Monday, December 05, 2022

Great Awakening

"Ukraine Drone Hits Russia base 150 Miles From Moscow" (Napolitano with Giraldi).

"2 Months after the Bombing, What is the status of the Crimean Bridge?" (New World Econ).

"Under The Radar Sitrep" (Martyanov).

"Letter to the Left on Ukraine" (Winograd).

"Is a Great Awakening Happening?" (Anglin).  Ye just reflects what people are saying on the streets.

"Major Break Coming in the JFK Assassination Story" (Morley).  Still more 'news' constantly coming out, often with substantial developments, in the JFK assassination than 9/11.  Oh, there is a new theory that 9/11 was two attacks by different groups, which allows them to preserve the beloved idea that Israel did one of them.

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