Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things

"The journalist-run, intelligence-linked operation that warped British pandemic policy" (Klarenberg).  Given the fact that 'journalists' just have to cut and paste PR material from government or big business, you might wonder what they do the other 7:45 of their working days.  We're starting to find out.

"CEO Of Ukrainian Crypto Firm Denies FTX–Ukraine Money-Laundering Allegations" (Moran).

"AP Fires Reporter Who Risked Triggering WWIII With Polish Missile Misinformation" (Durden).  They didn't fire the editor or the other writer, or anybody further up the line who approved the publication, so I guess trying to jump start nuclear WWIII based on (((neocon))) lies is still OK.

"Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Reveals "Chilling" Warning From FBI Agent" (Phillips).  "What Elephant? AP Denies that There is Any Evidence That Joe Biden Discussed Hunter’s Business Dealings" (Turley).  "American Injustice: My Battle to Expose the Truth by John Paul Mac Isaac" (Johnson).

"Taibbi: YouTube Censors Reality, Boosts Disinformation - Part 1".  YouTube is a complete disgrace.

"If you want to widen the criticism to Google, these “Russian disinformation” stories still pop up high in searches (see here, here, here, here, and here, for instance). YouTube and Google now become exhibit A in the ultimate truth about any attempt to “moderate” content at scale. If you make even a good-faith effort to weed out “disinformation,” relying on official bodies to help, what you’ll be left with is… official disinformation.

But this isn’t a good-faith effort to weed out untruths. YouTube has become a place that censors true content but traffics in official and quasi-official deceptions. It’s become indistinguishable from a state censorship bureau."

All the social media companies are involved in this huge gaslighting campaign, to make woke/Imperial views the only views that can be seen, thus attempting to convince the Deplorables who hold other views that they must be crazy. Part of the censorship involves the woke views that are believed by the blue-haired people from the chemically-lowered IQ group, and part is directly ordered by American government bodies.

Actually, seeing any truth even hinted at in the JYT is cause for an immediate heart attack of amazement:  "NY Times Takes Rare Look At Apparent Ukrainian War Crimes" (Durden).  This must be a Pentagon warning to the Ukrainian army to stop doing war crimes stop getting caught on video doing war crimes.  "Beth Van Schaak Lies..." (Martyanov).

"Putting an End to Volodymyr Zelensky’s Follies" (Giraldi).  Ze is fine as long as keeps doing what the (((neocons))) instruct him to do.  Blaming the intentional Ukrainian attack on Poland, an obvious false flag, on Russia, was exactly what the (((neocons))) are paying for.

A pretty good answer to all the grief Qatar has been getting from the West:  "Qatar And China Make History With 27-Year LNG Supply Deal" (Peraskova).  Funny that Qatar found its pipelines completely empty when Germany came around, cap in hand.

"Saudi Arabia Looks to Replace Washington with Beijing" (Sheikh).  This means the chances of a Saudi-Iranian war are zero.  If you see any 'Iran talk', it is just Israeli propaganda.

"Israeli Ballistic Missiles For Ukraine: Which Ones And How Possible It Is":

"Media have started actively discuss the statement by Israeli National Defense Council Eyal Hulata about the possibility of supplying high-precision ballistic missiles to Ukraine as a mirror response in case Iran provides its Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar to russia."

Solved!, the puzzle why the blue-haired monsters are so mad at Musk:

Gab (Collett) (btw I've noticed that Gab, mostly Christian Zionist and thus ultra-Zionist, has recently shifted into Noticing).   (((Baddiel))) is a Traditional Hater:

"13 Billion Dead After Trump Unbanned From Twitter" (Babylon Bee).   This seems to be inspired by Holocaust tall tales which only make sense if large numbers of people can be killed multiple times. 

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