Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Imperialist arrogance

"Bakhmut in DANGER! | Russia Captures ANOTHER 2 Villages | What's Next?" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 277-279 (27-29/11): Russian Siversk Offensive begin; South Bakhmut collapse" (Defense Politics Asia).

"Western Wonder Weapons Too Fragile for Ukrainian Battlefield" (Sleboda).

"Scott Ritter - Lies and deception about Ukraine/Russia conflict"(AllesAfrikaans).

"Germany Will Not Send Patriot Missile Systems to Ukraine Despite Polish Hopes" (Adel).

"NATO Running Out of Weapons for Kiev Regime" (Bosnic).

Russia seems to be getting back into the grinding groove it was in before it started running away:  "Russian Forces Back to Offensive Operations on Donbass Front Lines" and "In Video 18+: Russian Forces Storm Ukrainian Strongholds Near Avdeevka" (South Front).

"American Armaments Sales in Europe Booming Thanks to the War in Ukraine: “US Colony After NATO Coup”" (Carisio).

"Why Does Us Insist on Peace Talks Between Kiev and Moscow?" (Leiroz).

"Why the Deep, Visceral, Crazy Hatred of Putin?" (Johnson).

"Ukraine War Day #280: Pope Says Racist Sh*t" (yalensis).  "Pope Francis’ War Against Chechens and Buryats" (Hayes).

"Some Importnat Points..." (Martyanov).

Colonel Cassad via Niqnaq. 

Idiot crook, in the middle of plotting a new heist against Russia, lets cat out of bag on Ukrainian military casualties, requiring a quick edit (I don't know if she meant 'officers', or whether she intended to refer to all Ukrainian soldiers):

"Chevron Back in Venezuela: A Tale of US Imperialist Arrogance" (Chávez Alava). 

"A Light in the Darkness" (Kunstler).

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