotines, but there are times in human history where conventional responses no longer work, and in fact heeding the 'norms' just plays into the hands of the psychos, while wasting valuable time we can never recover. 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Diplomacy is treason

"Ukraine: Will US Back Off as Russia Did on Cuba?" (McGovern).

"A few headlines about civilizational values and some week-end music" (The Saker).

"Billions of dollars in military aid to Ukraine never left the US" (Nikolov).

Speaking of LaRouche:  "LaRouche’s ‘Ukrainian Nazi’ Legacy" (Robeson).  If you read this carefully is is a terribly executed smear job which never once lands a blow.  The main argument seems to be there were lots of Ukrainians Nazis in the US in the 80s, and LaRouche was in the US in the 80s, and sometimes LaRouchian shit disturbing caused their paths to meet, or almost.  Lots of innuendo, but no real connections.  Here's a representative sentence (my emphasis in red):

"This included an awkward moment when a British antisemite, who I am willing to bet was a LaRouchite, grilled the Israeli about putting a stop to Simon Wiesenthal."

 Also, a lot of the 'crazy' things LaRouchians have said over the years are obviously true.  I didn't realize LaRouchites were behind outing AOC as a warmonger.  Good for them!  I think the Ye truth bombs are shaking the Jews up more than they would like to admit.  With all the guilt by association, I guess The Duran must also be secretly LaRouchian.

"‘Too loud to be true’: Is Russia setting a trap in Kherson?" (Mirovalev).  Maybe this is how Ze intends to lull the Russians into the sense of security that he is not going to attack.

"General Armageddon Comes to Ukraine" (Sleboda).

"Ukraine War Map | Massive Battle Near Kremmina | Zelensky says Russian Kherson Retreat is a TRAP" (New World Econ).

"When Diplomacy Becomes Treason: Tepid Dissent on Ukraine Crushed in D.C. w/ Medea Benjamin" (BreakThrough News).  We can't negotiate, according to (((Sanders'))) office, as that would require talking to Putin, and we can't talk to Putin (remember Bernie voted for all those billions to Ukraine and didn't even feel he needed to explain why that money wasn't going to American poors?).  Could (((they))) make it any clearer that (((they))) don't give a shit about Ukraine - (((they))) certainly don't want to stop the ongoing destruction of Ukraine, as it still serves (((their))) purpose - and this is all about regime change in Russia?

Waiting for fog

"Russia Kherson Offensive; Putin Rejects Globalism, Fair World System, Warns of Great Dangers Ahead" (Mercouris).

"Putin's Valdai Speech, warns Western elites" and "China moves up the sanctions escalator" and "Xi Jinping's mandate to prepare for smash with collective west" (The Duran).

"Putin ushers in Multipolar World, 'we are standing on a historic frontier.' Historic Q & A. U/1" (Christoforou).

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 28.10.2022" (Military Summary).

"2022.10.28 Destroying Democracy To Save It" (Lira).

"#Maha_Amini hashtag on street advertising in downtown Brussels! What can this mean?" (Doctorow).

The sneakiest representative of our people

"Following PR Crisis, PayPal Again Updates TOS Hoping You Won’t Notice (Knauff)."  Evil bastards assume we are too stupid to notice their propensity for theft and censorship.

The tragedy is that there is not a law that book burners and their enablers get a minimum 20-year jail sentence, but this will have to do (I hope they were frog-marched out of the building):

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 247".  Putin keeps talking about nuclear because demented Brandon keeps bringing it up!

"Some Relevant Headlines..." and "Very Pleasent, Very..." (Martyanov). 

"Ukraine: Will US Back Off as Russia Did on Cuba?" (McGovern).  You can see the genius of the (((neocons))) in installing a dementia patient through ballot-box stuffing, and then creating the (((khabinet))) from 2% of the population.  There is no JFK to be found in the entire Brandon Administration.

The US is a piece of land covered entirely with psychopaths:

"EU Gas Market Implosion Warning. Dissecting Western Lies and Propaganda." and "Russia Reveals HOW Ukraine Will STAGE DIRTY BOMB Attack, "MASSIVE Retaliatory Strikes" Practiced" (iEarlGrey).  Note the US officials stroking out towards the end.  Stroke and dementia are appropriately where it's at in the US of A.

"Russia conducts strategic nuclear strike exercise; air land sea launches of ICBM & cruise missiles" (Defense Politics Asia).  Vulgar display of power.

"Ukraine: military situation with maps October 27, 2022" (War in Ukraine).  This guy really, really hates Russia and Putin.

"Russia's Killer Drone Swarms" (Sleboda).

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Going through a phase

"The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset" (Engdahl).  Back in the day, Strong was all over the media in Canada, and Canadians were directed to feel proud that this Canadian was flitting all over the place, saving the world.  It looks quite sus in retrospect.  Rich guys like David Rockefeller seem to think that fucking over the world while they are alive isn't enough, they have to take steps to fuck over the world after they die, as part of their 'legacy'.

