Friday, November 18, 2022

Epstein II, the Glamming

It may be Epstein II, another Mossad op, this time just for the shekels (and probably for information):  "Glamour" (Brown): 

". . . it seems as though Bankman-Fried and his inner circle were able to glamour everyone over the last three years by throwing around money. No sex appeal or supernatural powers necessary. He bought his way into prominence and then leveraged the attention, relationships and positioning to his further advantage. The effect was cumulative. The more status he attained, the more that set him up for even greater success."

It wasn't just money and the seeming ability to spend it which dropped Epstein into the inner political circles.  There was also his imaginary status as a financial 'genius'.  Look at this, a legend exactly like the one created for Epstein!:

"Bankman-Fried’s origin story – a whiz kid MIT alum who learned to trade at Jane Street and began arbitraging the price of crypto between the US and Japan – was repeated so often it just became accepted as established truth. Maybe it was true. Maybe not."

Now SBF sits in Nassau, playing video games and seemingly completely unconcerned that anybody might be coming after him. Much of the story he tells makes no sense.  If he walked off with $8 billion, why does he not simply return it?  His claims to be trying to raise $8 billion to make everybody whole just looks like a scammer using the fact of his scamming to scam yet another $8 billion! 

Of course, similarity of con-men doesn't prove anything, and there were striking differences too.  With Epstein, the nature of the 'work' and the presence of Maxwell herself definitively proved what was really going on.  Still, SBF seemed to have easy, and unexplained, access to large sources of capital, at least in the earlier days.  He obviously wasn't subject to any regulation at all, and his auditors appear to be a joke, if they even exist.  The entire structure of FTX was set up, from the very beginning, to allow for the easiest defalcation possible.  He had full, and always positive, access to the (((media))), and, for an awkward dweeb, seems to have moved in the social circles of the movers and shakers (just like Epstein).  I want to keep the intelligence angle in mind if anything interesting pops up in the news.

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