Monday, December 05, 2022

Unaccomplished yet smug twits

"Elon Musk’s Big Mistake" (Schlichter):

"Making Teslas was one thing, but Twitter, well, that’s another thing entirely. Twitter operated with mediocre functionality – nothing detonated when Twitter went down except blue check’s heads. It operated while run by a bunch of spoiled brats living in San Francisco presuming to decide what the rest of us can see and hear. And they worked, sort of, three-hour days, often in their footie PJs, often at home or sometimes at an office that seems more like a playground for awkwardly adulting 20-somethings. But Elon did not get that reality. He thought Twitter was a business instead of a framework of sinecures for the sons, daughters, and non-binary otherkin of the ruling caste to act as cultural curators. Disgorged from overpriced colleges, these unaccomplished yet smug twits imagined their worthless credentials gave them some sort of divine right to rule, and also a free pass from actually working hard."


"Elon started looking at intriguing new ideas, ideas not in vogue within his caste. And what he saw could not be unseen. It was the gagging of the hilarious Babylon Bee that broke it open for him. The Bee made a funny comment about the man pretending to be a woman who is the surgeon general being the Woman of the Year and BOOM – off Twitter.

The ruling caste decreed that you could not point out that a man pretending to be a woman was a man pretending to be a woman. That was mind-blowing to Elon. That’s pretty basic free-speech stuff. We are not talking about incitements to murder, pornography, or the revelation of national defense secrets. No, this was a joke about how a man pretending to be a woman is a man pretending to be a woman. And for making that joke – for crossing one of the red lines of the ruling caste by saying what everyone on earth knows but they don’t want you to say – Babylon Bee, an outlet millions of people read, was to be silenced and perhaps even driven to bankruptcy." 

"The G7 Cap On Russian Oil Is A Subsidy To China" (Lacalle). 

"Critique of Eugyppius(Blogger)'s Mis-Characterization of 'Wokeness' as a Decentralized Movement of Nutters When, in Truth, It Has Been Directed from Above by Jewish Master Race Ideology" (Jung Freud, who always really needs an editor).  Trooning the US military is said to be his big life-defining accomplishment:  "Ash Carter, former defense secretary under Obama, dies at 68" (de Vries/Mizelle).  "‘Culture Block’ Is Leading to Ukraine Escalation (and Risking WWIII)" (Crooke).  My view is that wokeness has been chosen to be the PR sword of the Empire - and Putin has deftly turned that around, just as he did with the sanctions, as he gathers up traditionalist cultures in his multi-polar world - rather than a conspiracy of any small, identifiable, group.  Note the importance of cancellation as a weapon of imperialism.  Europe fell for this trick, hard, and is now going to pay a big price for doing so.

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