Monday, December 05, 2022

Big Tech is an arm of the Democratic Party

"Donetsk Front Update | Large Scale Missile Attacks" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"Scott Ritter: Ukraine & Russia Update" (Galloway).

"What to Do When the Director of National Intelligence Is Not Intelligent?" (Johnson).

"They Begin To Suspect Something..." (Martyanov).

"INTERVIEW: It was unknown before for #Twitter to ban the #NewYorkPost story on #HunterBiden’s laptop" (Galloway interview of Kimberley).  "Big Tech is an arm of the Democratic Party".

"Six Degrees From James Baker: A Familiar Figure Reemerges With Release Of Twitter Files" (Turley).

A thread:

"Alameda's Caroline Ellison Spotted In NY Amid Speculation She Is About To Roll On SBF After Hiring Iconic Clinton Lawyer" (Durden).

"Earth to Reporters: Why Is No One Asking SFB What Happened to the $3.3 Billion He Borrowed?" (Smith). 

A thread: 

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