Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Under 20, over 70

All over North America, children are sick in children's hospitals with normal respiratory ailments that normally would not be serious, certainly not serious enough to end up in emergency rooms and ICUs.  The media is reporting this, but noticeably provides no theories to explain it: 

There are only two new variables that could explain this - masks or vaxx.  

I've always wondered about the medical ethics of vaccinating children with an experimental vaccine with dangerous side effects, when the subjects of the vaccination, children, have 0% chance of suffering from the symptoms of the disease, with the only reason for the vaccination being that children can catch it, and pass it on to adults.  These vaccinations are even more dubious when you consider that they seem to have an elevated chance of causing very serious side effects, up to and including death, in younger people.  We've decided - or rather, public health officials of questionable competence have decided (with our retarded 'leaders' following along) - to sacrifice those under 20 to save those over 70.

Added:  I note that Naked Capitalism, which is oddly obsessed by COVID (particularly the afternoon edition, where I can skip over a huge section in the middle with the same goddam graphs every day), is now pushing the dubious ethics of forced kid masking.

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