Sunday, December 04, 2022

The media mob

"Scott Ritter Extra Ep. 26: Ask the Inspector" (U.S. Tour of Duty). 

"Scott Ritter: Russia Airstrike On Ukraine" (Gegenpol).  

"Bakhmut Front Update | Russia Aims at Operational Encirclement" (Weeb Union War Updates).

"NATO summit in Romania: ritualistic threats to set the world on fire to preserve global hegemony" and "EU: hyper-hypocritical toward Qatar and barking again at Russia" (The Barricade).

"Ukraine War Day #284: The Battle For Artyomovsk" (yalensis).

"Macron’s US visit tells Europe’s alienation" (Bhadrakumar).  All Macron got out of this visit was a bit of lobster.

"“A Cautionary Tale for Everyone”: The Media Mob Turns on Taibbi" (Turley).

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