Friday, November 11, 2022

Apple of discord

"Biden nods to compromise in Ukraine" (Bhadrakumar).  The (((neocons))) haven't yet got what they want, which is regime change in, and eventual partition of, Russia.  On the other hand, how much longer can Europe hold out before the guillotines start answering questions that traditional WEF-gummed-up politics can't answer?  If Europe breaks, the US loses the whip hand, and that cannot be allowed to be seen.  It is an interesting problem.

Here's Putin's remarks on Odessa (particularly 46:50-48:05).  Perhaps too much has been read into them, but he does bring up the idea that the war could be ended if only the Americans consented to allow the Ukrainians to negotiate, containing the tiny hint that Odessa may be on the table, perhaps as a neutral city (the Ukrainians would still be allowed to use it as a port, and the Russians living there would be protected from Nazi attacks).  Of course, the recent abject defeat of Russian forces around Kherson means that the Russian taking of Odessa is going to be a huge job, if not impossible.

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