Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Middling midterms

Two things about the American midterms.

First, the poll results got the Republicans all churned up with success, with even talk about obtaining a filibuster-proof Senate majority in 2024.  This, rightly, scared the hell out of voters, who pulled back from the Republicans.

Secondly, Trump is a terrible picker of nominees.  Any celebutard who praises Trump is automatically the greatest candidate who ever lived,  and the entire party is terrified of bucking his picks, so really awful people end up on the ballot.  The Republicans lost two Senate seats in Pennsylvania and Georgia, seats which would have been easy pick-ups, just because Trump couldn't stop himself from endorsing a Turkish terrorist snake-oil salesman, and a retard, respectively.  Many such cases across the country, some won, but some were obviously not responsible picks under any circumstances.  There used to be a common sense bottom to possible candidacy - insane, retarded, obvious serial killers, etc. - but that seems to have disappeared.  MTG used to be below that line (probably unfairly, but still), but given current circumstances, she is comparatively now a shining beacon of Democracy.

Given the horror show that is the Democrats and their constant and consistent criminal misgoverning (up to and including risking taking the losing side in a nuclear war, which Sullivan in Moscow is working on achieving as I type), this middling electoral result is a stern rebuke to the Republicans.  It also should give them pause about whether Trump is the guy to run in 2024, but, since they are still terrified of his wrath, I suppose they have no choice.

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