Saturday, December 03, 2022

Serious Journalism

"No reverse gear, EU $60 oil price cap. Eurasia gas union. Asset seizure and auction $200M yacht. U/1" (Christoforou).

"[ Ukraine SITREP ] Day 282 (2/12): Ukraine BIG counteroffensive @ Vuhledar, Bakhmut & Kreminna front" (Defense Politics Asia).

"EU bad moves, oil price cap. Russia big moves, gas union" (The Duran). 

"Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 03.12.2022" (Military Summary).

"MSM Journos Have Meltdown Over Taibbi-Twitter Biden Bombshell" (Durden).  'Journalists' would have been wise to keep their heads down, rather than make a spectacle out of how pathetic they are.

"Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Visits US (Again)" (Robeson).

"Old Friends, Church Bells and a New Colon Mate in Cool Bengaluru" (Dinh). 

I used to think the Republicans were basically doomed as the class interests of too many people are opposed to the class interests of the tiny sliver of people represented by the Republicans.  As we learn more and more about the massive vote fraud in two successive American Presidential elections, and all the massive manipulations done by blue-haired monsters at Twitter (and no doubt across the board in all social media companies), it is becoming increasingly clear just how conservative the US really is, and the fact Democrats ever win important elections is based entirely on fraud.

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