Friday, November 18, 2022

Dutch law of finger-pointing

"Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 268".  We now pledge allegiance by swapping SIM cards.

Do you think Pelosi finally went off into that good night because DePape successfully delivered the message?  Nothing else seemed to work.

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 267 (17/11): Russia strengthen position at Vuhledar and Pisky regions" (Defense Politics Asia).

"INTERVIEW: It was a total rebrand of the #Trump we thought we knew, says #FaranFronczak" (Galloway).  Trump-Paul 2024.

"Inside the Ukraine-FTX Connection" (useful idiots).  Klarenberg on FTX-Ukraine from 20:15.

"CrossTalk | Zelensky’s war" (with Doctorow, Kevin and Jatras).

"FTX: New Ex-Enron CEO Finds “Complete Absence of Trustworthy Financial Information,” $3.3 Billion Loans to SBF, Customer Deposits Not Recorded on Balance Sheets; Confirms Software Backdoors, Auto-Deleted Communications" (Smith).  Jail?  He hasn't even been arrested yet.  He is 'under supervision' by local officials in Nassau.  He has the resources to obtain any kind of boat or plane, and pay off anybody who might be in the way.  He runs a greater risk of being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom than actually spending a day in jail.  Still, he seems so unconcerned about what he did, and so nonchalant about his legal status, that he might force an arrest through embarrassing the authorities.  I suspect he has a high-level contacts - in both Nassau and Washington - who will tell him when it is time to flee.

People so consistently wonderful that Europe has decided to destroy itself to protect their sacred borders:

An emergency shipment of brown paper bags with the eye-holes cut out is on its way to The Netherlands to deal with the embarrassment of being Dutch after this show-trial decision:  "MH17 Court Applies Dutch Law of Finger-Pointing — Guilt by Association if the Perpetrator Is Russian, Innocence by Association if Prosecutor Is Dutch or Ukrainian" (Helmer).

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