Thursday, November 24, 2022

Fidel and the multipolar world

"Meloni v. Macron" (The Duran). 

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 23.11.2022" (Military Summary).

"Big Missile Attack, Russia to Capture Marinka, as Russia Grinds Down Ukraine, Europe Crisis Deepens" (Mercouris).

"Emergencies Act inquiry commissioner rejects convoy lawyer's pitch to call witnesses on Nazi flag at protest" (Raycraft).  A Freedom Convoy lawyer wants to introduce evidence that Blackface Trudeau hired a PR firm to carry questionable flags at the protest, and even claims to have a witness who talked to Blackface's PR guy, but the 'judge', who is looking increasingly crooked, won't hear the witnesses.  Note the 'judge' won't admit evidence because he says there isn't sufficient evidentiary basis to do so, although I don't know what else the Freedom Convoy lawyer could possibly do to satisfy him.  Bottom line is that honest evidence would inevitably lead to the end of the tyrannical rule of the cruel and stupid dictator, Blackface Trudeau, and this 'judge' obviously has been instructed that he cannot, under any circumstances, allow that to happen.  Note how the 'journalist' who wrote the story, and the 'judge', have the Freedom Convoy lawyer in a bind, he has no evidence except the testimony of the witnesses, witnesses he can't call because he lacks their evidence until they testify!  He is not allowed to support the witnesses with other evidence, as that is outside the mandate of the Commission!  How is Blackface Trudeau's use of agents provocateurs not relevant to the review of the propriety of using the Emergencies Act?  This hearing is too crooked for words.  I would expect no less, but this 'judge' isn't even competent at covering it up.

Difficulty in calling obvious witnesses seems to be a deep state thing:  "Ray Epps, Walking and Talking Like a Duck" (Johnson).

"I Like Douglas MacGregor, But..." (Martyanov).

"Putin invokes Castro’s legacy" (Bhadrakumar):

"The event in Moscow saluting Fidel’s legacy is highly symbolic. From being a “status quoist” state, Russia is rapidly assuming a “revolutionary” role in world politics, challenging the so-called “rules-based order” imposed by the West, and is in the middle of one of the gravest crisis of the post-Cold War era."


"Putin recalled poignantly on Tuesday that in his last conversation with Fidel in July 2015, “He talked about the things that were surprisingly consonant with the time –- the time of the development of a multipolar world – saying that independence and dignity cannot be put up for sale and that every nation is entitled to develop as it sees fit and to choose its own path, and that a truly fair world has no place for dictatorship, plunder or neo-colonialism.”"

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