Thursday, November 17, 2022

Doing Canada proud

"Scott Ritter: Ukraine S300."  "Scott Ritter About the Missles Crash in Poland." (Through the eyes of). 

"Russia Launches Another Missile Strike, Kiev Doubles Down Polish Missile Strike; Xi Crushes Trudeau" (Mercouris).  It's possible that it was an accident, but, given the other instances of Ukraine lying and leaning towards false flags (particularly blaming Russia for deaths caused by itself), is it likely?

The Toronto Star, naturally, is trying to turn Trudeau into a hero for standing up to the authoritarian blast:  "Was Justin Trudeau caught off-guard or doing Canada proud when confronted by Xi Jinping?" (Levitz) (my emphasis in red):

"U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Cohen told a roomful of diplomats, business leaders and politicians in Ottawa on Tuesday he thinks Canada is on the right track.

He said he’s been getting asked what Canada’s position is vis-à-vis China ever since he took over the job, and what Joly has laid out thus far is promising — and in line with the U.S."

"The press are completely crazy and they are going to get us all killed" (eugyppius).

"Biden Nods to Compromise in Ukraine" (Bhadrakumar).

"Dave Chappelle switched ‘SNL’ monologue between rehearsal and live show" (Mohr).

Heroes of Europe!:

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