Friday, November 18, 2022

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The Ukrainian false-flag attack on NATO:

Anything is possible, but Ritter's false-flag theory is much, much stronger than the 'accident' thesis, and fits with everything we know about how Ukraine acts (a propensity to love false flags seems to come out of the Khazarian water):  "Ukraine missile fired at Poland on purpose?" (Napolitano) (the entire interview).  Had Poland confirmed the attack came from Ukraine, could they have invoked Article 5 for a full NATO attack against what is left of Ukraine, thus messing up Russia's war?  Maybe they could draw straws over who gets to blow up Ze.

The damage and loss of life was planned by Ukraine:  "Polish missile strike as presented by Iran’s Press TV" (Doctorow):

"Russian experts have noted that the S300 air defense missiles can in fact be flown in two modes: to shoot down aircraft or as a ground to ground missile.  In the former mode, its inbuilt self-destruct mechanism is activated, so that if it misses its target in the air, it can cause no damage when it falls back to earth. In the second mode, the self-destruct mechanism is switched off so that the explosive charge can be detonated upon impact with earth.  It was precisely in the second mode that the S300 which came down in Poland was flying, meaning that the damage and loss of life which occurred was planned by the launch team."

"Russian diplomat says Ukraine, Poland seeking to provoke war between Russia, NATO" (VoV News).

I have no idea why this is coming out now, when the Swedes have already cucked conclusively, but maybe it is a threat that Europe doesn't appreciate being false-flagged into nuclear war (knowledge of who destroyed the pipeline is a huge weapon if anybody has the balls to use it):

Obviously, we're not going to hear the name of the "senior U.S. intelligence official", aka (((neocon))), who tried to jump start nuclear WWIII with an outright lie:  "Why Is AP Still Protecting the Source Behind its False Russia-Bombed-Poland Story?" (Husseini): 

"It is possible that AP can offer a compelling reason why the source(s) shouldn’t be unmasked. They would need to spell it out very seriously. We don’t know what the sources’ motives were, but on its face, as others have argued, it seems like part of a coordinated attempt to invoke NATO articles 4 and/or 5 and risk triggering a wider war. Even risking a nuclear war. Or perhaps it’s an extreme form of saber rattling toward Russia. The AP should name the source, in part so they can be questioned and scrutinized.

As it is, AP seems intent on sweeping all this under the rug. The URL for the original series of stories now brings up the “correction” – so accessing the actual reporting may be difficult going forward (that’s why I link to the archive page above.) That is similar to what CNN did after it retracted an article on Trump’s associate’s alleged ties to Russia, replacing the original story with an editor’s note.

AP’s designation on Twitter is “Official”. If this isn’t seriously addressed, it’s hard to see why it shouldn’t be deemed “U.S. state-affiliated media.”"

"There is a dangerous pack of hyenas on the loose in Europe" (The Saker).  All Polish 'leaders' are obviously certifiable, and should be locked up in straight-jackets.  Failure to do so is entirely on the Polish people, who should be ashamed of themselves.


This might come in handy in court!:  "Sam Bankman-Fried's Mom: "The Philosophy of Personal Responsibility Has Ruined Criminal Justice and Economic Policy. It’s Time to Move Past Blame."" (Sailer).  His defense would be, if he ever found himself in court (highly unlikely), is that his parents were psychopaths who raised a psychopath, and he is thus not responsible for any of his actions.

There is a conspiracy theory spread by the crypto bros that SBF's actions were a conspiracy to allow the government to regulate the crypto scammers who are saving the world from central bankers (just looks like two groups of competing (((scoundrels))) to me):  "Sam Bankman-Fried-On-Amphetamines" (Barrett).  Also, SBF is remarkably dumb!

"Bankman-Fried Management Tip: Do You Really Need to Keep Business Records?" (Sailer).  The 'virtual' auditors gave him a virtual audit!  I suspect the accounting firm would be in big trouble if anyone could determine where it is.  Maybe Zuck can send out a search party?  The receiver, Ray, is laying out the horror show, including this gem:

"The Debtors did not have the type of disbursement controls that I believe are appropriate for a business enterprise. For example, employees of the FTX Group submitted payment requests through an on-line ‘chat’ platform where a disparate group of supervisors approved disbursements by responding with personalized emojis."

Eat the slop and you can be as healthy and smart as SBF!:


The Saudis have chosen the multi-polar world, and want to get into both the SCO and BRICS, which will require them to establish cordial relations with Iran, which is causing the (((neocons))) to go into full panic mode:  "US moves to shield Saudi crown prince in journalist killing" (Knickmeyer/Lee).  It is funny to watch.  If the Saudis stop hating Iran, the entire Israeli plan of setting Sunnis against Shi'ites collapses, and Israel is suddenly fucked.

Continent of Cucks:

"Russia Is Winning the Economic War" (Johnson).  As I keep saying Europe has never had any time to waste, but seems to have no concept of the need for urgency.  By the time the guillotines get built, the economies will already be permanently devastated.  Now, with precious time wasted preening about how superior you are, you can never get any semblance of 'Europe' back, even with guillotines chopping 24/7, it would be a mere struggle to stay alive.  Has adhering to the 'norms' been worth it?

Minority leader, so to speak:

This is the material that Ye is talking about.
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