Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Bigger idiots

"Bankman-Fried Trying To Raise Fresh Capital As Bankruptcy Lawyers Reveal More Than One Million Creditors" (Durden) (my emphasis in red):

"... at least until such time as he is finally arrested (which Elon Musk said will never happen because he is such a prominent Democratic donor), he appears to have little desire to do the right thing, and instead has been trying to salvage an unfixable situation and according to the WSJ, the 2nd largest democrat donor still thinks that he can raise enough money to make users whole.

Bankman-Fried, alongside a few remaining employees, spent the past weekend calling around in search of commitments from investors to plug a shortfall of up to $8 billion in the hopes of repaying FTX’s customers, the WSJ sources said. It wasn't clear if any proceeds from such fundraising would go into his personal bank account, nor was it clear if he was merely calling other fugitive criminals such as Jho Low who made billions by robbing Malaysia blind with the help of Goldman Sachs, or is simply hoping to find even bigger idiots than his current roster of "erudite" investors.

The WSJ goes on to redundantly notes that the "efforts to cover that shortfall have so far been unsuccessful." The paper also couldn’t determine what SBF is offering in return for any potential cash infusion, or whether any investors have committed. To be sure, the last thing on SBF's mind is to transfer some of his well-hidden offshore funds to make those customers who trusted him whole." 


"In separate news, FTX’s bankruptcy lawyers said the case could involve more than one million creditors: that means there will be a lot of angry people when the Democrat-controlled DOJ announces it has no plans to press charges against one of the most generous (and criminal of course) Democrat donors in history. Because the last thing anyone wants is to tie the money laundering loose ends between Democrats, Ukraine and crypto fund flows over the past year." 

Was it a dream, or a few months ago were people really buying digital bitcoin pictures of monkeys as 'investments'? 


The danger is, if you count too quickly, you will over-stuff the ballot boxes with the votes of the dead, and end up with a ridiculous result that will draw suspicion, say, the Democrat wins with 58% of the vote:

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 15.11.2022" (Military Summary).  Start of Russian attacks on command and control centers. 

"Russia Fires BM-27 "Uragan" Rockets On Kharkiv Ukraine" and "UNDER FIRE With Russian Mobilization Soldiers in the Trenches of the Ukraine War" (cut in the narrative timeline style of Pulp Fiction) (Lancaster).

"Russia Launches Missile Attack. Patrushev, West Plans Russia Break up; West Fails to Isolate Russia" (Mercouris).

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