I thought Musk was going to buy Twitter out of the lint and change in his pocket, but it is another leveraged buy-out funded on Twitter itself, so when Musk tires of fighting the libs over it he can just let it go under at little cost to himself:  "Elon Buys Twitter" (Napolitano).

"Kiev In PANIC Over Signs Of Waning Western Support" (iEarlGrey). 

I don't know if this adds to the story or not (watch the embedded video):  "Hu Jintao argued about official papers before being escorted out of congress" (Graham-Harrison).  He could still have been unwell or confused.  I don't know why everybody had a file of documents.

A thread:

Another glowing endorsement for the Grayzone, a thread: 


Ha!:  "NHS Warning: Many "Trans" Kids Merely Going Through A "Phase"" (Durden): 

"Perhaps most importantly, the NHS warns about the perils of hastily moving a child down the gender transition path: 

"The clinical approach has to be mindful of the risks of an inappropriate gender transition and the difficulties that the child may experience in returning to the original gender role upon entering puberty if the gender incongruence does not persist." 

The NHS also issues a warning about "social transition" for pre-pubescent children -- a term that refers to children publicly proclaiming a new gender, changing their names, pronouns, clothing, haircuts, restrooms, etc. 

Noting "evidence that in most cases gender incongruence does not persist into adolescence," the NHS says: 

"The current evidence base is insufficient to predict the long-term outcomes of complete gender-role transition during early is important to acknowledge that it should not be viewed as a neutral may have significant effects on the child or young person in terms of their psychological functioning.""

You'd think that plain common sense might have come up with this before the NHS had to, but those doctor's and Pritzker's yachts aren't going to buy themselves. 

It is lucky that when the teenage or pre-teen mood shifts, the lopped body parts will just naturally grow back, and the developing human body just returns to the status quo ante once the hormones are stopped.  Not!  It is not fun to contemplate how many people let these Mengele-style outrages continue because they were scared of the troons.

This is really weird, a thread: 

Also: "ABC News Producer Missing Since FBI Raid, Was Writing Book About Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal" (Durden).  As Meek appears to be a spook himself, it is difficult to figure out what is going on.

Everybody poo-pooed the significance of American troops in Romania, but maybe their special abilities are for a specific role in a bigger campaign:  "NATO Set To Attack Tiraspol?" (Sant).  "It just got real".

A thread on the Democrat attempt to play their brand and claiming that attacks on Fetterman are 'ableism':

"It doesn't have a viable anything. It's Poland."

"Scott Ritter: Talks Dirty Bomb-Nuclear Exercise & How Much Longer" (Wasser).  I can't keep up with all the Ritter videos.  As there are only 24 hours in a day, my theory is that there is a small army of Ritters.

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 27.10.2022" (Military Summary).

"Putin and 26 Year Olds" (Martyanov).  Martyanov thinks Americans are too dumb to do geopolitical or military analysis, but too smart to launch a nuclear first strike.

"Vladimir Putin: There Are Two Wests" ('Hunter Wallace').  Did you know Putin, the Ye of Russia, was 'naming the Jew'?  He did expressly mention 'Christianity', so maybe he did.

"Everybody Wants to Hop on the BRICS Express" (Escobar):

"Russian natural gas to Turkey will be paid 25 percent in rubles and Turkish lira, complete with a 25 percent discount Erdogan personally asked of Putin."

A good little comment by Notsofast (my emphasis in red): 

"putin is a fucking genius, i’m sorry there’s no other why of puttin it. dangling the irresistible carrot in front of the nato mule erdogan, offering him the ability to be the new energy sultan of the european union. now erdogan has two levels of control over his former masters through both energy and immigration means. now that erdogan has a dog in the fight, word has it the turks are allowing russian subs into the black sea to guard the pipelines, so much for locking the russian navy out of the black sea.

the most beautiful part of all of this, is how zioneocon hubris is responsible for all of these amazing world changing developments. if the iranians weren’t illegally sanctioned, they would not developed the their game changing, low cost drone warfare that has exposed the weakness of the overhyped u.s. technology, that is reality several generations behind the russians. when yemeni houthi rebels blew up the saudi oil field with iranian drones, it certainty opened mbs eyes and then when brandon went out of his way to insult mbs, before begging him to cut production to punish the russians, he could read the writting on the wall, so much for the arab nato. add to all this the illegal sanctions, seizure of assets and cutting the russians off from swift, so they demanded payment in rubles from unfriendly countries, while setting up payment systems to trade currencies with friendly nations, eroding the once dominant petrodollar and leading to a new interest in the brics collective. it would be easy to chalk this up to neocon stupidity and hubris but that would overlook the masterful job putin did, in playing these morons and leading them into the trap that has exposed these criminals for what they are."

"Taking on the Deep State candidate w/Diane Sare (Live)" (The Duran).  This is a LaRouchian candidate, running as an Independent, for the US Senate, in New York City.  I dunno.  I didn't watch it (although I watch all the other videos I link to).  For the bits I watched, she seems like a sane conspiracist (she's good from 23:00 on).  The interesting part is the return of LaRouchians to American politics and journalism (Chung and Ehret).