Friday, December 09, 2022

Psychopathic Dark Tetrad Anonymous Demon Rats

This thread comes close to suggesting that Brinton might be a serial killer, which would be tremendous fun for Brandon (plus nabbing him another overlooked identity group, serial killers, for his coalition of identity groups): 

Btw, there appears to be a decrease in the number of serial killers around, some think because of advances in forensics, particularly DNA and forensic genealogy, although it may also be simply that incompetent police aren't catching them. 

"Russia Is Selling Crude Oil To Asia Above The $60 Price Cap" (Peraskova).  That didn't take long.  It will be interesting to watch which countries end up on the Russian ban list for attempting to enforce the cap, and cause their citizens to freeze to death in the dark.

As the Empire falls apart, peace is breaking out everywhere:  "Iran, India look to reset ties, including oil trade, amid waning US influence" (Moosvi).  I await the friendly meeting between MbS and Khamenei.

No fist bump here:

"Vladimir Putin Address to SCO and CIS Defense Ministers Dec 9, 2022 – English Subtitles".

"Putin: Spitting Facts‼️" (RealTruthTalk).

"Prisoner exchange" (The Duran).

"What a Bunch of Hooey about Viktor Bout" (Hornberger).  This is very good.

Deranged drug addict takes the shekels:  "Jordan Peterson Goes Death Con 3 on Psychopathic Dark Tetrad Anonymous Demon Rats" (Anglin).  Btw, Shapiro is an obvious Israeli op to sell murder and land theft to the youth of America while disguised as a hip 'conservative'.

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