Friday, December 02, 2022

Do not look away

"New Atlas LIVE: Protests in China, US Setbacks in Taiwan" (The New Atlas). 

"8 Minutes in Lysychansk (Uncensored Reportage) - Donbass" and "Ukainian Shelling Pounds Donetsk (filmed just now!!)" (Phillips).

"Cryptome Founder Asks to Be Indicted With Assange" (Lauria).

"EU Testing Legal Options To Use Frozen Russian Central Bank Assets For Ukraine Reconstruction" (Durden).  Pesky laws against theft are annoying the Euro-trash.

"Hot Air Versus Hot Cash – The Europeans Prefer Russian LNG To US LNG" (Helmer).

Incitement to violence!?!?!?:  "Kanye West Sent Back To 'Twitter Jail' After Offensive Tweet" (Durden).

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